As I've gotten older the word "friend" isn't used as loosely as it once was. My paradigm has shifted. Friendship is no longer about having many, but having a few quality people who understand you and wouldn't change a thing. People who get your love language and reciprocate. People who always show up no matter how much time passes without speaking. The bond isn't contingent on daily interactions but energy and genuine love for one another.
Nne, thank you for every time you say, "I get you". Thanks for never making me feel uncomfortable in moments where I didn't have enough and needed a friend. I always share the story of how I asked you for money to buy clothes so I wouldn't look a hot mess. Most people would have said, "you're broke! Clothes should be the least of your worries". But you sent that money in a heartbeat because if it was important to me it was important to you. You've always invested and believed in the vision. I'ld be a complete mumu (lol) to not celebrate you. I lucked out!!! You're a blessing beyond measure. Thank you Sis. 😂✨ Ps: Our anniversary gets better errr year! #rushhouriv #celebrateyourrealfrensss

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