Getting ready with my personal assistant ❤️
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We're too excited obviously about something

sooo, I’m tired and I miss candice.

We made a friend

Found this one in the bottom of the dresser. I usually end up sleeping in his shirts anyways, but tonight I'm using the fact that I don't feel good as an excuse to raid his clothes, goodnight all 🖤

Hey there bubs💙

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name: john michael monsum

age: 28

occupation: works as a bartender and cleans up at the roadhouse

relationship: just recently got out a very long term yet toxic relationship. is ready to find love again but is still usually hesitant towards advances.
sexuality: girls are nice :) • history: has a little sister named emily who is now 19 years old. he lives in and out of motels because he spends a good amount of time on the road with the winchesters. when he isnt traveling he is helping ellen and jo at the roadhouse to pay off the debt he feels he has for ellen allowing emily to live with her, even though ellen insists she doesn't mind. johns father was killed by something truly evil when he was young, which thrusted him into the wild life of the supernatural. he was on his own for a while in the beginning, until the day he got a call from emily saying that her mother was kicking her out of the house. unable to bare to see emily on her own, he traveled across the country and picked her up, taking her with him on his next few hunts. he quickly realized that this life is definitely way too dangerous for his little sister, so he called up a favor with ellen to allow emily to stay at the roadhouse. when john took her to the roadhouse to help move her in, ellen introduced him to the winchesters saying something about “no one should be alone,” so now he goes with sam and dean. along the way he met a woman named olivia. things were perfect, if you consider olivia encouraging him to bring alcoholism back into his life and the nightly screaming matches as perfect. a few years later, just a few months ago his good friends sam and dean finally helped him get out and better himself. now he is single and yet cautious. he holds up his feelings close to him, scared of what would happen if someone saw them.

likes: thriller movies; his fair share of alcohol; the pale color blue; quality times with friends; his job; the kind of fun you can have where you can put your phone down

dislikes: evils; one night stands; seeing people cry; knowing people are mad at him • •

talk to him, he could use some friends • •

I felt so pretty last night 🔥

Pull up and I'm higher then the big trees yeah she don't really like it but she needs me yeah she said she don't really miss me but fuck it now I'm faded off the wrong thing yeah but I'm into it, I'm into it, said she wanna fuck me later girl I'm into it, I'm into it, I'm into it, all this mental pressure got for me popping pills and shxt but I'm into it, I'm into it I'm getting way to deep I'm fucking into it, I'm into it yeah I'm into it I wouldn't change it for the world I'm fucking into it. 🔥👿🍃💨 #rp #newopenrp #newrp #openrp #closedrp #twdrp #pllrp #strangerthingsrp #riverdalerp #twilightrp #walkingdeadrp #takenrp #engagedrp #marriedrp #straightrp #youtuberrp #sportsrp #celebrityrp #dancerrp #babyboyrp #papirp #daddyrp🌸 #badassrp #rockstarrp #partyrp #rponly #justrp #anyrp

God his smile is literally my everything😍. Anyway I know I do this a lot, but I really do love and appreciate this boy honestly. He has changed me a lot and he truly makes me happy. There aren't many words to describe exactly how I feel besides I love and appreciate every single thing he does for me. Even when I tend to get all moody and annoying he is still always there for me. He has shown many times that he truly does care for me as do i. I love every perfection and every flaw he may think he has. I am such a lucky girl to have a boyfriend as loving, caring and talented as Brandon and he deserves so much better and so much more, but he chose me and I promise to never lose his trust nor love and always remain by his side no matter what. ❤💞🤘🏼💛 I love you're lazy ass Brandon [and I know you live in London so you're asleep as I make this post, but at least you'll wake up to something good]

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