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Lembranças más vem, pensamentos bons vai. #cdxxlife #racionaismcs #up #gordo

After months of testing and ridiculous emails back-and-forth @cdxlife is truly a device that is bad for the industry. This does not test anything correctly. You can put two devices side-by-side and they will have completely different results. You can compare the test to a spectrum analyzer from a lab and the results are nothing close. Please beware of dispensaries and events using the @cdxlife #mydx #cdxxlife . It does not work I have videos pictures and other reviewer's that have tested this product against real labs spectral analyzers. This product does not test the THC or CBD content in any product. It guesses and it guesses very badly. Please if you have bought this product return it. We will not accept any test results from #mydx . I have given them ample time to prove to me that this device works they have done nothing but try and keep me quiet. Please see the test picture we tested oregano and the machine said it had 17.95% of THC. We did the test correctly and cleared the machine to zero before testing.

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danasnji dan donosi mi zakljucke o sebi ,da se rodim jos jednom drugacije ziveo ne bi ! ♥

another preview of shirts that will be available soon. #weed #weedclothing #alien #cdxx #cdxxlife please dm us if you have any questions. we will have different color varieties.


4:20 pm The Jack Herrera #fakefamous 🤷🏿‍♂️In Boston 😜👍🏿looking for venue DM me if you know a place like @innersanctumboston possibly one of the location for Boston @bakedsails @bakedsails @bakedsails

#Boston #BAKEDSAILS ⛵️ surfin to your city! Tickets available soon. #Artists #Vendors #ClothingLines slots still available! DM for more information #bakedsails420

Lembranças más vem, pensamentos bons vai. #cdxxlife #racionaismcs #up #gordo

In Boston 😜👍🏿looking for venue DM me if you know a place like @innersanctumboston possibly one of the location for Boston @bakedsails @bakedsails @bakedsails


Splash. Splash. We back. Sailing in from SXSW!!!!! FOR ALL THOSE WHO MISSED THE LAST ONE!!!!We here back in jersey hoping 🤞🏿you guys wanna come float with us again. 3/31/17 RSVP IN BIO. Location day of.😜✌🏿 oh if you wanna perform dm me.

You know we love dope shit here @how2cureaheadache NEW PROJECT / PLAYLIST AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD CLICK LINK @topshelffg_ REPOST N SHARE #FINESSEGLOBAL/WOWON #SHLF420 #nexxup

"Fuck shit up. Get paid. Get thanked. Leave."-⚰️ ... watching @chivetv will decrease your chances of acute myocardial infarction results guaranteed.👌🏿shoutout the chives for da Rip & Dip. #sxsw2017 #freethewave #how2cureaheadache #roundonesmoke #finessegang #freethewave🌊follow @thejorrispyswissshow

4:20pm 🎶Texaco⛽️...⛽️Texaco🎶(we need that) .... Mexico 🎶Mexico 🎶 some Texan dank no name but I think I made a song.

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