7 Days till Maverick! When it slows down it isn't over. This thing looks insane! All rights go to Cedar Point for the video. #rollercoaster #maverick #cedarpoint

When your scared to get on roller coasters but you know you have to @tierney_567 #cedarpoint #scardycat 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Throwback Monday to both of these parks that treated me to great adrenaline rushes Cedar Point my dream park and Carowinds. I only went for the rollercoasters. 🎢🎢🎢#cedarpoint #carowinds #throwbackmonday

Steel Vengeance Review: First and foremost, I had the highest expectations when it came to this new attraction. I expected nothing short of greatness. After waiting approximately two hours due to one train operations, I boarded the ride. I began to see just how wild of a ride SV would be when the small dips before the lift hill even had hints of airtime. The first drop on this is insane, but not the best in the world. In the very back, I found the drop to rival that of Skyrush (also in the back); a drop I consider to be among the best (my favorite drop of all time is back row El Toro). The ensuing elements provided absurd airtime; and I mean ABSURD. The track was ultra-smooth, and the inversions were fluent and seamless. When I say this coaster is intense in the wildest conceivable way, I mean it. The sections inside of the coaster were especially fascinating, as, at times, it was hard to tell whether I was upside down or not. It was somewhat surreal. The bumps at the end that felt more like a rodeo bull than a roller coaster further encapsulated this one of a kind ride. It was truly outstanding. My second ride was also fantastic, but I did happen to lose my phone and wallet on the outward bank (the third major element). The crazy amount of ejector air managed to rip both from my zippable pocket, although I don’t know if I did the best ride of zipping it beforehand. I was much relieved to have both items returned in time. Still, the more I think about it, the more I believe my number one coaster spot belongs to this one of a kind experience. Operations are a struggle, but the ride is nearly perfect aside from the small blow to the pacing that is the MCBR.

#steelvengeance #cedarpoint

A view that never gets old #Rougarou #CedarPoint #rollercoaster

A Place Like No Other
#CedarPoint #CPLikeNoOther #CoasterNation

I highly doubt there being a better nighttime view... #cedarpoint #rollercoasters #americasrockinrollercoast #brocation2018

#steelvengeance is a powerhouse! #cedarpoint

An old friend just found this photo. Hard to believe 40 years have gone by since working summers at Cedar Point. #cedarpoint #sandusky #sketchartist #age19 @cedar__point_fanpage @cedarpoint #thisis59

Seriel Thriller at Geauga Lake.. I miss this park soo much. This was my favorite ride. I care what people say. People say Vekoma SLC coasters of rough, but i found this ride to be pretty good. I enjoyed it. Although the park is gone, but the coaster has been relocated and named Thunderhawk.
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one hundred forty one of three hundred sixty five #positivity #grow #2018 #cedarpoint #myseniorsarebetterthanyours

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