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Back online. I decided to took a long break from social media using Christmas and New Years as an opportunity to reflect on my life and push forward!
The drawings and singing continue, I’ll reveal the WESEN project with the music and the writing will take more place as I will happily join Medium as a writer.
UXers, do not worry, I’ve a special place for you as well and the #dailyux challenge will start tomorrow for me, I’ll share my results here.
Thank you, everyone of you, for following me on this life journey. May we all pursue our dreams and live peacefully.
Love, Eva

Peter Neisz is a personal trainer who wants to help people to use their body in the most efficient way possible in the everyday tasks as well as sporting life. Peter has learned that some of the movements that most people struggle with and find nearly impossible to perform are in fact a part of our basic human function.

Peter was told at the age of 28 to change his job as a restaurant manager if he did not want a hip replacement very soon. He spent a couple of years rehabilitating his hip joints and mastering squats and lunges. He became obsessed to execute everything with perfect techniques learnt from the biggest names (with a doctor/physio background). Peter incorporated Kettlebells to his training to strengthen not only muscles but ligaments, tendons and core at the same time. He qualified as a personal trainer to be able to keep fit and help others with the knowledge he gained over the years. He has completed a 28km Tough Mudder course and a 4 lap Nuts Challenge.

Peter recently noticed that one of his legs was shorter when he performed handstand by the wall so eight years after the first scan he went to a hip specialist diagnosis was that he was born with a dislocated left hip, his lumbar spine is too flat which explained his back issues from young age prior the career change and the tilted pelvis over the years caused lumbar scoliosis. Peter is now more determined than ever to help people to be the strongest version of themselves and improve their physical therefore mental quality of life.
. “Pushing past your Limits”

1/15th of a second #challenge
For those that are keen to get out and play with 1/15th of a second, join me this evening from 18:00-20:00 starting at the Moulie Point Light house parking and we will walk along the promenade. Perhaps we might get a drink afterwards. We will play by ear.
Bring Whatever you need to make happy with exposures at 1/15. Flash, monopod, tripod filters or whatever. Or keep it simple with just a camera and yourself.
The point is to have a bit of fun and not worry about aperture or ISO performance. Just light and #composition.
Hope to see you there.
#instameet #explorecapetown #makeithappenata15th #photowalk #creativity #street #streetsofcapetown #leonslens #lexarmemory_sa #lexarmemory

Je tente le #Winter10x10 avec @leevosburgh et @caroline_joy
Ça commence le 19 janvier.
Après le #juni15x30 avec @theorganizedcardigan c'est reparti pour un tour, mais 10 jours seulement avec 10 vêtements cette fois-ci.
Les voici donc : -pantalon noir large
-chemise noire
-gilet gris chiné -robe/tunique grise courte
-jeans bleu
-chemise en jeans
-chemise blanche
-2 paires de chaussures
Le Nr 10 nest pas encore choisi. J'hésite entre mon manteau gris ou un autre haut. Qu'est-ce que vous rajouteriez, vous?
Et tant qu'à faire: qui a envie de m'accompagner? 🎩
10 Klamotten /10 Tage
Ich will es wieder wissen.
Am 19 Januar geht's los. Für mehr Infos : #winter10x10 oder @leevosburgh
Bis jetzt sind es 9 Stücke. Was sollte ich noch dazu auswählen?
Mantel oder Top?
Und, wer macht mit mir mit? 🎩
#10x10Friends #capsulewardrobechallenge #capsulewardrobe #morewithless #garderobecapsule #funny #challenge #shoppingverzichtung

Finishing early because I was behind 🙄💛♥️
#Repost @kerstin.yoga_ (@get_repost)
Join us with an open heart for our first challenge of the new year —> #JanuaryBackbendFun 💘 Get bendy and practice from 7th - 21st of January daily with great hosts. Let us start the year together fit, flexible and empowered!!! See your own development from the start of this challenge to the very end. —> What has changed? Of course there are some cool prizes to win 😎
Meet you on the mat!!! 💪🏽
@yoga_mit_lucie ( our lovely special guest for 7 days 😍 )
If you like to plan ahead :
Day 1: bridge pose ☑️ Day 2: dancer☑️ Day 3: reverse warrior☑️ Day 4: upward facing dog☑️ Day 5: standing back bend ☑️
Day 6: camel☑️ Day 7: puppy pose☑️ Day 8: wheel pose☑️ Day 9: forearm wheel or locust pose ☑️
Day 10: pigeon pose ☑️
Day 11: fish pose/ hero pose☑️ Day 12: bow pose☑️ Day 13: cobra pose☑️ Day 14: reverse plank☑️ Day 15: yogis choice☑️ How to enter: ☆ Like this post ☆ Repost this flyer on your feed ☆ Tag as many friends as you want ☆ Follow all hosts and sponsors ☆ Post the asanas daily and the flow on the last day ☆ Use the hashtag #JanuaryBackbendFun ☆ Set your profile to 'public' so we can see your beautiful effort ☆ Have a lot of fun

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The point of realisation, that running 21km before getting on a plane to Europe would be a good idea 😆 #MelbourneMarathon #Cardio #Challenge

I generally try to stay away from pools unless they're filled with salt water 💦
I worked as an Aqua Aerobics instructor for a while an even the smell would get me dizzy so I had to stop 😵
Health first! ✋️
Swimming in indoor pools may result in respiratory effects and induce DNA damage that could lead to cancer, according to new research that examined the impact of byproducts of pool disinfection ☠️
I guess swimming in a chlorinated pool a couple of times per year isn't too bad BUT please do your homework before you or your children 👶🏼 go on and use gym pools on a daily or weekly or even monthly basis ☠️
What looks good isn't always good for you.
Don't listen to random people telling you what you should and shouldn't worry about.
Peace out ✌🏼 __________________________________________

Enrichir sa pratique quotidienne grâce à de supers rencontres notamment avec @yogaeelodie. Merci encore Elodie pour cet atelier, ces 3 heures de yoga, méditation et réflexions ! #yoga

#everydaylife #photo #blackandwhite #challenge #28days

#Life can seem challenging at times, but remember folks, now matter how dismal it seems, there is always a solution.
When you are presented with a seemingly impossible situation, remain calm, and step aside from yourself.
When you look at your situation from the outside, it's easier to see the solution.
You are a smart and wonderful being, and full of great ideas.
When you become your own most trusted adviser, the possibilities are endless. It's time to channel your inner guru.

#millionairementor #success #mlm #amway #love #challenge #hustle

What do you look for in a gym? Location? Session times? Instructors? The community vibe? I just know that I feel like home when I walk into @movementinnovation and walk out feeling pumped and ready to take on the world due to a savage workout and a cheeky espresso shot! ☕️💪🏽🙌🏼 If you’re around Varsity on the Gold Coast pop in and say G’day to Luke and the team at Movement Innovation 🤙🏽

💡Es werde Licht 💡

So was lässt sich zum Thema #Licht sagen...? 🤔 Licht ist wichtig und man kann es nicht genug haben! Es macht Sinn sich schon so früh wie möglich die gewünschten #Lampen auszusuchen um genau zu wissen was für #Anschlüsse man benötigt.
Mir ist auch klar, dass man in der #Bauphase besseres zu tun hat als sich schon Lampen auszusuchen, aber zumindest die wichtigsten wie im #Wohnzimmer und #Esszimmer könntet ihr euch schon aussuchen um z. B. zu wissen wie viele #Deckenauslässe ihr über dem Esstisch benötigt.
Auch #Wandauslässe mögen wohl überlegt sein, wo kann man schöne Lampen für #indirektes Licht anbringen? Eine beliebte Stelle ist immer der #Treppenaufgang.
Achtet auch darauf auf welcher Höhe ein eventueller Wandauslass im Badezimmer gesetzt wird. Möchtet ihr gerne ein #Spiegelschrank anbringen mit Lichtfunktion, dann wird der Wandauslass oft auf Augenhöhe gesetzt. Ich würde davon jedoch abraten weil man kann keine Möglichkeit mehr hat etwas anderes zu machen, wie z. B. eine einzelne Lampe über einem einfachen Spiegel anzubringen wie es zur Zeit sehr modern in #Gästebädern ist.
Denkt auch an die #Beleuchtung draußen, vor und hinter dem Haus, in eventuellen Garagen oder Carport, Gartenhütten oder wollt ihr eure Beete vielleicht noch beleuchten? Es gibt so viele Möglichkeiten. Man muss nicht alles machen aber vielleicht auf einiges vorbereitet sein, also auch schön Kabel nach hinten in den Garten legen lassen.
Ganz besonders schön ist es auch, wenn man die Hausnummer beleuchtet oder sogar eine leuchtende montieren kann. Zumal es meine ich sogar aus Sicherheitsgründen verpflichtend ist die Hausnummer zu beleuchten... ok das haben wir bisher auch nicht umgesetzt aber vielleicht wird das ja noch.
Ansonsten finde ich persönlich einen #Dimmer im Badezimmer sehr sinnvoll wenn man es sich einmal gemütlich machen möchte in der #Badewanne 😉

#bauherrenabc #bauherren #fertigebauherren #light #hausbau2016 #einzug2017 #Haus #Home #myhome #instahome #challenge

🤘🏽Climbing Squad🤘🏽
When your run squad jumps over to the climbing walls! That’s how you keep your training interesting and most of all fun! Change it up!
How do you change up your workouts?
How do you keep your workouts fun?
Let me know in the comments
Check out theurbanchallenger.com to see my training and events #linkinbio #blogger #blog

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