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I can't believe it's going to be a year after this month I can't believe my eyes how fast times goes. I can't believe how much I have cried during the 11 months of my life I can't believe I would miss yu this much I can't believe everything that is happening to your beautiful legacy I apologise for not giving you the attention back then even I have said a millions times I will never be able to make it right. I regretted not seeing you in 2015 when you came to Singapore I regretted so much I haven't tell you how much you meant to me yet I haven't show enough love to yu that I suppose to show why this world is so cruel? just because I think next time I will have the chance again. It took away from me forever now I can only live by your legacy to keep my mistakes faded. A mistake that will never heal. A mistake that will never be able to make it right. πŸ’” I love you Christina I'm so sorry one year it's going to be a really painful day for us all TeamGrimmie I will definitely be crying the whole entire day because my biggest fears is going to come. I have never tell anyone how terrified I am to face the reality that it's going to be one year without this beautiful princess physically. πŸ’”πŸ˜”I miss yu more and more till I literally lost count. and I will continue to miss yu until we meet again. #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #CGForever

Two more days until SIDE B releases! Get it on iTunes, GooglePlay and Amazon! #CGforever #TeamGrimmie #cgSideB @republicrecords

4.21.17 be there.
#cgforever #cgsideb

#Repost @therealgrimmie ・・・
7 days until SIDE B.... πŸ’š #NewMusicFriday #CGforever #TeamGrimmie #cgSideB

Tomorrow... The legacy continues! #CGforever #TeamGrimmie #NewMusicFriday #cgSideB @RepublicRecords https://t.co/Im1fzTh9bz

I'M EXCITED πŸ’š One Day! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

I love "Side B" so much!πŸ’š #cgSideB #BuySideBOniTunes #ChristinaGrimmie #CGforever #TeamGrimmie
Edit by @fine_mess_72 πŸ’š\|/

Side B is OUT πŸ’š what's your favorite song off of the EP guys? #CGforever #cgsideb

Side B - 4/21/17! #CGforever #TeamGrimmie #cgSideB



q:write 5 things u love about CG.
a:1)Her smile 2)How caring she is 3)Her amazing voice 4)Her piano skills 5)EVERYTHING
#christinagrimmie #cgforever #CGsideb #GrammyForGrimmie #teamGrimmie

q: Fav meme of Christina?
a:This one cuz that's me every single day of my life basicallyπŸ˜‚(even cuz on Thursday I have to dance in front of a little audience and I'm dying...I can't do this). Cr:@theunrealgrimmie

#christinagrimmie #cgforever #CGsideb #GrammyForGrimmie

q:Fav Christina's album cover?
a:This one.It shows how much che loves music and blue is my fav color soπŸ˜… *sorry yesterday I didn't post*

#christinagrimmie #cgforever #CGsideb #GrammyForGrimmie

q:A picture of Christina that makes u smile?
a:I can't help smiling when I look at this one.Her smile is the best smile ever😍

#christinagrimmie #cgforever #CGsideb #GrammyForGrimmie

-Car radio-

I love these music videos(not my colouring)

#christinavictoriagrimmie #christinagrimmie #cgforever #CGsideb #teamGrimmie #RIPChristina

-Thinking 'bout you-

I think about you always.

I have 3 more things to post...I'm gonna do it later.That's not my colouring.
(I forgot my watermark so plz give credit if u use it). #christinavictoriagrimmie #christinagrimmie #ripgrimmie #cgforever #CGsideb

-If you love me don't let go-

I love you.I love you.
I love you.I love you.
I love you so much.
Forever and always.
(Not my colouring)
#christinavictoriagrimmie #christinagrimmie #cgforever #CGsideb #teamGrimmie #teamgrimmierawwks #rawwkfingers

I don't think there's ever one moment that is easy in life without you today I break down in tears knowing that stress could torn someone out so harshly. I miss you so much little bean πŸ’šβ˜οΈ 6 more days till all is vanity's released. cant wait for those songs to comfort me. Miss you to the moon and stars nugget it will be really difficult next week. but music heals the difficult times of all. I miss you sweet angel.πŸ’”#christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #GrammyForGrimmie #CGForever

I can't wait for the release of sublime πŸ’šπŸ˜ one of the songs from All is Vanity one week to go! I'm so excited. So proud of you my little bean πŸ’šβ˜οΈ love you spoop you are the best. @therealgrimmie @stephenrezza @happlesful @lauren.longo @marcusgrimmie @moriahnaomi @powtato @jasminebala @thejonathanlamarche @travisflores #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #grammyforgrimmie #CGForever

Okay, so I'm here to clarify something so I saw many posts about the album release thing. Earlier I was mad and crying but that doesn't mean I don't show her family and her music company respect. It's really frustrating to see misunderstanding causes. I love Christina more then anything I work hard in every edits and video edits I have never once disrespected them it hurts to see posts like this because is not what I meant I'm a very sentimental person I like to express myself and forget about it after it's vent knowing that is going to be one year after the release date it's just breaks my heart into million pieces.πŸ’” I hate misunderstandings and stuff like that. Some of you know me well I wouldn't do that or disrespect anyone please stop saying I don't respect the Grimmie family and her music accompany because I have feelings I can't handle the pain when I vent something people misunderstand it like SERIOUSLY?! πŸ’”πŸ˜­ I'm done k bye #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #CGForever

Literally crying right now I can't believe my nightmare is about to come really soon my heart hurts like hell. πŸ’”
at the same time I'm waiting for all is vanity's released next week these feelings are surreal. I miss you so much spoop haven't cried so hard in awhile. I love you @therealgrimmie πŸ’š #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #CGForever

Unfortunately all is vanity is postponed to June 9 I can't handle it why the date I'm so upset but it's worth the wait I'm just pissed for a bit but I guess they have their reasons for keeping it till next week.πŸ’š but my nightmare is going to start which I pray the day doesn't come so fast but it's getting closer πŸ’” I love you Christina I'm gonna cry hard next week don't know how to feel anymore. #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #CGForever

1 more day to all is vanity! Actually is already Friday for me but I still have to wait for couple of hours before I can get from iTunes USA time but it's definitely worth the wait so excited to hear her voice again with new songs it will help me to clam down despite what happened yesterday. I miss you so much spoop I can't stop thinking about you πŸ’”πŸ˜” having to deal with so much to deal with is really no fun but is so tiring physically and mentally only your music keeps me going and it will continue to do so. Thank you spoop for inspiring me everyday you rawwk so hard my dearest little bean I'm proud to be apart of this amazing journey of your beautiful legacy for the rest of my life.πŸ’š #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #CGForever

If I could travel to a place for awhile the first place that I will ever visit is heaven because I miss Christina way too much I just want to say I'm sorry for those who still struggling just like me. but I just want to remind all of you that life is worth living yes sometimes it hard but you got to stay for spoop because she won't want anyone of you to harm yourself but live it until the fullest so that one day when we see her again we have a story to tell that TeamGrimmie is strong and continuing her legacy she's safe and sound with the lord and she's watching everyone of us from heaven it's okay to make mistakes but it's not okay to give up make her proud because everything on earth is just temporary we will all be together with her one day and never let her go again.πŸ’šβ˜οΈ I do have my downs I still do break down my heart still hurts because she was truly the best think of what she has accomplished in her career but not what happened because she ain't gone but she's more alive then she ever was because I feel her I know that she's there to comfort us with her music showing us signs etc. I hope people remember her as Christina Grimmie not something else that is unnecessary never forget how much Christina loves you.πŸ’š and as do i. miss you spoop πŸ’šπŸ’” happy Grimmie Thursday and 2 more days to all is vanity's released! @therealgrimmie @stephenrezza @happlesful @marcusgrimmie @moriahnaomi @lauren.longo @travisflores @jasminebala @powtato @thejonathanlamarche #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #CGForever

I love you and I swear I do.πŸ’š
I miss you @therealgrimmie dearly every single day I thought of making a video with this song today because Christina is always on my mind without fail. 3 more days to all is vanity's released despite what is upsetting me yesterday I will not let it ruined my excitement for her album release I'm a lifetime TeamGrimmie and nothing will ever change that because spoop meant the world to me. she will forever be in my heart. and always going to be remembered as the girl who makes me smile and laugh and cry from her goofiness with a beautifully powerful voice and remembering her as Christina Grimmie my role model and my lifetime inspiration she's my hero.πŸ’š @therealgrimmie @stephenrezza @happlesful @lauren.longo @marcusgrimmie @moriahnaomi @jasminebala @powtato @thejonathanlamarche @travisflores #christinagrimmie #teamgrimmieforever #shewontbeinvisible #cgsideb #allisvanity #CGForever

ONLY 3 DAYS UNTIL #AllIsVanity Check it out asap I know it will be amazing. Yesterday was 1year since your bff saw you. I can't believe it's almost one year since you left spoop πŸ’š. Imy. #GunViolenceAwareness #CGforever #TeamGrimmie #christinaslegacy #christina #cgSideB #christina #grimmie

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