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Maybe @audemarspiguet :s best release in a long time? What do you think 🤔

💵 $85,000
⌚️ Audemars Piguet Ceramic Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar
🎞 @horolupe

In two weeks time I'm going to Japan for six months—at least that’s the plan as long as my visa clears. I’ve written a number of times about the exhibition in Tokyo I’m showing in alongside Ken Matsuzaki, Lisa Hammond, Yoji Yamada and Masaki Dejima, but what I haven’t officially announced yet, although many already know, is that I’ll be spending six months afterwards working for Ken himself. Five months as his apprentice, followed by one month where I’ll be able to make and fire one kiln load of work in the traditional Japanese oribe style. If these pots happen to be any good they’ll be carefully shipped back to exhibit here somewhere in London.

What a way to end my apprenticeship with Lisa Hammond. For three and more years she’s not only spoke profusely about Japan and their ceramics but she’s made in a style that echoes it, making pots for tea ceremony. I’ve heard so much and feel as if I have some faint grasp of it but I’ve never truly experienced it or seen where these objects and traditions come from. This will be a chance to not only experience that culture, but to hopefully practice it thoroughly too, I can’t say anything for certain yet as I’ve really no idea what I’ll be up to other than the normal studio tasks.

I’ll try to continue to document my time there as thoroughly as I can but I don’t want to be too gung-ho with my camera in somebody else’s environment. Likely anything I do post will be mixed with photographs from my archives but I can’t wait, although my posting time might have to drastically change due to the time difference. It’ll be a shock to my system I’m sure, especially living somewhere so rural compared to three busy years commuting in London—but it’s only six months, no doubt it’ll sadly be over in the blink of an eye.

Tokuda Yasokichi III

Linea Nº2 Faceted Ceramic & Rose Gold Headphone by Caeden.
via: @designhunter.official #p_roduct

It has been an incredible few months working with @jasonjangywang on his MasterChef finale dish. 😄I am truly honored and humbled to have my dishes used on the show and to have been trusted with a project as important as this. Jason is an incredible chef and an amazing person and I am thrilled to have gotten the chance to work with him. Jason cooked with both immense skill and passion creating a stunning dish that showcased the food and the dishes exquisitely. I couldn't be happier for him and I am so proud of his huge achievements on this season of MasterChef. Jason and I are still brainstorming ideas for future projects, so stay tuned for more exciting stuff to come!
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Мои цитрусовые эксперименты, скоро продолжение) #керамикаручнойработы #ceramic

Una mia piccola opera dedicata a Francesca, per il suo compleanno. Dono di Chicco. L'opera "F", di 40 cm di diametro. 2017 #ceramic #happybirthday #orodèdeoro #ceramicmosaic #mosaicocontemporaneo #stars #francesca #lettera #mosaico #arte #dono


I am going to join at the Grounds Markets on Sunday 1 Oct! Come to see my works!
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Quieres venir a crear tus piezas de barro!? Quedan tres plazas para el workshop del 14 de octubre!! No te lo pierdas! Ven y deja fluir tu creatividad en un taller de cerámica!! Para apuntarte o más info 📩💌 catalinaechegaraydesigns@gmail.com 🍶❤️ #workshpsbarcelona #tallerdeceramica

「AND STORY」 http://www.andstory.co

「AND STORY」には、オリジナリティー
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Ceramic Sculpture... "Chair with Cushion" by artist Koulla Kalvari... #ceramicsculpture #ceramic #koulla kalvari #sculpture #ceramicchair #ceramic-cushion #ceramic-art #ceramicobject #conceptstore #art #artobject #instaart #instaartist #insta post #instapic📸 #postoftheday

Özgün stiliyle yaşama değer katan objelerin hayat bulduğu Design by SL|N koleksiyonu www.designbyslin.com 'da✌🏼😍 #designbyslin

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