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BTS from @celebritycarwars with @btonelli who was able to watch it? #celebritycarwars #carpornracing

This is it!💥 Airing TONIGHT 9:55pm (SIN/BKK) 8:55 (BKK/JK) Pilot episode of #celebritycarwars Season2 💪🏼Hosted by the gorgeous @btonelli (always with perfect hair )👦🏻 Together with other bad ass celebrities doing dare devil car stunts 🏎 Only on @historyasia channel 💥💋

@Regrann from @harithiskander - The cast (Phem, Dom, Guy, Aerin, Jarrod), race mentors (Alex, Michele, Gaby) and host (Bobby) of #CelebrityCarWars Season 2 are just the BEST 😁 The challenges have been INSANE ,,, and its only just started!
@phoemelabaranda 🇵🇭
@btonelli 🇺🇸
@jarrodschulz 🇺🇸
@gabydelamerced 🇵🇭
@michelebum 🇵🇭
@guyratchnont 🇹🇭
@domjlau 🇭🇰
@aerinyuktadatta 🇹🇭
@alexyoongf1 🇲🇾

Great weather to power up for the final few days of filming on #CelebrityCarWars 🚘🏎🚚🚗 #HistoryAsia #activeTV #oakleysg

1 hour to go before the premiere of #CelebrityCarWars Season 2!!! Sept 4 9:55pm (SIN/HK) 8:55pm (BKK) on @historyasia . Missing these crazies badly!!! 🚗💨 #celebritycarwarsseason2 #activetvglobal #historyasia

Excited that my one and only @btonelli is hosting this epic show! Less than a hour to go for the 2nd episode of #celebritycarwars at 10pm on #historychannel
Saksikan kompetisi antar selebriti Asia dalam #celebritycarwars malam inj jam 9 wib di #lifetimeasia 🚗💨

มาช่วยเชียร์เซเล็บตัวแทนคนไทยทั้งสองคน น้องสาว @aerinyuktadatta และน้องชาย @guyratchanont ของผมในมหากาพย์สงครามรถยนต์สุดมันส์ที่คุณต้องลุ้นตัวโก่งทุกนาที Celebrity Car Wars Season 2 เริ่ม ep แรกคืนนี้ 20:55 น. ใน History channel ผ่านทาง True Visions ช่อง 165 ส่วนเวอร์ชั่นภาษาไทยที่ผมเป็นพิธีกร รออีกนิดนะครับ จะฉายทางช่อง @mono29tv เร็วๆนี้ครับ #celebritycarwars

BTS to tonight's show! Watch my cameo tonight along with my shop @carpornracingmanila on Celebrity Car Wars 2, 955pm on the History Channel. #carpornracing #foilacar #celebritycarwars @lestercodog

Girls just wanna have fun!! (And win. Of course ha!) Catch us Race Queens tonight on #CelebrityCarWars! History Asia Astro ch555/575HD at 10pm!


🏁 วันนี้พบกับรายการ ที่จะพาคุณไปพบกับการแข่งขันรถ อันดุเดือดของเหล่าเซเลป ทั่วเอเชีย คนรักความเร็ว และความท้าทาย💨💨 ต้องห้ามพลาด

Celebrity Car Wars 🚘
ทุกวันอาทิตย์ เวลา 17.00 น. ทางช่อง MONO29
📺รับชมผ่านทีวีดิจิตอล เคเบิ้ล ดาวเทียม หมายเลข 29

#mono29 #ฟรีทีวี #หนังดีซีรี่ย์ดัง #CelebrityCarWars #cars #race #Celebrity #competitive

Why on earth are @domjlau and our host @nickdaryanani so interested in a boot?
Catch our new episode to solve the mystery, OUT NOW at facebook.com/offthecuffasia !

Wishing Happy Birthday to #bobbytonelli (Robert Jr) Fly Entertainment artiste whom I had known since 2009. I recall his roles in TV dramas such as #thelittlenyonya #fightingspiders 🕷 Double Bonus and Joys of Life, as well as movies such as Miss J Contemplates Her Choice and #lostinthepacific . He also used to be a deejay for Class 95 FM and 987FM from 2010 til 2015. He was also the host of #steadylah alongside Rozz Lee and #celebritycarwars a reality TV series about automotive discovery 🚗 may he enjoy this day with his loved ones 😁🎂🎉

...and the winner is... 🤘🏽😆
What an amazing second season of Celebrity Car Wars! I am chuffed to have booked my place in the CCW Hall of Fame. But, even though I did set out to try & win this thing, I have walked away with so much more.
I was thrown into a pool of five other personalities with whom I share different cultures, opinions & backgrounds. Strangers to begin with but over the weeks spent together, memories were made & friendships were born. These are five of the most fun, down to Earth individuals who exist in this crazy industry we work in & I will always treasure the (down) time we had together! To @aerinyuktadatta, @guyratchanont, @harithiskander, @jarrodschulz & @phoemelabaranda - love you guys!
I’ve never owned a car before so to be afforded the opportunity to drive one - and kick some ass whilst doing so - was a real treat for me! And thanks to the show’s mentors, I have actually learned so much about the art of handling cars at speed & driving smart. Lest you forget, these are professional race car champions - they left their egos at the door & had incredible patience with us. Hats off to @alexyoongf1, @michelebum & @gabydelamerced - you guys rock!!
In order to make any show flow smoothly, there needs to be the glue that holds the pieces (and sanity) together. Someone who can initiate & manipulate getting the best out of a scene at any given time. In this case, someone who had to endure more shooting hours than any of us which led to longer days, thus less sleep - and STILL look pretty on camera! Hey, you da man @btonelli.
Celebrity Car Wars wouldn’t even exist if not for the shows’ creators who for as long as I’ve known them (which is a while) have strived to deliver content that is original, entertaining & most importantly, home-grown. They had to deal with countless hours of negotiations, pre-production, post-production & probably most challenging of all, dealing with six celebs & three mentors of the crazy, free-spirited, nocturnal variety! So to @mckayactivetv & his dedicated team at @activetvglobal - thank you for this opportunity & for all your perseverance & patience! .
#celebritycarwars #celebrity #cars #fun #domjlau #domlau #ccw

Mised the finale of #CelebrityCarWars? There's still time to catch replays this week on the following schedules!

Last night was the finale of season 2 of Celebrity Car Wars and it ended with another member to our illustrious CCW Hall of Fame. A club so exclusive it now has two members 😊
It was an amazing journey like always. Friendships have been made and cars destroyed, but the memories will last forever.
A big thank you to @activetvglobal @mckayactivetv @christopherjberry @meagsmckay @lenacelestelewis @historyasia @caltexsg @historyasia @mecpuregs @drdriftaudelsison @hailtothe_queen_ @aerinyuktadatta @harithiskander @jarrodschulz @guyratchanont @domjlau @phoemelabaranda @gabydelamerced @alexyoongf1 @michelebum as well to our entire crew for making season 2 such a success.
Can’t wait for season 3! 😉
Btw reruns of the finale are airing all this week on History Asia. Check your local listings for timings.
#celebritycarwars #historyasia

#Repost @domjlau ・・・
THIS IS IT! The season finale of what has been an incredible eight weeks of motoring mayhem!! Two more challenges to go before crowning a new champion who will join @kcmontero in the Celebrity Car Wars Hall of Fame. More drama, more excitement & way more adrenaline-fueled suspense tonight on History Channel 9:55pm HKG/SIN, 8:55pm JKT/BKK. Don’t miss it!!! 🤘🏽😆👍🏽🏎🇭🇰🚑
#celebritycarwars #cars #racing #realitytv #tvshow #domjlau #domlau #fun #instadaily #race #hkig #philippines #instagood #celebrity #funny #drama #jarrodschulz #aerinyuktadatta #michelebumgarner #gabydelamerced #alexyoong #harithiskander #phoemelabaranda #guyratchanont #speed @historyasia @activetvglobal @celebritycarwars

Who will be the ultimate champion of #CelebrityCarWars S2? Is it @guyratchanont, @domjlau, @phoemelabaranda, @aerinyuktadatta, @jarrodschulz or @harithiskander . Catch the season finale of #CelebrityCarWars and find out who will join @kcmontero in our #CelebrityCarWars Hall of Fame next Monday, 9:55PM (SIN/HK)

When your fellow mentor is a cheat! Hahaha. Who else saw tonight’s episode? @alexyoongf1 @gabydelamerced #Repost @historyasia (@get_repost)
We turn the tables on our mentors to see if they can walk.. or drive the talk #CelebrityCarWars

Tonight's episode 🏎 mentors turn to race ! @gabydelamerced VS @michelebum VS @alexyoongf1 👍🏼 Also watch us play football ... with cars #celebritycarwars way! @domjlau check out your goal! 🙌🏼 @historyasia 💋

We turn the tables on our mentors to see if they can walk.. or drive the talk #CelebrityCarWars

The battle is getting more fierce in #CelebrityCarWars. Just ask our celebrity competitors! Catch them tonight 9:55PM (SIN/HK)

Last Monday's episode of #celebritycarwars . Thank you reruns! 🙏🏼 #historyasia #activetvglobal

Tonight we battle rain on a race track and drifting to a parking spot under the instruction of the amazing @drdriftaudelsison also known as "Dr. Drift". Happening tonight on Celebrity Car Wars! 9:55PM SG/HK on @historyasia
@activetvglobal @domjlau @harithiskander @aerinyuktadatta @phoemelabaranda @jarrodschulz @guyratchanont @alexyoongf1 @gabydelamerced @michelebum #celebritycarwars #drifting #racecars #historychannel #manila

Please Watch Celebrity Car Wars on #historychannel #celebritycarwars #makeupartist #makeupislife

We all can relate to this dilemma #CelebrityCarWars - with @aerinyuktadatta @domjlau @guyratchanont

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