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Favourite car at the auto show 😍
#cdnintlautoshow #autoshow #cdnautoshow #astonmartin #CIAS2017

End of the night after helping Tesla at their booth. #cdnintlautoshow #teslamotors #tesla #modelx

End of the night after helping Tesla at their booth. #cdnintlautoshow #teslamodelx #teslamotors

Maybe a little bit too much green but the kid likes it #benz #cdnintlautoshow #familytime

The coolest bag from the Canadian Int'l Autoshow. #m1 #bmwcanada #bmw #bmwmpower #cdnintlautoshow


When you're short staffed on a Saturday

This is one of my absolute dreams. To be Catered some Ham. From England. By @caterhamcarsltd

So... I really liked this... Except the horrible transmission.

Ford Owners Heaven

Shot at: @mncandc

"Typical BMW Parking" -@farshadtehrani

I'll be honest. I was trying to get a pic of the tan G Wagon but this looks pretty cool too.

While moving out this weekend I remember bringing the supplies to build the wall. Who needs a truck?

Rest In Peace Bleugatti. You're awesome and I'm so glad I got to see your car a few times before you were gone. #bleugatti

Yeah. They're still amazing. Est 1979.

Nice rari spotted at the bank

Shot on @moment

What would be in your 5 car dream garage?
Gene would have:
Porsche 918 Spider
Ferrari 250 California
BMW X5m 50d
Aston Martin DB5
Porsche GT2

What a beauty

Love the way this turned out!

What an amazing day at the Yacht Club's Concourse D'elegance! Amazing cars and even more amazing people!

The want is real. @salomondrin you should have one on the channel

Love them or hate them, Maserati makes a great sound!

#FBF to @gumball3000 on South Beach, Miami! @teamgalag KILLED IT that year!

#tbt to driving this classic SL560. First time driving a convertible and I fell in love so fast.

I must say I do miss her a lot. But I still love my Infiniti. Throw back Tuesday?

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