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What a Saturday first salsa on alki then century ballroom 💃🏻 couldn't be happier❤️ thank you @belltowndancestudio
#salsa #centuryballroom #alki #seattle @lure.fitness

Happy birthday to Century Ballroom's wonderful owner Hallie Kuperman!
Thank you for all your hard to work to provide our dance community with incredible dance nights week after week, year after year.
Photo by Priya Alahan Photography

#seattlewa #seattlelife #capitolhillseattle #centuryballroom

Just landed in #Seattle for a performance tonight with the #SpanishHarlemOrchestra at the #CenturyBallroom . Also very excited to see my brother and his family! ❤🎤🔥 #LicenseToLove

Bachata and salsa dancing (& a solo performance) at Century Ballroom tonight. I first learned salsa during Project Week at Lakeside my junior year. While I'm still only above average (and that may be generous), I love it! ^Margaret H. '02 #itsaworknight #waypastmybedtime #centuryballroom #lakesideschool

ATP is really grateful to have this guy as our director. @joshtscribner has a vision for the future of tap dance and he works consistently to bring it to fruition through his company. He's also, you know, a pretty good choreographer, dancer, performer, etc 😄 #tapdance #seattledance #alchemytapproject #centuryballroom


Excited and looking forward to DJ'ing the Disco Halloween Bash at Century Ballroom on Friday the 27th. 10 - close. $10 #halloween #djdanadub #centuryballroom #capitolhill #disco #eighties #dj #monstermash #costumeparty

I must'ache you a question. #centuryballroom #mustaches #tintable

A New Lease (on Century) - HUGE news:
We are in some dark times in our country and abroad, but I am sharing some good news with you, because even in the midst of horror and devastation something good is always happening somewhere – and today it happens to be in our backyard.
This week, I signed another ten year lease for Century Ballroom, West Hall, and The Tin Table.
It wasn’t long ago that we all read that the Odd Fellows Building was up for sale, and it still is (and always will be). During all of that, I was part of the conversation with potential new buyers but wasn’t able to renew my lease. (All conversations included Century remaining in the building.)
I tried signing my lease on 8/8/17 exactly nine years after my last lease was signed with the current owners, which was on 8/8/08, but like all things, some negotiations had to happen.
So today, not a day that means something in particular to me – I sat with Alison and the owners at one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants, using my “special pen” and signed my lease (while in the back of my mind I was singing “When I’m 64” by the Beatles).
The choice to sign for ten years, not five or eight, was because I believe in the importance of Century Ballroom in this world. I believe in dance and the community that it creates and the lifelong friendships I have gotten from it. When I think about all the healing moments that have happened in this space, I know it needs to be here.
I believe that this community could and should be ever changing, growing and here forever. Because people will always dance, will always need community; and will always want a beautiful place to come together.
Thank you for 20+ years. Here’s to our next ten together.
“My name is Hallie Kuperman, I run the Century Ballroom” & Alison Cockrill
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#centuryballroom #seattlelife #seattlebusiness #seattlewa #seattlenews #capitolhillseattle #seattledance #seattledances

my small one 💛

A very sweaty, happy Lisa after swing dancing all night at Eastside Stomp last Friday. Lindy makes my heart so happy. I'm making a commitment to myself to dance more. It's in my calendar! Sadly I won't have more Fridays off to come back to Eastside Stomp, but I can now make it to Century swing dances ♡♡♡ #dance #swing #lindyhop #bigband #eastsidestomp #centuryballroom #whatsetsyoursoulonfire

Is it time for a #drink again so soon? It seems like it was only yesterday I was here at #centuryballroom doing this thing...

Join us TONIGHT! Rock for Justice with Innocence Project Northwest and the Exoneree Band on International Wrongful Conviction Day. IPNW is commemorating Wrongful Conviction Day and celebrating our 20th Anniversary with an all ages Exoneree Band concert at Century Ballroom on Capitol Hill. All ticket sales benefit Innocence Project Northwest. Special guests will include IPNW freed clients and exonerees as well as representatives of the organization Witness to Innocence.
Details on our website (link in profile)

#wrongfulconvictionday #seattlewa #seattlenonprofit #pnw #wrongfulconvictionday #innocenceprojectnorthwest #capitolhillseattle #seattlefun #seattlenightlife #seattlemusic #centuryballroom

Thank you for coming to salsaNSeattle last night! Loved the event and the music. DJ Omambo and DJAngel Guaguanco killed it.
Catch me up tonight at Century Ballroom for Salsa dancing. I will be sharing the mixer with My bro DJ Noaman all the way from Bengaluru, India. Come and support us!! #wepaaaa #centuryballroom

Happy birthday to Century Ballroom's wonderful owner Hallie Kuperman!
Thank you for all your hard to work to provide our dance community with incredible dance nights week after week, year after year.
Photo by Priya Alahan Photography

#seattlewa #seattlelife #capitolhillseattle #centuryballroom

Century Ballroom's Tango class was featured in The Seattle Times! Photo by Erika Schultz. "Our fitness columnist found that the key is connecting — up close — with your dance partner. She rediscovered the beauty of dancing with someone else, and also the importance of repetition when learning something new." - The Seattle Times By Nicole Tsong: The music was soft and romantic, and the dance reflected the sound, with steps graceful and lovely. I watched as teachers Greg Rolnick and Blair Kaufer spun around the floor. Each step was purposeful, connected and sensual as they slid their feet across the floor in a tango. Greg told the class that tango “is about the great joy of being close to another human being.” I was at Century Ballroom on Capitol Hill to observe the Intro to Tango class, which was already several classes into the series. As soon as the music started, Greg told the students to tune in to their partners and practice the steps they had learned. Breathe and enjoy the connection, he said. The students paired up and worked on the basics, moving side to side and counting before dancing in a counterclockwise direction. The steps were simple, yet still had moments that required focus, like crossing ankles and pausing. They teach Argentine tango at Century, and Greg told me it is essentially an improvisational dance. “You can do pretty much anything as long as you’re working together,” he said. In the four-week series, classes break down foundational steps, such as four-, six- and eight-count phrases, to give students structure before taking on creative movement.

#seattle #seattledance #seattledances #seattlelife #seattlewa #capitolhillseattle #caphillseattle #tangoseattle #tangodance #tangodancing #seattletimes #seattlenews #seattlefun #centuryballroom

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