As a proud dad, I’m not afraid to embarrass friends and family by rolling my shorts up for a good day’s pedal. Nor am I too shy to share the story...usually. In this case, proud to be the inaugural story teller on the new @konabikes “premium” platform, #KonaBikeStories, here with a behind the scenes account of this year’s Solstice Ceremony, showcasing a coming-of-age experience for Kona’s own @donny__allison, along with Kona friend @logan_wetzel. Also great photos by @p.j.k.p.h.o.t.o who took this on as his first assignment and managed to chase us around an obscure 100+ mile MTB ride through the hills around Bellingham. Link to story is on my profile page. • #konabikes #betweenthetrails #challengerhigh #tanlinesnotincluded #solsticesisters #feedyouradventure #konaadventureteam

Out of hibernation! Last June this green machine took me on a big ride, then a couple weeks later it began a breather in the stables, watching as a 👶🏼 stroller, a cyclocross bike and a trail bike traded laps in the mud. Now we’re shaking the dust off for some serious “Spring Classics” racing, and seeing how those baby stroller laps will transfer over to some swift riding! 💪🏼 The 2018 @epicrides Series is just a few weeks away, along with the @veddermountainclassic, @nwepicseries and of course some more tomfoolery with the @konabikes Prairie Dog Companions (aka #konaadventureteam) • #konabikes #feedyouradventure #strollerstrides #challengerhigh #konaheihei

#TBT to this past Summer Solstice when I did a #thing. Winter solstice is now just a week away...what might it hold in store? • PC: @parisgore#challengerhigh

Trips that start in the dark are usually more exciting than ones that start in the light. Early, dark morning today making me channel those big days...bound for a big ride and good times in Oregon for @transcascadia 2017. Copilot @stephen_ettinger and I are looking forward to some time in this slice of paradise and a memorable wrap-up to the MTB event season (cyclocross not included!). We'll be deep in the wilderness and likely rocking the non-digital life until next week. • PC: @parisgore#whichridewasthis

#TBT to kicking of the 2017 season with a mountain bicycle stage race, the 5-day Pisgah Stage Race in North Carolina (@blueridgeadventures). Now, towards the end of the regular event season, what better way to cap it off than with a mountain bicycle stage race...excited to be part of the coveted 4-day Trans Cascadia (@transcascadia) in Oregon, apparently somewhat of a "must" for the Pacific Northwest MTBr. I grew up racing in Oregon, so it only seems fitting. Will see how a season of marathon XC, backcountry overnights, mountain exploring, #challengerhigh trail epics and 2 months of #dadlife play into a fun finale. • PC: @blueridgeadventures#homegrown #allthebikes #allthetrails #konaadventureteam #konabikes #feedyouradventure #tallseattalent

@konabikes super athlete @slaxsonmtb continues to push limits, set new heights and evolve the cross country mountain bike world; take a moment to read about his recent challenging adventure. Props bud and so much stoke for your soon to be daddy-hood! http://spencerpaxson.blogspot.ca/2017/07/challenger-high-going-deep.html?m=1 #challengerhigh #pushinglimits #xcmtb #extremeathlete @bikemag

#TBT to last week's 'monument' mission through 10,000m of deep green and blissing out on life, family, friends and big rides. Thanks to a little help from my friends @parisgore and @lacykemp there is now a feature on @bikemag chronicling the day and speaking to some of the deeper motivations (link in bio). It wasn't just about the numbers 😉. It was intended to be a massive day, but it also became a 'tribute', an awareness. A quote I had heard from performance psychologist Michael Gervais PhD came to life this day: "It's not just a single selfish pursuit of potential, but rather it is collectively being a part of a tribe and honoring the relationships that we have in a deep, committed way, and taking our talent and supporting their talent to go the distance." • PC: @parisgore

I'll remember Summer Solstice 2017 for the rest of my days. A silly little idea of mine came to life, to make an attempt at 10,000m vertical ascent and descending between first and last light on the longest day of the year - or the equivalent of climbing out of Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. Why? The reasons are many, but celebrating the arrival of parenthood (soon!) and an even bigger adventure was at the top. Thanks to @parisgore for documenting. Look for a full report to drop on @bikemag soon! PC @parisgore

Yesterday I witnessed an incredible feat of strength and mindset from Spencer Paxson @slaxsonmtb beginning at 4am and ending the day at 11PM after gaining over 32,800 feet of elevation in total. 104 miles, 15 laps on Surf and Turf. Maybe I'll put this into perspective that myself and most humans are smoked after doing one or maybe two laps out on this trail. It's a grueling 2,200 feet to the top and a technical ride back down. He's a monster and proud of Spence for accomplishing this. Keep posted for a full piece online @bikemag in time to come. #challengerhigh

@slaxsonmtb started out his Summer Solstice yesterday at 4am to see how many feet in one day he could climb. Ended the evening at 11PM at 32,000 feet of elevation gain and over 104 miles. 📷: @parisgore #challengerhigh

This is what a little over 1/3 of the way thru #challengerhigh looks like for @slaxsonmtb. 13k of vert down, 23k to go. Bout to be accompanied by @stephen_ettinger and @donny__allison. @parisgore takes the cake for being the only one up with him at 3:45am. #summersolsticemasochism

Tune in to @slaxsonmtb today, he's officially off his rocker, trying to climb what's been dubbed #challengerhigh or the height that the #marianastrench is deep... 36,000 ft. Yeah I know right?? I'm gonna go mow my lawn and then go ride a lap or two with him afternoon, for posterity. #feedyouradventure #shimanomtb #cantstop

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