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#Leather, garrison cap and #wolford #pantyhose
Time for #TrueDesires #cfnm fun!

my prenup photoshoot #cfnm concept! charaught! :p

@khandja1987 i dare you to put some clothes on. it's time for the boys to show their skin ;p

#PietroBoselli #mcm #ManCrushMonday #nalgones

"Come on Jack, sit down. Time to lose your tight- I mean, start getting us naked" "Alright, but don't say I didn't warn you gals" - Part Seven "Office Rivals" #cfnm #strippoker #tightywhities #whitebriefs #briefs

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Would you like to be this guy? @juliadelucia seems to have found something interesting ! #CFNM

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When @msedenwinter lets you out of the cage don't think of it as freedom. #BlackStilettoArmy #femaledomination #cfnm #latex #fascistfemdom

Pantsed in the locker room by 3 girls! What a lucky bastard!
@loveyasminscott @chantellefox69x #HannahShaw
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RT: @maskurbate HypnoMask put on @AngeloGodshack for two ladies to enjoy! https://t.co/utTi4ma8SX #maskurbate #porn #angelogodshack #cfnm #bigcock #ennioguardi #threesome


Because I *always* want to kiss you 😍

I happen to like it when you turn your back on me. #ReverseCowBoy 💋
Thank you to @Domina_Nicole_ for this wonderful find!! 🤗

I know it's not rational & it doesn't keep me up at night but I'm afraid I might not be with Sir Doggie when he passes away, like he has a heart attack while I'm at work or something... But worse than that, I'm afraid of the possibility that I might die before him like a car wreck or whatever, and he'd never understand & just think I abandoned him.

You know I don't share, right? You're mine. Alllllll mine. 💋

Know what I like more than that glimmer in your eye... when you let go and tilt your head back so I can't see it any more 💋

Principal Wolfe has no tolerance for disrespectful students...

And baby, I'm almost home 💋

I look at this and I wonder what's going on with these two... He has on his trousers & dress shoes, but from the light peering through the window it's still daytime outside... so did they just get back from an afternoon with friends? Did he embarrass her, break a rule, or piss her off while they were in front of other people and she is just now able to put him in his place? 😈
His hands are behind his back & he seems to be wearing a nice watch but his wrists do not appear to be bound and neither do his feet, so he is in this position willingly.
I mean, look at his arm... it's as big around as her thigh! She's in high heels but it's obvious he has a definite height advantage over her were he to stand up. More than likely he could physically overpower her in mere seconds.
Self preservation through self defense is one of the most basic drives in human nature yet here he is on his knees, willingly removing his ability to defend himself against attack.
Her knee at his crotch, slightly to the side, not yet the cause of any pain... Her delicate hand at his throat, pinky elegantly extended, not yet grasping hard enough to restrict his breathing... Yet his facial expression tells a different story. Go ahead, zoom in 😙
Is he intoxicated from her inner strength and boldness to demand such a position from him? Is her emotional power over him making it hard for him to breathe? Is he wrapped up in the excitement of what might happen next... Will she choke him? Spit in his mouth? Raise her voice? Kick him between the legs? Slap his face? Turn this into a stress position & make him stay like that for an hour?
By offering himself in such a submissive position and allowing the vulnerability of his most sensitive and vital bodily functions, breathing and peeing, he is giving her temporary control - so how long will her power last over him?
Until she's done chastising him for this one infraction? All evening? The remaining time left in the weekend? The duration of their relationship? 😍
Please, tell me what you see playing out when you look at this photograph. Comment below or DMs are welcomed.

Our website for this year's SonicLabs is live, check it out! Link in bio

Oh how I love counting your ribs 😈

Always in trouble 💋

Ohhh myyy 💋

Excited to share this year's first event at Dolby on August 25th. RSVP link in bio

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