Last night’s FACEIT X Monstercat AFK E3 pre-party 👾 thanks @mike.ault 😘

Kicking off e3 with monstercat! #challengeyourgame #e3 #e32018 #monstercat #faceit

June 11th! 🎆 @faceitcom X Monstercat AFK E3 Pre-Party! 🎆 We’re back for year 3 with a mission to throw an unforgettable bash with @nervomusic, @vicetone, and @iam_gavinryan!

Entry is by Invitation Only - Register now for your invite: monster.cat/E3-preparty-2018

#ChallengeYourGame #E32018

Elite Workouts begin this Sunday at 5 pm. Have your parents get you signed up. #contests #challengeyourgame #3v3league

Want to improve your aerobic fitness ✔ move faster ✔ burn a lot of calories quickly ✔ continue to burn fat hours after your workout ✔ I do 🙋🏼 @lesmillsgrit series has transformed my workouts and helped me get into the best shape of my life after 2 babies. Come join us! Kudos to this group, truly awesome- well done 👏👏 #lesmills #tr1be #notimeforaverage #fitmom #changeyourgame #challengeyourgame

Quintero reopens this Friday! Click the link in our bio for great Resident specials. #goplay #Quintero #golfnow #golf #golfbucketlist

Do you ever test your shot creation skills by playing a game with a reduced set of clubs? Here i play a 138 yard shot with a 7 iron. Great skills tests and challenges on the HD sims at Lets Golf #skillstest #golfsurrey #challengeyourgame #random #letsgolf

Unvergleichliche TrainerIn für einzigartige Teams! #teco7 #challengeyourgame #teamwork #development

Up close look at the Original PU Li-Ning leather basketball . Made for champions.. Available at the #waterparkstore #ChallengeYourGame

Current thoughts...Be consistent in your mindset, effort, and attitude. Never stop improving. Great things never came from comfort zones. 💪🏼 Now go #KILL your training/practice! **Elite Softball Strength Class starts at 6, see you there!** 💜 #focus #mindset #training #performance #softball #softballtraining #softballstrength #challengeyourgame

Drive the ball harder and farther. Let us help you maximize your power and make sure you’re one step ahead of the competition. Develop a stronger, more efficient and explosive swing with our trainers here at Challenge. #challengeyourgame #challengeaz #sciencebehindthesport #biomechanics #kinecticchain #hittinginstruction #powerhitter #explosive #hittheballhard #drivetheball

Excited that so many students are meeting and beating their own personal records! So we decided to take it to the next level and compile everyone's stats by age (not necessarily level played) to see who is at the top for each. Let the games begin! Been awhile? Come in to get retested and see how you're doing!

Want to get in? Schedule a lesson to see the difference! Testing is an integral part of our programs at Challenge so you know not only how you rank for your age group, but most importantly so that we can measure your progress. Bat speed, ball exit speed, and strength measurements are something that we test on every new student. As you train with us, you will see the growth in your numbers and on the field. #challenge #challengeyourgame #sciencebehindthesport #biomechanics #powerhitting #baseball #fastpitchsoftball #batspeed #ballexitspeed #hittingcoach #hittinginstruction #hittheballhard

Focus on starting your swing with your hands in a neutral position to ensure they are not too high. Then as you move into your load, the back elbow will pinch back and load the scapular (rotator cuff) muscles. When the scapular muscles load, the front arm will stretch across the chest slightly, creating a stretch in the front shoulder where the hands will look like they have moved back towards the catcher. The hands will then either be slightly below or above the back shoulder, creating a better path to the ball. @tajiahellison_01 @jonnylee_cscs #challenge #challengeyourgame #sciencebehindthesport #biomechanics #powerhitting #fastpitchsoftball #hittingcoach #hittinginstruction #hittheballhard

Way to go Sierra Meyers @sierra.meyers.6 on all of your hard work! Sierra started training with Jonny @jonnylee_cscs last October and has consistently came in 1-2 times per week since. In 11 months, Sierra’s average bat speed has gone from 49.8 to 61.1 MPH! Her average exit ball speed has gone from 57.6 to 69.7 MPH. At just 14, her stats are putting her on the level of most 16-17 year olds. And the results are showing on the field too with her first home run last April… and 6 more since! #challenge #challengeyourgame #sciencebehindthesport #fastpitch #softball #powerhitter #homerunclub #hardworkpaysoff #rotationisking #linearhittingbegone

Having a firm front side is important in hitting because it helps to control the transfer of energy your hips create. Jonny @jonnylee_cscs and Lizzy @__elizabethgrace_ focused on planting her front heel as the rotation of the core helps create ground reaction force and better energy transfer. As your hip rotation generates the energy, your front foot is what allows you to control your momentum and channel it in order to have a more explosive swing. #challenge #challengeyourgame #sciencebehindthesport #fastpitch #softball #powerhitter #firmfrontside #rotationisking #beexplosive

Often times in baseball and softball we hear the term “stay back” on the ball. Although this can be good to remember when hitting, it can sometimes be a problem when you are waiting on the ball too much and letting it get too deep in the zone. Drills like this force you to stay behind the ball, but focus on the energy transfer needed to drive it. This drill will create a balanced energy transfer that will help make sure your body is moving in one fluid motion through the zone. @juneobata @jonnylee_cscs #challengeyourgame #sciencebehindthesport #weighttransfer #batwhip #drivetheball

Thanks to Shandel Roberts for sharing your experience with us! "My son, Coleman Roberts, first went to Challenge in November 2013. Playing on a club team getting ready for high school, it just didn’t seem like things were progressing. In fact, it seemed he was going backwards. The common phrases of stay back, and have quick hands was causing a disastrous end result. His batting average for the fall season was just over .150. As a parent, we have the best interest of our children at heart. We just want them to have the opportunity to succeed. We came to Jonny after a lot of research about what is needed to move to the next level. Jonny’s approach to the science of the swing intrigued us.
The first lesson Jonny had Coleman focusing on keeping balance and using the core muscles. He worked on rotating his hips and creating a turn to the ball instead of a push. It was impressive to have specific instruction instead of just throwing balls for batting practice! He broke down the entire swing from his hands, arms, core, hips and feet. Then Jonny created drills to create muscle memory and consistency in learning the motion. We honestly saw immediate results and every week it grew. Within four months he was hitting around .350 and we saw a tremendous difference! His teammates ask - how do you make your swing look like you are doing nothing and yet the ball hits the fence? The parents are asking what we are doing. I would highly recommend any athlete that is willing to work to make their potential a reality. I really like that Jonny is constantly giving feedback. He sends analyzed videos to us. He has come to games to see Coleman in live situations.
Today, Coleman is batting over .400. He has gotten stronger and more efficient in his swing and even more are asking how. He is seen as a hitter. He hit his first homerun in a game recently and it went approximately 360 feet with little wind opposite field. Part of that is all the hours he puts into making himself better and the other part is true instruction in the art of hitting by Jonny Lee at Challenge. Thank you, Jonny!" #testimonial #weloveourcustomers #challengeyourgame #baseball #hittheballhard #seethedifference

Big weekend coming up? We have a few spots left to get in! #challengeyourgame #powerhitters #hittheballhard

@jonnylee_cscs leading a team hitting session tonight! Our team instruction is customized for your team's needs. Learn how to use your whole body to hit the ball harder. Thanks for coming in, QC Heat! #hittheballharder #powerhitting #challengeyourgame

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