Allllll the feelings today, people, as we are officially FOUR weeks away from our annual Summit trip. What exactly is Summit?! It’s a time to connect + celebrate with all the other amazing coaches in my community. These other coaches that have become my best friends + family. We share success stories. We celebrate each other’s victories. We get to learn from the best and the brightest. We get to make new best friends that we never knew we needed. We get to lean into each other so that we can continue to live our best lives with our best friends. Sounds pretty amazing, right?! Three years ago I was going on my VERY first one as a BABY coach (and yes 40+ lbs heavier in this pic but that’s the beauty of the journey)! This year I’m taking my team with me and there’s NO better feeling knowing that I get to experience that moment with them. I remember every little feeling about that trip & I can’t wait to be with them so that years from now we can say “do you remember when...”
And if you didn’t notice, I DO have a coaching sneak peek this weekend! If you wanna listen in on what this whole thing is about , lmk and I’ll get you added to the no obligation group! Don’t you wanna come with me next year?! #fomo

Would you rather have planted the seed of a tree 10 years ago or today? And if you didn’t plant the seed 10 years ago, it’s time to realise that today is the next best time! 🍃🌴

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Looking for fashionable head wraps and clothing? Check out this Adventist Entrepreneur!

Name: Silianise Moise (Cece Moise)
Email: cecemoise@gmail.com
Location: Boston, MA
Church: Cambridge SDA
Business Name: Refinedbysm
Business Category: Fashion
Description: At Refinedbysm, we designed timeless, elegant and cultured in appearance pieces for everyday wear.
We are also using our platform to fundraise for Beautywithoutborders.org by making a collection of beautiful, comforting African print head wraps. Every head wrap sold goes towards the mission and vision of Beauty Without Borders.

Website: http://www.cece-moise.com/store/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cecesklozet/
Instagram: @refinedbysm
MUA: @rose_royaltymua

**Email or tag us to be featured & like us on Facebook! Tag a friend who should be featured! **

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Good times today at the DPR School Of Construction with our favorite kids with Future for kids Charities.

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This was really fun to watch online today. LIVE @esox_masquinongy 😜 #ceolife

I love coming home to goodies in the mail! #rfleadtheway Milestone 1 and I chose an RF branded pop socket and love that I got 10 Give it a Glow Samples! Holler if ya want one!

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"...When things don't work out right, you got to push on through...
So keep on running, keep on moving...
Everything is gonna be alright...
so keep on smiling, keep on laughing...
Every little thing's gonna be alright..." #raggae 💥☀️💥
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The only reason things seem impossible is because you're not committed to doing them.

The only reason things seem impossible is because you're not committed to doing them.

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