Teeth out Tuesday! I think I have some friends who may be jealous of this pawesome stick 😬🎋

You’re welcome. #mcm

Mondays are extra ruff after a weekend of tanning your belly freckles 😴😎

I'm the queen of central park
#centralparkpaws #centralparkdog

Saturdays are for the boys 🐾🏖#dogsofthehamptons

Happy #friYAY everybody!!!! 🐾😝 #dogsofthehamptons

Mom always has the best snacks and she doesn’t care when I steal them! 😂🐾

“Portrait of a Squirrel Hunter” by @nycampcanine 🐿👮🏻‍♂️

Was happy to take the Central Park Responsible Dog Owners Pledge this morning. Thank you #centralparkpaws for the lovely meet up! #centralpark #centralparkdogs

😌 Finally alone in Central Park! 🇺🇸

🍦 makes #tot even better. Trust me, I’m an expert in #tot... and snacks 🐾😝

Aw nuts! Another Monday? I may hate Mondays but I’m always into a good pun 🥜😂

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