Because it was Monday and we made it! #celebratelife

Im just glad the annie and haydens brake up wasnt like this

& this is where carly goes off for the 79483th time.
1. what the fuck. 2. idk why she tries to make our fandom look like the bad guys when we’re not the ones who make fun of annie’s bear, call her flat, body shame her, called her an ungrateful brat, accuse her of copying, and i literally could write a novel but i’m not doing that tonight cause “i have math and history homework and it’s already going to be nine” at this point she makes thekenzstan look amazing, cause at least she apologized for her mistakes. i 1000% understand our fandom is shit like sis we been knew, but dragging a 13 yr old along with us and letting your little 5 yr old brother or whatever make fun of her looks knowing HE’LL be attacked is really fucking low. and the fact that kenzie still follows her after seeing everything she posts. the least she can do is dm her saying “hey bitch stop posting bad shit you’re making my fandom look like an even bigger shit show thx bby like my recent & buy my book” but NOPE. i’m done. she loses her clout then comments something stupid under an annie fp insulting annie when it had absolutely NOTHING to do w kenzie just to seem relevant again. after xtrashyannie went live w her she knew she couldn’t say shit. she’s prob crying to napoleon in her history book rn & wondering why she has bigger problems than her math book yikes. the end.

True Love
[Chapter 7: "The plan"]
•Annie's Pov•
When I waved at Mackenzie she rolled her eyes and started flirting with Hayden, it was bad enough seeing her flirt with him but with him flirting back, it really upset me I held my tears in and walked off to my mom, he didn't even notice me leave. We got our bowling shoes and I put them on, I also helped Hayley put hers on. We all wrote our names down on a piece of paper and we got split into three groups, in the first group was Hayden, Hayley, Kenzie, Caleb and I, the second group was Jojo, Johnny, Connor and Jayden the third group was Mommy, Daddy and Jimmy. At the end we would add up all our scores to see who wins out of the whole group and our mini groups, I can't believe I'm stuck with Mackenzie, for some reason I feel like she's jealous of me..but why would she be? She used to be on the famous tv show 'Dance Moms' so I don't get why she could even be jealous of me, she has the fame and money like I do, her sister and parents who love her. What more could she want? I'll just have to put up with her for hopefully only a couple of hours, everyone got a bowling ball that they were comfortable holding, I was struggling with mine a little.. and Hayden came up to me and offered to take it, I said yes. But hey, I was struggling for real, okay? I smiled and followed him to our section and sat in a chair across from him since Mackenzie took the one next to him, and my siblings and I all sat on the other side. I saw Mom get our her camera and vlog us for a few minutes but she stopped when she noticed I was sad.
•Hayden's Pov•
Annie looked really down and I felt bad for her, I wanted to check on her but Mackenzie was literally sitting on top of me and if Annie looks up I know she'll be so upset, I pushed Kenzie off of me gently "later then babe?" she winked and said loud "I am not your babe!" I was getting really annoyed now "Come on, don't want to admit it? Fine have it your way" she smirked, I felt Annie's eyes looking at me she ran off to the bathroom, Hayley followed her. Caleb stood up and came over to me "You promised you wouldn't hurt her, and what did you do? Thought so"
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Annke is so gorgeous its UNBELIEVABLE 🌊🌊🔥🔥#annieleblanc #leblancs #celebratelife

I want to take a moment to wish this man right here.. my hubster, a very Happy Birthday. Ive been blessed from The start & im beyond grateful for everything you continue to do for me & our little family. Happy birthday luv... heres a short montage of pics thru these last 5 years.😍😙

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