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today's wish

•My oh my, this banana bread•
This gluten-free, refined sugar free, dairy free banana bread is sooooooo good. I’ve already eaten half of it. I selfishly don’t want to share it 🙈🙈. It’s from @26grains cookbook. I use this book a lot and would really recommend it as everything I’ve made from it has been delicious 😋 ..
Zero workouts this week 😢. I need to rest and am pissed off about that but 🤷‍♀️ gotta be done.
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Take as much time healing as you need. Some days will be unexplainably harder than others. Don’t question why or beat yourself up over it. Take extra good care on those days. If it feels like you will be healing forever, you will. Those of us who reached a state of awareness where we wanted to heal are in it for the long haul. We will be continuously mending ourselves. A beautiful dance between mind, body, and soul. Forever evolving and becoming more real, vibrant, and free.

This mornings celery juice in beautiful Switzerland 🇨🇭 I’m slowly getting into the juicing and try to drink some celery juice everyday.
And today was the first day of vacation I could actually go outside after crashing because of the 10 hour car drive. It’s so nice to have a change of scenery, especially when it’s as beautiful as this view. I hope to be able to take a short walk sometime this week, but the fact that I made it here after two rough weeks is already amazing ❄️☀️
Mein Sellerie Saft heute Morgen 🇨🇭Ich versuche jeden Tag zumindest ein kleines Glas zu trinken, da ich so viel gutes über die gesundheitlichen Vorteile von Selleriesaft gelesen habe.
und nachdem ich mich die letzten Tage erst mal von der zehnstündigen Fahrt erholen musste, war heute der erste Tag an dem ich rausgehen konnte. Ich liebe einfach diesen Ausblick und dieses kleine Dorf und hoffe das ich in den nächsten Tagen auch einen kleinen Spaziergang machen kann ❄️☀️

Day 80 of 365.......................started oil Pulling again 🥥

One amazing way to detox is to do oil pulling with some organic coconut oil 🌸💕 Pop a tablespoon of oil in your mouth and swish it around for 10-20 mins.
If it’s your first time doing it I’d recommend starting with a teaspoon and only doing it for about 5 mins.
It will take a little while to get used to the feeling ⏱

Once the time is up, walk outside and spit it into the garden or on the grass. Then rinse your mouth out with some water. Don’t spit it down the drain as it will clog up the drain eventually and don’t swallow it 🚫

The benefits of oil pulling are amazing!! They can include: 🥥 White teeth and improved oral hygiene 🥥 Detoxing 🥥 Increased energy levels 🥥 Improved skin issues

#365daychallenge #tryingnewthings #coconutoil #oilpulling #detox #health #organic #nutrition #vegan #cfsrecovery #fromfatiguedtofabulous

A morning of joy. Super early morning nature walk just after sunrise, homemade granola and tea and now just did almost two hours of novel writing without barely noticing that time happened and body hasn’t even made a whisper of complaint.
So this novel, I’m so excited for the day that I will get to share it with you. It’s a story of chronic illness recovery, identity, love in different forms, art, nature, connection and technology. Writing it has been one of the absolute most joyful things I have ever done in my life and if someone one day can find joy in reading it it is like icing on top of the joy I am already feeling for this book. Chronic illness was the starting point, I felt like I had a story to tell about that, but as I’ve been writing it turns out I have all kinds of stories to tell that are weaves into the core recovery story. I don’t think I would have started to write fiction at this time in my life if it wasn’t for this illness journey and out of all the silver linings, along with meeting amazing fellow warriors writing is my favourite.
#cfs #mecfs #silverlinings #cfsrecovery #mecfsrecovery #chronicillness #chronicillnesswarrior #invisibleillness #chronicfatigue #chronicfatiguesyndrome

If there is one thing I've had to learn over the past 4 years it is how to be happy even when life feels like it's working against you.
I've always been a positive, happy person but when CFS came along, the things that made me happy: training at the gym, socialising, working, studying and going on adventures were all stripped from me. I could barely walk to the letterbox yet go to the gym, I struggled to have conversations with even my partner at the time and working and socialising were luxuries I could no longer afford with such limited energy.
Depression crept in as I realised my limitations and most days I grieved for the life I once had. But it didn't take me long to get tired of my own bullshit and realise that this was all happening for a greater purpose.
While some days were and still are difficult, I decided that despite what was happening with my mind and body, I was in charge of my happiness and I was going to make this experience a positive one.
CFS was not here to punish me or make my life a living hell: it was a gift to teach me what truly matters in life, to help me find happiness in the simplest things and to force me to love myself, even at my worst.
Happiness can come to us in some unusual ways but the happiness I feel today and the secrets I have uncovered through my experience, I would not change for the world.
There is light in every experience ❤

I think she wishes I would stop bothering her so she can sleep in peace. Usually she's the needy one but sometimes when I'm stuck at home I want some kind of interaction.
#sosleepy #dalmationsofinstagram #princessjasmine #napallday #cfsrecovery #mecfs #mecfsrecovery #dogsmakethebestcompanions #bestfriends

Interdimensional alien ☆ just using my infrared lights and loved the colour that came out in this photo. Got my dental appointment to safely remove my mercury amalgam Thursday and get a ceramic filling put in its place. The next big stage in my health journey. So glad I'm getting it done, can't wait.
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today's reminder

Instead of living 10 steps ahead of myself in the land of shit that hasn’t even happened yet I have decided to stay in the moment while being gently aware of what’s coming.
Pancakes 🥞 all the time. This time I used @thesoulfullproject Hearty Grains & Seeds in place of traditional rolled oats and they turned out so good. I added a little vanilla extract too!

Chronic illness really tests your positivity. Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive and I think being positive all the time is simply impossible. Crashing sometimes means that all your worst symptoms are back again and then it’s just frustrating.
But i know it’s all part of the healing process - it’s not a straight line.
I am happy about how far I’ve already come and found so many inspiring healing stories here on Instagram, which made me learn a lot about healing. Social media isn’t always bad, it can have a great influence on people and give you hope when you are in a difficult situation.
mit einer chronischen Krankheit wird dein positives Denken wirklich sehr auf die Probe gestellt. Doch ich denke , es ist auch einfach unmöglich 100 % der Zeit positiv zu sein. Wenn du in einem Crash bist, dann kann es sein dass Sam Thoma wieder auftauchen von denen du dachtest dass du sie schon sehr lange überwunden hättest, und das ist einfach frustrierend. Aber ich weiß dass all dies zur Heilung dazugehört, denn heilen heißt nicht dass es jeden Tag besser wird, sondern ist mit vielen auf und abs verbunden.
Ich bin sehr froh wenn ich zurück blicke und sehe wie weit ich schon gekommen bin und was sich alles schon gebessert hat.
Außerdem bin ich wirklich froh hier auf Instagram sehr viele inspirierende Geschichten von Heilung und Überwinden einer chronischen Krankheit gefunden zu haben. Social Media ist also nicht immer nur schlecht, sondern kann auch wirklich Menschen in schwierigen Situation helfen, die Hoffnung zu behalten.
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Changed my logo, I was feeling good and thought I could do an evening course on graphic design to help me with my cards. I managed about half of the sessions but decided it was causing crashes so I’m now finishing it from home. I’m pretty proud that I did try it and was able to even think about doing it. I’m just come to terms that there are things I can’t do and I’m missing out on things but...... my health comes first and slow and steady is good.
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I feel like I’ve come home!! So excited to be back in the gym and especially to be back somewhere I feel comfortable @xercise4less I’m back bitches.... #xercise4nyc #xercise4less #xercise4me #imback #cfsrecovery #cfswarrior #autoimmunewarrior

Day 79 of 365.................first ever colonic 💩🌸 WARNING!!! Every once in awhile I’ll share a pretty intimate post for my challenges. It’s not to gross you out but to simply share what I’m doing to improve my health and hopefully it might help some other people along the way 🙏🏻 So today I travelled to Wollongong to have my first ever colonic treatment. Ive done a few enemas at home which work well but they only clean out small percentage of your colon 💩

This treatment is done with an actual colonic machine which extracts the waste from you after the water is pumped in 💧

It was amazing watching how much “crap” came out!! 😂
The therapist said that a heap of toxins came out which is great!! 👍🏻 Feeling a bit tired and gassy 💨 tonight but that’s apparently normal. Hoping this, along with my physio and a clean vegan diet will really help my IBS 🤞🏻 Going back for my 2nd one next Wed 🗓

Colonics are amazing for all sorts of conditions and ailments. If your gut is out, so will everything else be ❤️ And as an extra today, my step son Will did yoga with me for the first time 🙏🏻🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️ #365daychallenge #tryingnewthings #colonics #Wollongong #IBSrecovery #cfsrecovery #vegan #wholefoods #guthealth #healthy #happy #nutrition #fromfatiguedtofabulous

Sometimes it's good to take a step back and have a look at all the good things around us. This past year has been horrendously challenging health wise and I couldn't have got this far without family, friends and most importantly, Ted and Ralph #brotherlove
#dogsrule #lucyslaw #cockapoo_corner
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After doing yoga/exercise most mornings on holiday I’m finding it hard to fit it in with my internship 🧘‍♀️ I’m so tired after work and have a fear serious fear of overdoing it and turning into a fatigued heap again! 🥑 on a more positive note I accomplished the standing ashtanga sequence last night and am off to the gym tonight (probs 20mins max). Like a tortoise and this headstand, slow and steady! In time my aim is to smash out a weekly @barryslondon boot camp 🤙🏼✌🏼🌴🥥 if anyone has any tips I’d love to hear 👂 ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️#yoga #yogi #glutenfree #dairyfree #refinedsugarfree #health #barrysbootcamp #fitness #cfs #cfsrecovery #fatigue #vegan #vegansofig #ashtanga #yogi #headstand #london #onehappybelly

Had to have a chuckle at this poster at The Griffith Butchery today. #eatpraylove #griffithbutchery #canberra #canberrafood #cfsrecovery #insulinresistancereversal #health #pastureraised #organic

What’s holding you back from doing what you want?? 🖤

Mines always been fear of failing. Now I like to call it failing forward 😉

#failingforward #motivation #inspiration #cfsrecovery #fromfatiguedtofabulous

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