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Andrey Arshavin Vs Barcelona📲😍🔥
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Henry: 'My name is quoted to succeed Wenger but its hard for me to talk about it. I have a lot of respect for everything the coach has done'

@alexis_officia1 stats 2016/17 - thoughts below ?

Can you guess who this is? 😉
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Click on the link in the bio to read about "John Chamberlain: Photographs" at Mana Contemporary, Jersey City which ends this week on April 1. Known primarily for his sculptures, Chamberlain actively experimented in all mediums, including painting, film, and photography.
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Image: "Untitled ," 1989–2002, from the Widelux series. Edition 9/9.

Mesut Ozil has confirmed on his snapchat that he's back safely in London. International break has been good for him this time around!
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Just when I thought today couldn't get any worse!I'm already home and had to call off work because my back is so messed up that I could not even move. I couldn't even get up to drive Ashley to Daycare so she's trying to run around my room and I literally cannot get up and I did not want to make Tremayne stay home from school to watch her and I just got done going through it really bad with my oldest son via text and I see this email come through as a notification, while I am having a very serious issue I'm trying to take care of 1000 miles away in regards to my 19-year-old. I literally can barely even lift my head and my neck off the pillow so I haven't even taken any of my medication that I'm supposed to take daily, but thank God I have this plug-in heating pad on my back which is the only thing helping me but, now I have a super migraine and my back is swollen since I haven't taken my anti-inflammatory (naproxen) yet-which I was supposed to take at 9 AM, I also haven't taken my antidepressants so I'm supersensitive now and I haven't taken my Adderall so I'm completely ADHD at the moment and I haven't taken my Clonopin for anxiety so I am a total wreck. I just haven't been able to literally move out of this bed to go grab my pocketbook with my medication in it and I barely have been able to make it to my bathroom which is 5 feet away from my damn bed! I'm just so tired of the stupid school always having shootings and stabbings and all kinds of dumb ish going on when all my son is doing is trying to learn and get an education. This is so ridiculous that our children are not even safe at school anymore! I am so upset right now and I'm just venting because I can't take any more bad news especially when I can't do anything about it! #school #chamberlain #highschool #stabbing #son #omg #pray #tragic #tired #stressed #overwhelmed #nomore #please

Would It Be Great To Have This Guy Back🤝
We Really Need A Man If His Talent Right Now!
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Can you guess who this is? 😉
Don't check the tag 😬

According to the Standard, Arsenal are only demanding £50m for Alexis Sanchez this summer.

Alexis against Dortmund 😍🔥
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Cheers for the pic @eli__v__dwyer of ya chamberlain and duetz #chamberlain #duetz #bales #hay2016 #loader #balefork

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