DAY 46 with the end of the week not coming soon enough #wheresfridayat

Chances are I'm going to do more and get better....I get a challenge I will Try to take it. I continue to push myself daily, I am my OWN competition. I'm doing some pushups on another level.😜😜💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 #pushupchallenge💪 #clappushups👏 #challengeyourselfchallenge #changeyourways #makeadiffrence #gymworkoutdone #personaltrainers #bodyworkouts

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@beachyogagirl on Malasana Jumps
Day 3 jumping into Malasana
Tomorrow is arms, core, and hips!
This movement teaches you how to hop and possibly float to the top of your mat and also to hop back into chaturanga. It works your arms, core and hips - not to mention it's a great cardiovascular workout.

Directions: (watch my LIVE video feed in my stories for complete instruction *all levels, for the next 24 hours). .

1. Starting in downward facing dog hop forward trying to land your feet next to your hands. Please see my live instruction (click my profile pic) for beginner option!
2. Hold Malasana squat trying to get heels on the ground and chest lifted. It's ok if the heels lift.
3. Place hands down in front of you shoulder width apart and bend the elbows as you hop back into chaturanga. Beginners can step back and lower down from their knees.
4. Flow through upward facing dog, downward dog and repeat as many times as possible. Try 5 or 10 sets!
5. If you're nervous about hopping forward you can always have a wall behind you for extra security in case you jump too hard.😊

Please ... COMMENT and LIKE this post so that I know who is participating in my #challenge. Check back tonight @omstarsofficial legging #winner for people who posted for DAY 2 - announced on my stories. Get your post in by 9pm EST!
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💪🏻holding 25lbs in one hand! 💪🏻 which brings me to my question, weight lifting friends! 🏋️‍♂️ where do you get your weights?! •
Our trainer encourages us to up your weights if you don’t feel like you’re working hard enough. The heaviest weights we have are 15lbs and when you’re part of the #strongmommies group you can go bigger. #gunsforgirls
So, where do you get your weights when you know you’re not going to be sticking with the same ones for 8 weeks?! #weightproblems #strongmomsrock #askinsta #newbabylove #growinggirls

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This might be most Difficult Riddle on the Internet! Who can figure it out?
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Introducing my fabulous trainer, Julie from @best_life_healthandfitness with a challenge to us all to do something our bodies will love us for!
I love Julie's tips for building up your willpower "muscle" and for staying motivated when moments of weakness strike!
I'm on board and giving up chocolate for 7 days - how about you?! Leave a comment below if you're in and tag a friend to challenge each other!
And if you are ready to call BS on whatever is holding you back from being the most radiant version of you, check out Luminate Life's upcoming vision-board workshop -Unlock Radiant Self-Love, Health and Beauty” on 23 June 2018 in Bondi Junction.
Link in bio.💕💕💕💕💕💕

Keep learning and growing everyday!
#positivequotes from #lesbrown

Me makeup free! || I challenge you to strip yourself down this weekend. Wait, what?!?! 😳 Strip yourself of makeup, of your to-do list, of electronics, or maybe just of the noise around you. 💡Take a moment to remind yourself what is real, what you have accomplished, and what your goals are. Maybe you can’t see it yet, but it will all be worth it!❤️ lmk how you will challenge yourself this weekend!

Tittle "I DID IT" ...Remember when tying your shoes was so difficult??? LOOK HOW EASY IT IS NOW!
WHATEVER is difficult today ....remember it will get easier!!!
💜💜💜 Link in bio

I didn’t have the desire to go, but i went Anyway.. when you don’t feel like going or doing is when you Probably Need it the Most! So I went.. I did what I had to do, n Felt a lot better after! Proud of myself! I Don’t have a coach that messages me, tells me what to do, or gives me goals for the day/week.
No pushes or motivates me.. It just comes from inside! We all have that fire.. sometimes you need not to rely on others n just dig deep and spark it yourself! #pushyourself

Dinner : pink salmon , mixed veggies that’s all she wrote tonite ... #challengeyourselfchallenge @mscheriecoco @acedabartenderr @who_is_bash @cocoreds76 @jingles918 WHAT YOU HAVING FOR DINNER ???

#challengeyourselfchallenge post workout meal: chocolate Shake for champions. The focus is real , the dedication is real , the goals are a MUST!!! HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT ???

I needed this reminder today. Getting a healthy lifestyle back and getting in shape has alleviated so many of my struggles in life - more energy, reduced stress, I sleep better, and I just enjoy life more now. But life can be hard and the hard can sneak up on you quickly. This morning was one of those hard days for me, but I kept pushing forward and I will succeed. .
So here’s my reminder to you today: you are beautiful and you can do hard things. .
#dedicatedtome #youarebeautiful #youcandohardthings #totalbodyfitness #cleaneatinglife #challengeyourselfchallenge

Dinner: essential water , chobani pineapple yogurt & a side of pineapples #challengeyourselfchallenge @acedabartenderr @jingles918 @cocoreds76 @mscheriecoco @who_is_bash

#challengeyourselfchallenge Lunch: Homemade ground turkey , followed by that chipotle mix , white corn , lettuce , black bean , green pepper and onions , tomatoes. What are you doing today to better yourself for tomorrow??? @mscheriecoco @cocoreds76 @acedabartenderr @who_is_bash

Gym Afternoon: Post workout meal ... chocolate shake , cinnamon , peanut butter & banana #challengeyourselfchallenge

Progress post
@estherjohanna11 and @jspice26 working through their individual elements tonight at the end of class.
Handstand is one of those disciplines that quickly highlights individual strengths and capabilities. Where strength can feel weakness and flexibility feel restrictive.
Which ever angle you are approaching your training from it is your path that it is important, others may seem more flexible or maybe stronger but the struggle is real for each of us.
When we start to address the things we find hard or challenging we start to see change.
Ester tonight focusing on time on her hands and James starting to hold a solid line while coming back through the point of balance. Both showing great improvement over the last couple of months meeting challenges head on through hard work and effort that is clearly paying off. Congratulations on your handstand gains guys 💪🔥
Thank you to everyone who attended tonight you are an awesome team to be working with 🙌👊💪

GYM MORNING... Protein shake , Apple cider vinegar #challengeyourselfchallenge @justtrain

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