#tbt and Happy Belated Birthday to my Little 🍑! 10 years ago your heel broke and I asked you if you wanted a ride, and then I met @mat.low's grandma. Thanks for 10 years of underage delinquency, being smaller than me, grade 7 slow dances, costume parties, adventures, handmade cards, night classes that happen at night, and just sitting with me. To many more years of ugly faces, and accidentally matching outfits. You're the ❤️ in my 💜, and the 🍑 to my 🍉
#celkie #sileste #deeto

Inside my ride.... #BRABUS #CLK #clkdrivers #CeLKie

Celebrating the one who combines with my name best 😘 Obvs meant to be #celkie #sileste

"When you take the time to notice the Suns kiss is stronger than any human, the trees feed others just as they do themselves, and the birds always have something sweet to sing about, you'll realize nature lives in love more than we do." -ThisLion CahTame 🌊🐠💙 #Yemia #MotherOcean #LoveoftheSea #Celkie

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