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Credit @m.a.calligraphy
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Receiving many glazing questions lately. Today I will answer some of them. Just ask! I have my secrets, but will try to answer as many as possible. •
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These #ceramic #donuts in an #installation by @jae_yong_kim_nyc look good enough to eat! 🍩 If you have a friend who gets easily excited by donuts, tag them below!

Awesome ceramic art!
By: LeiXue
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A newly fired little espresso cup. For a long time now we’re lost our original yellow slip recipe, some of you might recall days when soda pots that looked similar to this were posted more frequently. We long used up the bucket of glaze that worked, mixed long before I started as an apprentice to Lisa Hammond at Maze Hill Pottery. We’ve tried dozens of recipes since, littering the small studio with old buckets of tried and tested glazes. We had been using titanium dioxide primarily, but switched it out for a dark rutile, from a recipe found in an old notebook—this is it fired.

It’s like nothing else we’ve tested. There are almost two layers of surface, beneath, is the old yellow we used to get, albeit slightly more pale, and above, are crystals, that fade in across the piece. Where the soda hits, it begins to run with black and blue markings, and where the vapourised soda touches less a matte, crystalline surface forms. They might be a byproduct of the slow cooling, but the pot would have cooled very evenly, so you’d think the crystals would appear evenly over the whole piece instead of how they have.

Although it isn’t what we’re after exactly, it’s a good alternative until a better version is found. A recipe that yields colour more vivid without the crystalline flecks would be ideal—the search continues.

Alongside these very few espresso cups glazed like this, there are a handful of mugs too, currently cooling in the kiln we fired last night to be opened on Monday. If they’re any good we’ll bring a few with us to Ceramic Art London, which starts on the 31st of March, ending on the 2nd of April.


Смотрите где побывала тарелочка-путешественница для колец "2 birds"! На Бали! Я ей даже немного завидую 😅
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀

Она украшала чудесную свадьбу Лили и Миши, а теперь будет добрым воспоминанием об их собственной сказке! ✨🐬🐚

This doily reminds me of a wicker chair. It looks like the same pattern wicket is woven into for chair seats.

CURRENT DEVELOPMENT: Cerrinho, Silves, Portugal
The properties are fitted to an exceptionally high standard. Using local #Portuguese #granite , #marble and #ceramic throughout the properties.

The sun has finally found us and I am happy! We have been busy casting a little collection of urchins and shells. What do you think? #porcelain #sunshine #beach #seaurchin #1andeight #oneandeight #thehappynow #ceramics #ceramic #gold #womeninbusiness #styleblogger #giftideas #jewellery

É HOJE: Neste sabado, dia 25 de março: abertura da exposiçao "ramblicoramicos" na Pinacoteca de São Bernardo do Campo as 16h. Visitação: até 27 de maio, de terça a sabado, das 10 às 18h, (e de quinta até as 21h). Endereço: rua Kara, 105, jardim do mar. + info: 4125-4056 e 4125-2466. Vai ter oficina livre de robotica na abertura e em todos os sabados de abril durante a exposição com a #karinamontenegro das 13 as 16:30. A Pinacoteca fica ao lado da #cidadedascrianças (para quem conhece, vale um pulo por la tb matar alguma saudade do aviao, da montanha russa da lagarta, etc). No mesmo dia 25 de março inaugura também as exposições de Yuli Yamagata - X - Caça ao Tesouro e tb a mostra do artista Giovani Caramello - Solidão, com uma bela instalação. Fico feliz de participar desta mostra, e fazer parte deste projeto que injeta dedicaçao de todos para melhorias na Pinacoteca. Obrigado @thomazpacheco @pavanellogoncalo e antonio carlos, por toda a ajuda e apoio para o desenvolvimento deste projeto. Agradeco tb o apoio do edital proac artes visuais que possibilitou verbas para o desenvolvimento deste projeto. Obrigado e até la.
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