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Favourite car at the auto show 😍
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Professional filming, amateur editing. Thanks @hititpedro for the great footage of the beautiful Koenigsegg Agera!

The LT5 !! Back in the 90s #fastlane pumped over 940 hp Naturally Aspirated out of 434 cubic inches and ran 8.5s @ over 160 MPH!!! An engine well before its time. Lotus engineers developed a valve train design for the gen ii version that was cancelled due to cost that was later sold to guess who ? Honda. And they revised it and came out with VTEC !! The engine that ran 24 hours for the record runs didn't meet production specs and was taken off the production line and donated to the race team to try and accomplish their goals. 24 hours at over 175 mph . Only been broken by a non production vehicle and held for decades. This motor paved the way for extremely fine tolerances and build quality among any engine in its time.
If there's anything I love doing , it is popping the hood on my ZR-1 and seeing people's expressions 🙃 Not many engines have a history like this one !! .
If you haven't voted please take a few seconds I would appreciate your consideration in getting a chance to get my car displayed at the Toronto auto show !! Link is in my bio !! Just click the link and scroll down to find my car and click the heart ❤️!!

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@cdnintlautoshow | AutoShow Day 6 | Feb. 17-26
This is the DB11, an embodiment of class and peformance! With classic proportions and a monstrous twin turbo V12, it's no wonder this car gets James Bond's signature of approval.

End of the night after helping Tesla at their booth. #cdnintlautoshow #teslamodelx #teslamotors

Tesla Model X at the VIP event at the Toronto Auto Show #teslamotors #modelx #tesla #cdnintlautoshow


Professional filming, amateur editing. Thanks @hititpedro for the great footage of the beautiful Koenigsegg Agera!

That wrap is 🔥

Hats off to @starkeforged

This may provide a little extra downforce

One of the most beautiful @koenigseggautomotive Agera ever made. @whitesse this spec is perfection. Thanks @hititpedro for doing some professional filming for my channel. It was much appreciated.

What a delicious Agera. @whitesse you did an amazing job with your spec. Hats off to you

In celebration of #EarthDay here's a pic of a V12, 838 hbp, 10 mpg Brabus G Wagon. Lol

10. DB10.

European plates make everything better. Thanks Germanplates.com

Actually one of my favorite cars out right now. [Within (relative) reason]

Aston Martin DB10 Interior. Yes please.

More from #cias2017...
Throw away your Eng/Ital dictionaries folks, they're all wrong. Pagani Huayra is italian for 'Bird Of Prey'.


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