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Challenge accepted! Coach Nikki and Karly want to see you try our new favorite warm up drill! Try it at the beach! In your backyard! Before club practice starts! All you need is 3 balls and some patience! :) This drill is not easy!!! Good luck!!! Post the video on insta and TAG US // or EMAIL US // or DM US !! Find a way to get us your video! Winning video will get a repost!!! #vibetribe #challengeofthemonth @karly_con @nikkijagd @goscvc @sunshinevolleyballclub @surfsidevolleyballclub @volleycamphermosa @volleyskills @avpbeach @westcoastvbc

No stirrup November is here, but how about a no flap practice saddle? #challengeofthemonth #avalableattheroyal #butetpracticesaddle #georgemorrisapproved

#challengeofthemonth [BEST 7 COVER DANCE VIDEOS]
another 2nd!! @natyashina
congratz!! 😆👍👏🎉🎉

Challenge of the Month 2017.6 Highlights! As much as we love tandem, we love to sneak out of it even more! Learn the full sequence at http://rhythmjuice.com #rjcotm #rhythmjuice #challengeofthemonth

Get ready to blast your lats in City Gym's upcoming #ChallengeOfTheMonth

Join us on November 23 (Thursday) at City Gym Najma branch for the Extreme Pullup Challenge!* *competition open to current members only

Day 8 🎬要克服自己的恐懼 加大油🎬💪🏻 #challengeofthemonth

October 1st is here! #challengeofthemonth #onetigeryoga #goalcrusher 💪🏼

Kan jij alle kerstversiering in onze decors spotten? 🎄🎁
#challengeofthemonth #thuisopeen #setlife #achterdeschermen


Laura recording a huge PR after last month’s challenge; max rep goblet squat at 50% body weight. Laura was able to more then double her baseline number going from 8 to 17 in just four weeks! Amazing work Laura #hardeorkpaysoff #fmaperformance #earnednotgiven #theironneverlies #squat #challengeofthemonth

I wish the details could be clearer in this picture,but its only a wip anyway. #challengeofthemonth #underthesurface @josiahbrooks

Hello everyone. This is a draw I made for the #challengeofthemonth by #jazza If you want to see the full work, click here:
Thank you so much! Hola a todos. Este dibujo lo realicé para el "reto del mes" realizado por Jazza. Si quieren verlo completo, den click al link de arriba.
Muchas gracias!! #digitaldrawing #underthesurface #dibujodigital #bajolasuperficie

The leg assisted pull-up is a staple in the pull-up challenge. This is a great variation that allows one to uss their legs to adjust the amount of work their arms are doing and can be easily graded to the right dofficulty. By using this set-up you can work in higher rep range that would otherwise not be possible with regular pull-ups. Click the link in our profile for the full video! #fmaperformance #earnednotgiven #theironneverlies #challengeofthemonth #pullups #bodyweight #fitness #fitlife #back #lats

Made this for Draw with Jazza Challenge of the Month November Under the Surface. Really liked how it turned out😊
#drawwithjazza #drawwithjazzachallenge #underthesurface #challengeofthemonth #cotm #cotmnov #digitalart #jazza

I finally have the time to actually take a photo on this, I had fininished this by monday but with my heavy hectic schedule at school. I had no time to actually take a photo of this in day time, sorry if it took too long, so here we go, my final entry for COTM by Draw with jazza.
The context of the painting is that the spray that the owner has a midnight sky inside, ironically the spray's name is called midnight woe's(which is just made up, I have no clue what to call the spray. 😂)
Next up will be a random sketch, since I have no idea what to actually draw this time. 😂
#drawwithjazzacompetition #drawwithjazza #drawwithjazzachallenge #watercolorpainting #watercoloring #sketch #sketches ##cotm_november #challengeofthemonth #challengeofthemonthnovember #underthesurface_COTM

Get ready to blast your lats in City Gym's upcoming #ChallengeOfTheMonth

Join us on November 23 (Thursday) at City Gym Najma branch for the Extreme Pullup Challenge!* *competition open to current members only

This is my upload for the Draw with Jazza November Challenge of the Month. Jazza challenged his audience on his youtube channel to create an art piece this month with the theme “under the surface”. He used the example of an iceberg in which what you normally see is nowhere near the whole or what you expect. So I created an Earth in which under the surface is unexpected because at its core it is being powered by a hamster running on a wheel.

#drawwithjazza #challengeofthemonth #novembercotm #underthesurface #hamster #hamsterwheel #ipadproart #procreate #applepencil #sketch #illustration #earth #earthcore #surface @draw_with_jazza @josiahbrooks

Click the link in our profile for the full video!
One exercise you will encounter on the pull-up challenge is the top position hold. This is an isometric hold at the top of your pull-up, and is great at building strength in the top position where many people struggle. Instead of jumping to the top and trying to catch yourself in a good position you can set a bar up at neck height, get in a good position with your feet on the ground, and then lift your feet up to perform the isometric hold. Watch the video for more details on this set up!
By setting a bar up at neck height you can gather your tension with your feet still on the ground before lifting your feet and having to support your full weight. You can also keep one or two feet on the floor to take off some of the load. Make sure to watch the video to see all your different options! #fmaperformance #earnednotgiven #theironneverlies #challengeofthemonth #pullups #bodyweight #fitness #fitlife #back #lats

The first step to crushing this month's challenge is to establish a baseline. You will want to find out how many full range of motion pull-ups you can do or find the least amount of band that allows you to perform one perfect pull-up. The results here will dictate what level program you do
In this post we will look at videos explaining three different exercises: the hanging hollow hold, the pull-up, and the band assisted pull-up. The full videos can be found at the link in our profile
You want to start by first learning a good hollow body position. In the first video we review this. You want your forearms, upper back, and and to be tight and strong throughout. This position is also to be held throughout your entire pull-up. You will also notice that you will be asked to perform holds in this position throughout the workouts that will appear in this month's challenge.
Once you have mastered the hollow hold you are ready to test your pull-up. In the second video we go over pull-up technique! Make sure to hold that hollow position throughout your entire pull-up.
If you have trouble performing a strict dead hang pull-up you can use a band for some assistance. In the third video we go over this
Now you are ready to set a baseline number! #fmaperformance #earnednotgiven #theironneverlies #pull-up #challengeofthemonth

Now for week 1 of the pull-up challenge. The first step is to establish a baseline. Be sure to write this number down because in 8 weeks you will want to see all the progress you have made!
The challenge provides three options:
· Level 1: Cannot perform one dead hang pull-up
· Level 2: Can perform 1-5 dead hang pull-ups
· Level 3: Can perform 5+ dead hang pull-ups
Before your training go through a warm-up, and then establish a baseline pull-up number. Do one set of as many perfect dead hang pull-ups as possible. If you cannot perform a pull-up find which band allows you to perform 1 perfect dead hang pull-up. When choosing your level, it important that you are only counting perfect dead hang pull-ups towards your number. Each pullup must start with the elbows completely extended and is not finished until the chin clears the bar. If your elbows were not straight at the start, or you had to do all sorts of funky things to get your chin above the bar the rep does not count. It is important to be harsh on your baseline testing day, because if you perform the wrong level you will get an inadequate training stimulus and will not see nearly as many gains. If you are on the edge between two different levels, choose the lower level!
When performing, pull-ups be sure to use a full range of motion letting the elbows fully straighten between each rep while keeping tension in the core and shoulders. Working through a full range on each rep has many benefits, some of which include:
1. The larger range will recruit more muscle fibers as well as increase time under tension leading to better muscle growth.
2. It will increase your mobility and your body’s ability to display that motion. The pull-up encourages proper scapular motion as well as full shoulder flexion.

3. It will decrease your risk for injuries by ensuring that there is adequate strength in all positions.

4. Building strength through an entire range is more likely to carry over to other exercises

5.In the long run, it will make you better at pull-up/ So let those elbows straighten and get to pulling.

More info on formatting in the comments!

Over the past few months you may have noticed the FMA Monthly Challenges. We have had amazing results with the first few challenges and wanted to share the love! So, this month we are sharing the challenge for you all to follow along at home or at your own gym
This month’s challenge will be max pull-ups. This challenge will run 8 weeks and consist of two workouts with an optional third workout per week. Each week we will post the workouts along with some how-to videos.
Make sure to follow us so you don't miss out on anything!
We invite you to share your progress with us. Post videos, comment your results, or however else you would like to share your journey with us. We would love to see all your progress and would gladly offer any technical advice on any videos posted or answer any questions you may have. We cannot wait to see you crush your previous pull-up PR!
Have you ever dreamt of doing a pull up? Or 5 pull ups? Or 10 pull ups?
If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now" Master Shifu - Kung Fu Panda
The pull up is the king of body weight exercises. No other body weight exercise provides the most 'bang for your buck' as the pull up, providing great carry over to other exercises, and exceptional development of power, strength, and conditioning
For many, the pull up gets pushed to the bottom of exercise selection. It's tough, it's challenging. As you look up from the hang position, it's easy to think, "I can't". We are here to tell you that not only CAN you do a pull up, but that you can get really strong at them
Through a systemized, progressive program, the pull up can and will be conquered. Whether you are looking to do your first pull up or ten consecutive, The Pull-Up Challenge will give you the knowledge, the technique, the system, and the confidence to do something you thought impossible only a short time ago. The program will challenge and inspire you to develop a new outlook on the pull up and help you discover your potential for conquering the king of all body weight exercises. No longer will you be held back by "I can't". It's time to accept the challenge, grab the bar and dominate the pull up.

This my 'mid-development' to jazza's challenge of the month:)) #challengeofthemonth #drawwithjazza #dailysketch #mid-development

My entry for jazzas #challengeofthemonth

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