It's not all healthy eating and plenty of exercise. It's about having fun while you're at it! Agree?

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You need to let go of the things holding you down, just so that you’re light enough to sing, to love, to laugh, to dance and to play 🌸

Building relationships is something I love doing, esp when I can combine that with some lessons on doing my own PR!
Thanks @julesbrooke for the insights 🙏🏻💕

Ohhhhhh! If that ain’t the truth!! Currently, many of my friends and family are participating in a 60 hr reboot which is essentially a nutritional fast with intention to detox, repair DNA and rest the gut. During this period we are able to remind our stomachs that we are in charge and no matter what the craving, we will it succumb!!! 💪🏼💪🏼

Had an amazing Father’s Day dinner yesterday but it also had lots of amazing carbs!!. So to get back on track I have fasted for the last 24hrs. This was my first meal of the day. Grilled/Smoked Chicken, Pork chops stuffed with a salad medley with dill and lime zest, and a kale salad. If you have questions send them my way! #duncanstrong #ketones #ketosis #ketosisworks #ketofueled #ketophysique #cellularhealth #healthylifestyle #exogenousketones #gymlife #gymflow #enjoylife #balance

Never understood the stigma that eating healthy or healthier has to taste nasty....I have seen how creative some of you’ll get with junk food, just do the same with healthy food. #duncanstrong #ketones #ketosis #ketosisworks #ketofueled #stilllovedonuts #ketophysique #cellularhealth #healthylifestyle #exogenousketones #gymlife #gymflow #enjoylife #balance

Monday: 1, Alicia: 0 (I totally managed to leave my keys in another state this morning) 🙃🙃 At least some rosé and TV are turning this day around! 🙌🏾
I’m sharing a few of my favorite beauty hacks on the blog today with @protectcells — some of them might surprise you! Link in bio. #protectcells #cellularhealth #ionicellfw #ad 📷 by @foodphotographer

Top 10 tip number 56:

If you get too much sun and leave the beach looking more lobster than human, make up this soothing and cooling spray to help you recover. .

Liquid aloe vera ½ cup *use real aloe, not the green stuff*
FCO, distilled water, or witch hazel 1oz
Vitamin E ½ tsp
Lavender x4
Frankincense x4
Melaleuca x4
Peppermint x4

Add all ingredients to an 8oz glass spray bottle. Shake well and spray on affected areas of the skin. Keep refrigerated for increased cooling effect.
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SUNLIGHT: the highest source of complete nutrition.

Shrouded in controversy, whether we should expose ourselves to sunlight or not, is a highly debated topic. We’ve been told to ‘slip, slop, slap’ for years, taking extreme measures to cover up and coating our bodies in suncreams that contain toxic chemicals.

Natural sunlight is definitely essential for good health and in fact, our modern lifestyle, which keeps us indoors and exposed to artificial light day after day, may be encouraging Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) year-round, instead of just during the colder months. Exposure to sunlight can dramatically relieve the symptoms of depression.

The skin molecules that produce VITAMIN D are activated by the early morning sun, ie from sunrise until 9am. Vitamin D deficiency is now at epidemic levels and can cause hormonal issues, hair loss, weight gain, muscle weakness and bone pain. Sunlight also safely converts cholesterol in the skin to Vitamin D.

Getting a daily dose of morning sun (even for 10 minutes) will strengthen your immune system, increasing the number of white blood cells in your blood. You’ll also benefit from better circulation due to stimulating the production of red blood cells, which increases the amount of oxygen in your blood.

Early morning exposure to the sun’s rays resets and optimises your circadian rhythm, which is your 24 hour body clock and is responsible for your sleep/awake patterns. So if you have sleep issues, stay away from artificial blue light (screens) for one hour before bed and get into the morning sun as often as possible.

Latest research has shown that FAT CELLS that lie just beneath the skin actually shrink when exposed to the blue light emitted by the sun. On the other hand, insufficient sunlight exposure may promote fat storage and contribute to the typical weight gain some of us have over winter.

Sunlight increases metabolism and muscles tone. A person that exercises in the sunlight will build muscle faster than those who exercise indoors!

So if you’re not feeling the best, why not try a daily dose of morning sun and reap all the benefits of its life-giving energy? #cellhacking

Now Offering Ultrasonic Deep Cleanse as an add on to any facial only $20 - your skin will look and feel amazing - with a slight warming sensation & sound wave technology that penetrates deep below the surface of the skin, you will see & feel the difference - book a facial with an Ultrasonic Deep Cleanse today! Openings this week #selahtucson #ultrasonicfacial #deepcleanse #clearerskin #betterskintone #reducepuffiness #cellularhealth #celluarrepair #radiantskin #dermaplaning #tucsonsalon #downtowntucson #naturalskincare #begoodtoyourskin #beautifulskin #loveyourskin #blessed🙏

Staring off our day with this super combo 💪💪🍋🍋💪💪
Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar
JP premium caps for our cellular health and support 🚫🚫🐠🐠🚫🚫
JP omega blend that has no fish supporting our joint and brain function
Been on these for over a year and a half, they help our bodies function better, recover better, sustain good energy levels, and help our bodies work with us not against us through our transformation 💪💪😜😜💪💪
Happy transformation Tuesday
Start Strong
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Be careful what you feed your body, and your mind. It shows on the outside.

Eat lots of fresh 🍐🍎🍊🥑🍆🍅🥦, drink water 💦 and take your nutritional supplements.
Feed your mind with fresh ideas 💡new friends 👩‍🔧 and adventures in new places. Get out and do something different, try something new.

You've gotta love living in the woods. 💚🐞🌼 #Yarrow #LittleHouseInTheBigWoods #MysteryBug

A fun graphic showing the many benefits of PEMF, a safe and gentle modality for yourself and your four legged friends. With all these benefits why not add it into your health routine? #PEMF #cellularhealth #equinewellness #preventative #equipulse #caninewellnes #showseason #maintenance #drugfreepainrelief #alternativetherapy

Time for another book review. I have just finished What doesn’t kill us by Scott Carney.
A very interesting book which reports in detail on the emerging science of "biohacking", through  Scott Carney's direct experiences while following Wim Hof better known to some as The Iceman. 
Scott describes his experience of exposing himself to extreme environmental conditions using The Wim Hof Method. He steps into Wim Hof's world as a critic but he comes out of it as a true believer. He doesn't just summarise Hof's ideas and methodology, he gets in to the whole idea of controlling our own immune systems and self-healing. The book is packed with science and can get a bit heavy at times but holds your interest as Scott continually returns to the individual stories - the moving accounts of the people who have completely or partially cured themselves of very serious diseases.

After training and conditioning using Wim Hof's method, he climbs Kilimanjaro along with Wim Hof and twenty others. The group did this in two days - shirtless. Most will take 6 days in order to not DIE from acute mountain sickness. And most will be fully dressed for the sub-freezing temperatures.

No surprise that I am very dedicated to Cold Therapy and I think we will be hearing a lot more on cold therapies, meditation, and deep breathing in the future. These are a proven path to returning to the conditions that once threatened our existence, and through them we can tap in to extraordinary personal powers.
For those of you interested you can purchase an app for only a few dollars from your app store to learn the Wim Hof Method.
Thank you to everyone that has been recommending books to me to read, I have been adding them all to a list so keep them coming.

🌱Have I told you my most popular enrolment kit is on sale for the month of June only? If you have been waiting to get started THIS is the month to do it. This comes with our top 10 oils, a petal diffuser, your wholesale membership and a special gift for joining my oily family. Reach out if I can help you get these into your home this month for an additional 20% off! .
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A one of a kind NAD IV infusion experience..NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is vital for the body and for every mitochondrial process in every cell. This is a source for many pathway processes as some people may have deficiencies in the enzyme that is vital for metabolic function. Assisting in building up NAD reserves helps prevent aging, fatigue, and disease. If interested contact us for an appointment, for a custom NAD infusion at this time requires a 72 hours advanced notice. #cell #cellularhealth #metobolicnutrition #nutritionaltherapy #nutritious #energy #antifatigue #antiaging #antiagingtreatment #energyboost #health #wellness #healthtips #iv #ivtherapy #ivhydration #ivhydrationtherapy #IVNutritionaltherapy #ivathome #ivvitamindrip #vitamins #minerals #phoenix #arizona #centralphxstories #downtownphoenix #centralphoenix

Our Intelligent Aging program combines years of experience with cutting-edge Solamar technology. We can help you maintain cognitive clarity and reduce the negative effects of age. A culture of prevention that starts early is essential for Intelligent Aging. Call us today to get started! (804) 562-8554 LWTInternational.com #ChronicIllnessHealth #IntelligentAging #LivingWellToday #FunctionalHealing #HolisticHealthCare #CellularHealth #FunctionalMedicine #HolisticHealing

I may not have made it Facebook/Instagram official yesterday, but these two men are the most important men in the whole world. .
My husband is such an amazing daddy to our little homesteader, and my absolute favorite adult human. He takes the best care of us and we simply adore him.
Jo's Grandaddy Bruce might be on the other side of Heaven, but every time I see his face, somehow I swear I can feel the warmth of his love like sunlight breaking through the clouds.
Cheers to the best men on both sides of eternity. 💗

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