6 months ago I would have never:
1️⃣ Felt this confident in a sports bra
2️⃣ Posted said picture in a sports bra
3️⃣ Worn patterned leggings
4️⃣ Woken up at 4am willingly
5️⃣ Worked out at 5am DAILY
What changed? My mindset. My support system. My goals.
Follow through is often the hardest part of succeeding, but if you want something bad enough you will do whatever it takes to get there
Are you ready to make the change?
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H E A L T H + fitness. But first, health! Some people ask, “What do I eat?” or “Where do I start?” Well maybe the question is...... What do I DRINK! And the answer is..... SHAKEOOOOO💃🏻
You’ve probably heard me call this my superfoods or my go-to, but y’all it’s my everythang💕 Each and every morning I start my day with this smoothie like drink, filling up my body with exactly what it needs! No more, no less. And I totally feel the difference. I say feel because it’s much much more than seeing results. It’s so much more than losing weight. It’s so much more than looking better.
It’s about finding a safe way to manage your stress, to manage your anxiety, to reduce sugar cravings, to boost your immune system. It’s a formula created to give your body a healthy heart and a happier mind. When you start your day with a beneficial foundation, you’re able to build a more meaningful life.
Ps. The best foundation you can build on is Jesus Christ. So when I talk about this, it’s definitely after Him. 😉
Want to know more about how you can get a free sample? Drop a 🍍 below!
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I remember the moment I thought I had paralyzed myself.

We were at a water park with the kids and being better in water than on land, I felt compelled to join the floating bounce house fun.
It wasn’t long in when I attempted a jump from the lifeguard “tower” that clearly was not a floaty meant to bounce. My feet slipped right out from under me and I landed flat on my back.

What happened next scared the life out of me: my head snapped forward, my teeth clamped down and my body just seized. •
I laid there for what felt like a long ass time but was about 15 seconds before I forced myself up. I had just come back from an injury that was pretty devastating. If anyone saw me struggle, I was in trouble. •
So I told myself I was fine and got my ass up. I was fine but I wasn’t the same Allison that I was at 25 or even 30...

But I was alive. What followed brought me to this moment.
A wellness journey that started with a superfood shake and a workout I could do at home with my injuries.

All of a sudden, I felt like the athletic girl I once was. And I had bitchen obliques. •
I never take for granted the ability to work out and sweat. Some days my body doesn’t want to move but every day it’s grateful I do. •
In the words of my very own neuro surgeon, “never stop moving.”

4️⃣0️⃣ days until Christmas 🎄😳
Time is flying by and I am now enrolling for my Winter Wrap-Up Bootcamp! ⛄️ 🏋🏼‍♀️
Here is what is included...
❄️ Easy to follow Meal plans
❄️ I will set you up with the perfect fitness program that will fit your schedule and goals.
❄️Group + Coach support ❄️friendship + Community ❄️Recipes and more 🙌🏼
Prep week starts November 26 and our Bootcamp will officially start December 3 and run until Dec 21.🙌🏼
Let’s finish this year off strong 💪🏼 and go into the new year like 💃🏼
To save your spot, click on the link in my bio and fill out the challenge group application. Easy as that! ▫️I will get you all set up from there. .
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Absolutely no filter here peeps. 🚫

I made (another) goal to be completely authentic from here forward with my skin journey. 🙅‍♀️🙎‍♀️

You see, my attempt to feel the best I have felt really ever in my own skin, is not just about my weight or fitness level. 🤔

I’m learning that that process includes a lot of personal development. It also includes owning every single little thing you hide. Including filters. Because were afraid somebody might see our imperfections??? Boom. 💥

Yes. That’s exactly why. 🤯

I am pretty sure most of us have some kind of imperfections on our skin and if you don’t then you are either my mother or Trisha Yearwood, who are both natural strawberry blondes. Freaks of nature. 💁‍♀️

My point is, how can I lead other female power house moms and doers if I can’t SHOW them how good it feels to be real. 🙌💃🏼

This was me sweat soaked and exhausted from a long ass Monday and not feeling what I just went though. 😒

But I did it and I documented the moment not because I needed to post validation but because I needed a reminder of the first time I haven’t hated the way I looked at this moment: raw and real. 😏

It’s mostly about me these days. 🙋‍♀️

And that’s okay if you don’t get it or have an opinion. That’s none of my business. What’s IS my business is how I treat myself and others. 🤩

Which is phenomenal these days. ❤️

Where my girls at??? 🙋🏼‍♀️
Everyday we’re hustling at mom life, work life, wife life and just LIFE!💃🏼
Having the right tribe makes it just easier. 👯‍♀️
Drop a 🙌 below if you get it!

Love my new decal !! Keeps me motivated to keep pushing forward! Not everyday will go right or as planned ,but you get a new day everyday .
So today i got my shakeology going and I am feeling great !! It’s the little things .. just dont give up
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. . Enough. Said.

My arms might not be big but peep those thighs🔥
I’m gaining more muscle with a computer and some 10 lb weights then I ever did with an entire gym of equipment. It doesn’t take much, just a little heart and dedication💜
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Week 7, Day 1
Week 6, Day 4
Legs: HIIT
Lookin’ slightly demented in this pic.😳My stamina has definitely improved. This is the strongest I’ve ever been. It’s not the skinniest, but it’s the healthiest for sure. Even with jumping around the week and trying to finish with you guys, getting it done.💪🏼💥😅💦💦💦
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Sweaty Tuesday complete!! I have NEVER been the girl that can workout and not SWEAT 🤣🤣🤣

But, big smiles for big sweat because I’m working crazy hard, I have 3 more workdays until 10 days offffffffff, and
I’m going into the holidays in a super great place mentally and physically.
Thanksgiving is my favorite of all the holidays!
It’s about being thankful and grateful, hi~~~that’s my lane!!
It’s centered around food, drink, and family, hi~~that’s my lane too!
And I get to cook the whole feast, which happens to be my favorite meal of the freaking YEAR, hi~~I’m totally food motivated, like a dog!

I’m in a good place intentionally.
It takes work, it takes good decisions and it take action.
Get yourself ready, prepared, and set to go into the holidays and CRUSH the whole slew of events, family gatherings, expectations, and busyness that leave us frazzled, tired, and feeling wiped out.
Do the work you have been putting off now, because there is no reason to wait for January 1

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Exploring the sweetest little town with the sweetest little boy. 💙 #boymom #millvalleymorning #norcal

I want to be in your upcoming challenge group... BUT... Thanksgiving is coming up...
Christmas is coming soon...
I don't think I will have the time...
I might as well just wait...
My dog has this thing...
THIS THING that just keeps holding me back... Oh my sweet friend, I've heard it all 😘

That's WHY you need this group!
I would normally ask you to commit to 30 days...BUT...I'm going to ask you to commit to 21 ✌️ ...so you can enjoy that ONE THING you have and then make sure you don't fall into the trap of the dreaded "holiday weight gain" 🙌🙌🙌 And yes, it does cost money.
I'll just let the cat out of the bag or room now 🐈😜 Its going to take an INVESTMENT on your end...and with the holidays I am well aware that its HARD to spend money on yourself.
BUT...I want you to give yourself the GIFT OF HEALTH this Christmas....❤️❤️❤️ Because you know what else costs money?
The dr. visits, the sick days off work, the fast food because you're too BUSY to cook, the new wardrobe when yours doesn't fit, (#JustKeepingItReal), etc... There will NEVER be a PERFECT time to start other than the present.
We can do it together...trust me...we can!
But you have to take that first step ✌️😘❤️ Let's shrink the size of your BUT 😉😉 We're not waiting until 2019. We're going to finish 2018 STRONG and head into the New Year with our goals crushed 🤛🤜 You in?
Message me for the deets 😘💌

I share my story in hopes of inspiring that one person to know we can keep reaching for more.....
I've met people and done things in this biz I never would have done if it wasn't for Beachbody -- really. 🙋🏼‍♀️ But what has happened is how the health of my husband and I has changed our lives more than we would ever imagine!!! 🙌🏻
The drive and change in me has rubbed off on my kids and my husband. They are truly part of this journey every step of the way.
We feel younger and having more energy than we did in our 30's. For Real!!!🙏🏻
And while this biz is not always easy- and it takes a lot of hard work, seeing my Challengers succeed is the greatest reward!!! This company, these Challenge groups, our challengers and this community keeps giving back to our LIFE. That's why I'll keep my head down and continue to work to inspire others to Live FITfilled !!!👫💓
We thought we were good, happy and somewhat healthy. But why would anyone want to be "somewhat" of anything. Why live half ass!!👎🏻
There are days that its hard- but this hard has given me an even more solid marriage and my life back more than I thought possible. It has created a huge purpose and a passion that is exploding inside of us to encourage others to live the life they were destined to live.
Stop wishing and join us.👋🏻
We challenge you to join us for 5 weeks of our "Serve Yourself First" Fitness Challenge in a closed online Facebook group. Money Back Guarantee!!!! Sevve your self first Mind, Body and Souls so that you can Serve Others!
Your package will include:
🌈Complete Exercise Program
👋🏻Me as your Free Coach
🍽All my Meal Plans
Don't somewhat do anything..especially your LIFE!............Live your life as it was meant to be!
Message me, comment below, or simply fill out the questionnaire on my website link below. 👇🏻

I am so Thankful that I joined this amazing Journey❤

It wasn't happen in day or two, it took some time

You have to be

Consistency+Time+Work= Success that how it works.

I saw so many times clients start this journey for day or two...and quit before they even really started.
It's no Magic pill , no Magic wrap out there.You need to put some work and be patient.

Quit? Why would you want to quit 2, 3 days later ?
Sure , if you like to be unhealthy then stay were you at and do nothing, but why?

Why do you like to be unhealthy ?
Or finally feel so much better , be active and happy , sleep well, look great and rock any cute outfit you like.

This Lifestyle works and you know it , you just have to do some changes and believe in yourself.
I was ready to quit a few times, but....I am so glad I didn't.

Love this Lifestyle 💯❤🏋🍽 Are you ready for a change?? If you are really ready then message me because I have few more spots available for our upcoming #challengegroups 😊
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