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Colour and highlights to finish off this #celticcross today!

New ink 😍#irish #celticcross #pain 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight." - Proverbs 3:5-6 | I've had this design drawn up since high school, and I finally decided it was time. Look out for a few "hidden" features too! Thanks to @aaron.murray who blew me away by taking it to the next level! #tattoo #celticcross #hockeylife #proverbs

As far as we got today ☘ #celticcross #tattoos #domeshot

Got some new ink today. For all my Irish 🍀 people out there. Finished product coming in two weeks. #irish #celtictattoo #celticcross #celticcrosstattoo


Representing my crew today. Last night was rough. A lot of crying and yelling about these shirts and the branding of a business. It will not be a surprise to any who know my Henry. He truly is the most shy tender hearted person. He works without complaint. His record keeping is mind blowing. The love he has for animals and they way they respond to him gives me the chills. I am so excited about letting the world know who they are. They are showing their lambs tonight without any expectation to win. They believe in Heritage Breeds not show breeds. They believe in biodiversity not genetically engineered monsters. I am so proud I could scream from the rooftops. I was so confused by the lack of enthusiasm for these amazing shirts. Then it hit me. I asked him... "do you feel the signs and shirts are too Braggy?" And he emotionally agreed. Last night was long and heartfelt. Trying to determine the balance of bragging verses a healthy pride of your hard work and love of your passion. #bruderfarmsllc #humility #pride #determination #biodiversity #heritagebreeds #smallfarmsmatter #smallfarmlife #countryboy #proudmother #hoosier #indiana #passion #smallfarm #bruder #celticcross #heritage #farm

Isn't this the best thing you've ever seen? A female factory worker blasting a celtic cross at Messrs Stewart & Co. in Aberdeen in 1918. This photograph is part of a series commissioned by the Women's Work Committee for the Imperial War Museum to document the contributions of women workers towards the war effort. Photographed by George P Lewis and Peter Cattrell, reprinted in 2004, and on display as part of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery's exhibition Heroes and Heroines.
#scottishnationalportraitgallery #worldwarone #thegreatwar #wwi #womenworkers #iwm #georgelewis #petercattrell #messrsstewartandco #photography #celticcross #womenofwwi #heroesandheroines

Tarot Spreads....what are they exactly? Well that isn't an easy question to answer as there are millions of them out there but I'll do my best to explain the basis behind them.
From my posts or if you have ever had a reading you will have seen a layout of cards. These are called Tarot Spreads. Spreads are tools that every Tarot Reader uses. Like any tool they must understand how it functions and become skilled at using it. All Spreads come with strengths and weaknesses. It's up to the individual reader as to which one they decide to work with. It is also up to them to choose the most appropriate Spread for their client and which one they are drawn too depending on the client's situation.
A Spread can be made up of any number of cards, with each card having a certain position and meaning within the Spread. All spreads have a different title depending on what it shows you. The most well known Spread is the Celtic Cross (will post about this is in the next few days). Most Readers have a collection of Spreads they like to use. Some Readers will even create their own Spreads, or adapt the ones they use already.
Reading cards engages a Readers intuition and logic. The images and symbols speak to their subconscious minds and from there they can recognise the messages from the universe. Tarot Spreads are like the conscious mind. They sort out and organise all the amazing raw data that is triggered by the cards so that a reader can interpret and apply it to a situation. Spreads provide structure, it gives a Readers eyes and minds somewhere to start. A Spread produces a framework to be able to clearly communicate the answer to a client 🔮✨#tarotspreads #tarotspread #celticcross #logic #intuition

Kinda loving my new celtic cross bolo tie. Just need to wait for the kink to get out of the cord 😁
#celtic #celticcross #bolotie #amazon #happygirl #red #silver #irishgirl #cowboytie

Exploring the island of druids, monks, Vikings, standing stones, ancient manuscripts, and perhaps a few dragons. The island of Iona. Off the coast of Scotland. Population: 120 humans. 3000 sheep. #iona #vikings #druids #bookofkells #columba #dragons #scotland #cinematography #filmmaking #mysterious #standingstones #celticcross

Colour and highlights to finish off this #celticcross today!


I would like to visit Ireland in order to meet several celtic cross.

Join the fun soon guys! #periscope #psychic #tarot
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