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Throwing more 1 lb bowls. Was wanting ten but i got 9.

So excited!! I made spoons for the first time yesterday! I've always wanted to try these. Not sure how people usually make these, but I threw the bowl portion off the hump and pulled the thin handle. 🥄🥄🥄 #workinprogress

Glazing big bowls need a little bit more time and patience. Crossing my fingers these turn out! @_nolan_mc
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Ever want to see what trimming half a block of clay looks like? Cause here it is. The lady i bought my kiln from had an extra box of clay that was to hard to throw with and i have kept putting off recycling it. This weekend i thought i'd recycle it and when i pulled it out it was leather hard!

My first attempt at throwing like @monohanako 🙈
It would usually take me around 15 minutes to throw a bowl like this. After binge watching all the videos on Hanako’s page last night, I decided to challenge myself to throw fast, and as close to the final shape as possible(minimal trimming). I find myself using completely different parts of my hands(palm vs finger tips), and placing my hands on the opposite part of the bowl (bottom left vs. bottom right), which feels kind of counterintuitive, but it works as long as there’s enough slip on my palm to lubricate. I manage to finished this within 3 mins! Now I just need to practice this for the next 18 yrs to be as good as Hanako🙇🏻‍♀️
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Making tiles. The back end of a sharpie makes a nice mark. _______________________________________________________ #ceramics #analogceramics #tiles #clay #porcelain #ryanreichceramics #ceramicvideo #slabs

Here i'm throwing a set of five one pound bowls. Super simple to throw and there will be no traditional foot ring.

Wedging the studio reclaim! The last step in the recycling process. Old clay (sludge from throwing, broken pots, trimming shreds) is mixed, brought to a homogenized moisture level, and kneaded to remove air bubbles. Then it can be used again 💪💪💪

Amig@s después de unos meses como muuuy intensos Casa Mystica Cerámicas se toma vacas para descansar y recargar. No puedo dejar de sonreír cuando pienso en todo lo lindo que está resultando este proyecto 😊 gracias a ustedes que bancan cada paso forward. Posta. Por confiarme sus días especiales y cumples y sus momentos con amig@s y familia 💚 Volvemos con todo el jueves 7 de junio (y espero con cositas nuevas para el taller 🤓) Iré subiendo alguna huella del viaje, como es mi costumbre 😉. Gracias bell@s🙏

Stamping celestial candle holders today! Have a relaxing Sunday folks! ☀️🌛☀️🌛☀️🌛☀️ #sundayvibes

Throwing some sponge holders. I had a fun time throwing these because of the freedom in it!

I felt very under pressure recording this 😂😂😂

Making bar of soap holders. Made 16 in about 40 minutes.

Noticing 3/3: Scraffito & bird 🦅 .
#Repost @adrianachristianson
Details 🤓

Tiny sgraffito details on this custom order Superb Fairy Wren teapot . .

I’ve not counted the hours that go into a completed piece recently ,but I can say that I’ve realised I need to take a break for my eyes sake more often than I do . I can paint for hours without realising the time going past . .
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