Just some of our challengers and coaches who are starting up round 2 of #80dayobsession on May 7. Our group will be 25-40 people willing to challenge themselves to work out everyday and eat designated nutrition for 80 days. You will be held accountable by me via picture posts and videos. You set your goals: lose weight? Get stronger? Be more disciplined? Increase stamina? Join me —send me a message! #challengegroup #nooga #girlscoutmom #sweatandsassy #funfitmom #80dayobsession #21dayfix #roadwarrior #weddingfitness #boymomlife #girlmomlife #doittogether

Switch it up!

Today was Pilates day!
It’s nice to return back to the program that put me on this path...and even though it’s nice to try different workout programs, I always return back every few months. It’s my “soul workout!”
I love the variety of workouts this program gives to me...Pilates, yoga, plyo, weights, cardio...and all within 30 minutes. Short enough that I can always fit it on, but also allows me time to add in a run 🏃‍♀️ too, which is my mental time.

Find that workout program that invigorates you. Yes you’ll want to switch it up & try new routines, but its nice to have one that you can always fall back too.

Do you need help finding your “soul workout.”
Reach out to me, or if you’re interested in trying this program, I’m running a FREE 21-day Spring Into Summer Challenge group. All you have to do is take the first step & message me!
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Just a reminder: small changes will lead to big changes! It’s only been 10 days! Progress is a slow change, not an immediate one.
#weightlossjourney #weightloss #journey #challenge #challengegroup #progress #change #smallchanges #smallchangesbigresults

Did you watch my live video?
Can you tell I can get easily impressed over such silly things🙈🤣
Oh japan! I love and miss you!
Go watch my live video to see what this is..but first can we look at this packaging...sooo adorable. I am going to use this box to decorate my room💗
Anyone out there know what this says? I would really appreciate it!

-@autumncalabrese .
#coachjennshaw #challengegroup #obsessed

Looking for something to help you get in shape for summer? Looking for encouragement?
I am excited about the clean eating tips, arm exercise challenge and the yummy shake!
Feel free to drop me a comment on how to sign up. This is going to be great! 👌🏻

Change your brand ~ change your life!! Arbonne is the number one global brand for healthy living inside out!! 🍏🍓🍋🥥🥑🍍 🍓🍋🥥🥑 🍏 🔥 not a fad diet
🔥 no quick fix
🔥 no counting calories or containers

Real change with real results! Join my next challenge now and feel the best you have ever felt! ✨✨✨

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Yesterday was Booty day. Opened up a new set of loops. Feeling it today! My challenge group gets me going on the days when I don’t feel like pushing play. #booty🍑 #loops #fitfam #round2 #morningworkouts #80dayobsession #homeworkouts #fitlifestyle #morningmindset #consistency #challengegroup #accountabilitygroup #lornajane #lululemon

So I have been asked a couple times now why I decided to start coaching. The answer is plain and simple. I love what I am doing. I love how it makes me feel. I don't know why it took me so long to really focus on my health. To really stop and look at what I am eating. I finally found something that truly works for me. Great exercise programs that I enjoy and that work, all from the comfort of my own home, meal plans that are simple and easy to follow. When you find something you love and that you enjoy why would you not want to share it?! That's what coaching is for me. I want to help as many people as I can feel as great as I do. I realize this may not be the answer for everyone, but, if you are willing to put in the effort and give it a try then I am ready to stand beside you and cheer you on every step of the way.
I have a Summer Countdown Challenge Group starting APRIL 30TH!! We will be going through my favourite fitness program and learning how to properly fuel our bodies with healthy and nutritious foods You will be part of a group that encourages and motivates each other. Best of all, we will be doing it together.
This is not some pill that magically slims you down or gives you abs overnight. This is good old fashion exercise and healthy eating. Hard work, but 100% worth the effort 💪🏼. Feel free to message me for more details 😀. Trust me, 3 months from now you will be so glad you said YES today!

Are you ready? 🌱🥑🍅😍 #awkwardveganchallenge

Good morning! ☀️ Happy Wednesday! I think today I will be getting a package today that I am super excited about..stay tuned in my stories.
But I have just been thinking how much I have grown this year. I was determined to stay focused and consistent. I’m the girl that walked into the gym and felt overwhelmed. Going to one machine and doing a few reps and going to the next-half hazard. I also didn’t know how long to stay. I had so many excuses last year. It was the most stressful year and I was struggling with depression. Due to stress, I gained weight and completely fell off the track. One day, I was looking in the mirror asking myself “how did I get myself to fall off the track this far?” But I knew I have never been consistent with pretty much anything in my life. I start and stop over. And over. And over.
I knew I needed to stop but I didn’t know if I could.
Beachbody and my coach @ashley.weishaar has helped me stay focused. I am TWO DAYS away from finishing an 80 day program😱
Sayyy whuuutttt?!?! I’m staying consistent. I have created a new lifestyle and am Loving it. I am stronger. I am taking care of myself. I am inspired everyday to do what is important for me. If I take care of myself, I can take care of other people.
Can you relate to any part of this story? If so, I would LOVE to chat. DM me❤️⚡️

Sweat Intervals was on the schedule today. Let me tell you what, the hardest part of that workout was the 20-25 minute mark. BRU-TAL. Like I felt like I was gon die. Then Shaun T said, “You ain’t gon die,” and I had to get my life 😩😩😩

Peep these freaking amazing results! #WCW, right?
All three of these boss babes killed it with 80 Day Obsession!
These women are just a few of the empowering transformation to come out of our amazing coach support & challenge group!
One of the best things about what we do is that we don’t have to do it alone! Every time we start a program or tackle a new goal, we do it with a support system!
Each amazing lady is tagged on her photo — head over and check out what they’ve been up to since Day 80!
With 80 Day Obsession and Beachbody you get tons of gains 🙌🏽💪🏽 Don’t get me wrong, the physical ones are amazing, but what gets me so freaking pumped every time is the mental and life gains! Women (and men!!) are learning more about their bodies, about nutrition, and about making themselves a priority!
Bonuses include better posture, more confidence, and all the friends you make on this journey!
#WomanCrushWednesday #DayOne #Day80 #TransformationPhoto #TransformationWin #ChallengeGroup

Morning Y’ALL!

Finally made it to Texas! I never knew how big this state really is!!! Just curious how many times do we say, “ I will do this ONE DAY, or I can’t wait to do this ONE DAY?” I want my ONE DAY to be my EVERY DAY!
This gal has BIG DREAMS and BIG goals, I ask myself if they can do it, why not ME?

Food for thought! So get to rocking those dreams on the daily ❤️⭐️

Shred for Summer Challenge starts next week ☀️👙🕶🍉.

I still can’t believe how much my body has changed and how amazing I feel (even after a vacation) ever since doing #80DayObsession. I never thought I’d EVER be so dedicated to a program—and MYSELF— and actually finish it out. It wasn’t about getting “skinny” it was about getting STRONG and HEALTHY. It’s daily work and it’s making small changes each and every day that compound into a lifestyle and living your BEST LIFE ✌🏼The accountability and guidance I had through my 80 Day journey was more than what I could ever ask for. Being a coach and watching my girls transform was such a GIFT and it’s a gift that keeps on giving 🙏🏻 I am DEDICATED to helping more women make BIG changes— because every women deserves to feel healthy and happy and FKING SEXY in a bathing suit on the beach or at the pool 🙌🏻💕☀️ ***THIS IS NOT A DIET***.

My next challenge group starts Monday, April 30th - and I have 10 SPOTS ready for YOU to join and for YOU to start your health and fitness journey with me 💁🏻‍♀️.

At home workouts with a virtual trainer, nutrition, meal guides, recipes, accountability, support, daily motivation, rewards and prizes and MUCH MORE 🙌🏻.

Message me to reserve your spot or fill out my questionnaire (link in my bio—summer boot camp application) to start your journey toward healthier living with support and accountability✨💕

YOU deserve to live the best life possible. •

Join me and allow me to be YOUR 1:1 coach girl 👯‍♀️.

#transformation #progressnotperfection #beforeandafter #weightlossjourney #shred #challengegroup

I am so freaking excited to announce my first program is releasing!!! PRE-SALE BEGINS MAY 9th!!! You aren’t going to want to miss this! 💪🏼
Graphics by: @payton_shrum

Healthy habits to add you our life ♥️
#workoutmotivation #happymom #80do #challengegroup #sunday

Want to achieve it?
Comment some feedback down here🤘🏽
Follow @360Motivation360

Never cared to see myself in video footage doing anything...I guess I never wanted to see how ridiculous I would look doing stuff like this. But at this point who cares??? Right!!! We've seen worst.
Who ever said you have to be perfect or in great shape to push yourself to the limits? Im definitely far from ever thinking that I am!! My only hope is to show others that if I can come from being an unhealthy 271 at one point - you can too!!! Almost 40 and loving it!!! #80dayobsession
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Sweaty post workout selfie 🤳 !
Day 3 Lower Fix complete. Everyone has 30 minutes a day for exercise. #21dayfix #lowerfix #sweat #fitness #challengegroup #piyoliveinstructor #beachbodycoach #personaltrainer #accountability #motivation

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