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Eden Hazard has been keeping busy during his spell on the sidelines by making key decisions for NASL team San Diego. The Chelsea star is in a WhatsApp group with fellow co-owners Demba Ba, Yohan Cabaye and Moussa Sow to keep updated with all the day-to-day goings on in California.
Despite the fact that the partners are still engaged with playing commitments, Director of Football Ricardo Campos insists the four men are 'fully involved'. He told the Sunday Mirror: 'It's very easy for them to be involved with email, Skype and Whatsapp but they're very active professionals, playing at the world's highest level. We share everything that's happening. They're fully involved in all the key decisions. Most importantly, they're involved with the basics of the team - what they want the club to be like.' #BlueIsTheColour #CFC #CFCFans #CFCFamily #CFCTillIDie #BPL #EPL #PremierLeague #PreSeason #CFCTour #Champions #ComeOnYouBlues #WearChelsea #PremierLeagueChampions #ChelseaFC #COYB #KTBFFH #IfItsNotBlueItWillBe #CFCArmy #TheBlues #Chelsea_KTBFFH #ChelseaFans #ChelseaKWT #CFCNews #CFCTransfers #CFCTour #AntonioConte #Conte #edenhazard

"Morata is ready to start the game," he revealed. "He needs to improve his physical condition and he needs a bit of time to reach the top, but he's in contention." Even though he left the young Spaniard on the bench to start with last week Conte, who reiterated his commitment to the club he now considers 'my house', is convinced his new boy has what it takes to become a Stamford Bridge legend "for many years." "Maybe £56million could be a good price for Morata and for this transfer market," he said. "We want Morata to play regularly for Chelsea," he said. "My choices don't depend on how much he cost. We can spend a lot of money for one player and then I put him on the bench because I'm seeing this player is not ready to play. Morata worked in the same way like last week when he missed the penalty. This is a life of a player. To live positive or negative situation. The most important thing is to have the confidence of the coach, the club, the team-mates." Conte is also looking to former Player Of The Year Ngolo Kante to help plug the gap left by the suspended Cesc Fabregas today. "We all know very well the characteristics of Ngolo, and he is a player who has improved a lot on the previous season." He said. "Last season he played with Matic and with Cesc and had a fantastic season, and he has the characteristics to adapt in both cases. But now we have to find another solution after always playing with Kante-Fabregas and because we don't have other midfielders available. Now Bakayoko is ready and I have another opportunity." #BlueIsTheColour #CFC #CFCFans #CFCFamily #CFCTillIDie #BPL #EPL #PremierLeague #PreSeason #CFCTour #Champions #ComeOnYouBlues #WearChelsea #PremierLeagueChampions #ChelseaFC #COYB #KTBFFH #IfItsNotBlueItWillBe #CFCArmy #TheBlues #Chelsea_KTBFFH #ChelseaFans #ChelseaKWT #CFCNews #CFCTransfers #CFCTour #AntonioConte #Conte

CHELSEA boss Antonio Conte has been told he needs to sign another striker in the transfer window. “He would want to compete for all the trophies and I think if you’re a Chelsea player or a Chelsea fan, or a Chelsea coach, that’s what you do,” Hasselbaink said on Goals on Sunday. “That is where the club is at at the moment. They need to compete, are they going to be able to? I don’t know, they still need reinforcements I think in a few areas. I think you can’t replace Costa because Costa is unique. They have Morata but I do feel that they need one more. I think Morata is going to be a brilliant signing. What I like about Morata is that he’s played for big clubs, he’s played for Juventus, he’s played for Real Madrid. So he knows what is expected from him, he knows that there is pressure. His movement is magnificent, he will score goals.” #BlueIsTheColour #CFC #CFCFans #CFCFamily #CFCTillIDie #BPL #EPL #PremierLeague #PreSeason #CFCTour #Champions #ComeOnYouBlues #WearChelsea #PremierLeagueChampions #ChelseaFC #COYB #KTBFFH #IfItsNotBlueItWillBe #CFCArmy #TheBlues #Chelsea_KTBFFH #ChelseaFans #ChelseaKWT #CFCNews #CFCTransfers #CFCTour #AntonioConte #Conte

Alvaro Morata wants to banish the memory of missing a penalty on his Chelsea bow when the striker returns to Wembley to face Tottenham Hotspur this weekend. "It is a big motivation for me, it is a bad place (Wembley) for me at the moment because I missed a penalty," said Morata in an exclusive interview with Sky Sports ahead of the game. "But I have the opportunity to take this feeling out of my body, my head and all the heads of Chelsea supporters. I am very motivated for this game, it is against Tottenham, a very big team." "It is not good, I missed a penalty which was important for the team, for the club, it is a trophy, all week it is in my head and it is not good," he said. "My feeling is I am new on this team, I am new in the Premier League, and it's just the beginning for me. But I could only think about this thing - the penalty - it's the mentality that is important. I said to my wife, 'this weekend I score a goal', because I need to change the mentality, I need to turn the situation, to tell all the supporters that I am here and I am not scared to miss a penalty or to play badly." "It is not the best beginning," he said. "If this weekend was the end of the Premier League, it is OK, but we need to play better and to know that here, all the teams can give everything. It must be impossible for us to give points to other teams at Stamford Bridge. Because here in the Premier League it is so difficult to win points at other stadiums, and Stamford Bridge must be very important for us to get the three points every weekend." "I want to make an explosion (at Chelsea)," he said. "I play well at Real Madrid and at Juventus, but I think I did not make the explosion that everyone expected of me. I need to be an important player for the team, for the Spanish national team. And I think I am at the better age and all of the best moments of my career are coming. I played good matches in the Champions League, but one a month. I need to play every weekend, score goals and play at the top level every weekend. And I work for this situation."

FRANK LAMPARD says it’s too early write Chelsea off and has backed them to retain their Premier League title. “I went for Chelsea as my title favourites before a ball was kicked this season and it is too early to change that,” Lampard told Yahoo Sport. “Maybe people will say that is me speaking from the heart, but no one backed them to win the title last season and they ran away with it and when you look at this season now, it is very hard to predict who will end up as champions. All of the top clubs have added players and most of them come from foreign countries. We don’t know how they are going to adapt, will they fit in to the Premier League? We can’t say for sure yet. Manchester City probably have the most quality in terms of attacking players, but we don’t know whether they are all going to gel together. Last year it didn’t work for them, for sure, and that is what I say don’t dismiss Chelsea this time. Manchester City will be there, Manchester United will be there, Tottenham can get into the mix once more…Arsenal and Liverpool, I’m not sure they are in the mix to win the title. So why can’t Chelsea think about winning it again. When they had their best eleven out, no one could get near them last season. The system they played gave most teams trouble and they were very hard to play against.” #BlueIsTheColour #CFC #CFCFans #CFCFamily #CFCTillIDie #BPL #EPL #PremierLeague #PreSeason #CFCTour #Champions #ComeOnYouBlues #WearChelsea #PremierLeagueChampions #ChelseaFC #COYB #KTBFFH #IfItsNotBlueItWillBe #CFCArmy #TheBlues #Chelsea_KTBFFH #ChelseaFans #ChelseaKWT #CFCNews #CFCTransfers #CFCTour #AntonioConte #Conte #franklampard


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