It’s Youth Sunday and our babies are freely praising on this morning!
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Can we just talk about picture day for a second? First shot=Filtered. Second shot=real life, decent hair. Third shot=my studio headshot look 😳Last two shots my kids hitting their mark and making it look easy with little effort. 👌@laurenihle_ @viana.tafoya I can’t believe this year is almost over. These kids keep me going and inspire me. Come join us for “a night at the movies” this weekend for CDC’s 2018 recital. #dancerecital #recitalweekend #cdcstrong #filternofilter #needle #battement #dancelife #danceteacher

CDC Specialty Team Second Auditions are fast approaching!!! Check dates and times for CDCast, CDCrew, CDCompany, & CDC Tap Company - Come and be part of this amazing family! Excellence in dance education since 1983! #CDCStrong

Wonderful weekend at @dancemakersinc Triumphs, challenges, hard work, friendship, team work. The pictures speak for themselves #trustthejourney #CDCStrong

The Youth at Christ Dominion Church represent wherever they go. This morning Faith Neston and Arianna Eason will minister with the Jones High School Concert Choir at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York City. Min. Wallace Wyatt, III is accompanying them.
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At dance still. Tokyo has been teaching today! #cdcstrong

This is one of my rec students literally jumping for joy after landing a turn. She’s an ice skater and usually turns on a different part of her foot so her center of gravity had to change to do a pirouette on the dance floor. She made this video and it does a good job of giving you a “fly on the wall view” of one of my classes. These kids are wonderful. They may talk a little too much 😉 but they put a smile of my face every week and are working hard to improve their technique and prepare for our recital in June. A mentor told me long ago that once I started teaching I’d never be able to give it up. She couldn’t have been more right. The positive influence you can have on a child’s life is so precious and I am so honored to have been able to work with so many growing young minds over the last 10 years. #creativedancecenter #cdc #cdcstrong #recital #pirrouette #jumpforjoy #iceskating #danceforever #onceateacheralwaysateacher #happyme

CDC is beyond excited about the accomplishments this past weekend! Dancers at the Hall of Fame Dance Challenge competition rocked the stage. Multiple platinum, first place overall, studio achievements, judge choice awards and more were awarded to our Company, Crew, and Performing Troupe dancers. - Additionally, the Performing Troupe dancers hit the court at the Harlem Globetrotters game, during their half time show. They looked great and professional, entertaining such a large audience! - We are extremely proud of the confidence and focus our dancers showed in their performances, as well as the team work and support they gave each other during these events. Parents and friends were a huge support at all of the performances. - THANK YOU dancers for representing CDC so well and CDC families for your positive presence! - A special THANK YOU to our program directors and coaches Gabrielle Boyle, Vivian Monroe, Heather Matuszewski, Stephanie Hamby, Madi Del Rio, Angie Brown, Jesse Aguirre, Caitlin Snead, Jessica Falconer, and Tokyo for making this possible. Your leadership and care for the dancers are admirable!

Congratulations to our CDCrew and its amazing performance at @monstersdance It was a fun weekend!!! 5 scholarships, second place in free style battle, and a lot of call outs in class!!! #CDCFamily #CDCTeam #CDCStrong

Dear Families!
We have the pleasure to announce that we have been nominated again for BEST DANCE STUDIO in Northern Virginia!!! Please show your support by voting for us. Just click on the link below.Thanks in Advance! #CDCFamily #CDCTeam #CDCStrong


Our Dear @hmgdancer_ CDC's guest teacher from Tokyo the Company, was at CDC this past week training our Crew and Company dancers. This is a concept video they put together at the end of the week. They choreographed, learned, and filmed it all in only three hours . . . and looked amazing! THANK YOU Hannah for sharing your knowledge with our kids and for being part of CDC. A BIG THANK YOU to our directors @thecalimexican and @tokyothecompany for your continued dedication and mentoring. #CDCTeam #CDCFamily #CDCStrong


Had a great gathering last night where we had dinner and good conversation with current and previous Executive Committees. Thank you all for coming, and looking forward to our next gathering! 💪

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I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away
You shoot me down, but I won't fall

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We’ve been working on partnering lately in contemporary/improv class. Trying to get away from going to the same people and doing the same things each time. This will push us further to break free from our comfort zones and interact with each other. This is part one of a series. Stay tuned for part 2. Have I mentioned how much I love these kids? Proud teacher here! @cdcva #cdcdance #cdcstrong #improv #improvisation #contemporary #contemporarypartnering #interact #eyecontact #breakfreefromthenorm #befearless #shawnmendes #bringitback

She brought me back to that loud place again with all of the tiny humans and mirrors. She calls it “the studio”. These people move in the most peculiar ways and it just furthers my point that humans are strange. But I love my human. I can’t get enough of this lady! #dancingdog #cdcstrong #stretch #lovemymama #ivebeenwaiting #athousandyears

Almost forgot to post this. These kids have come so far and are growing exponentially with each class. So happy I was able to sub. They light me up! 🔥#cdcdance #cdcstrong #danceforever #dancerlife #jazz #combo #onthespot #kellyclarkson #lovesosoft #happyme #lovethesekids #growing #collaboration #sub

Its amazing to walk into a class dead tired and sick and come out inspired by your students. So happy I decided to sub today. These beautiful artists created these movements through improvisation and word interpretation. Today I was just there for guidance and THEY were the creators. I just gathered their work and arranged them in space to compliment each other. What a cool experience. If you're not there on Wednesday nights between 7:30-8:30 you're missing out. Music: Light of the Seven by Ramin Djawadi #GOT #danceforever #artists #improv #improvisation #contemporary #cdcdance #cdcstrong #inspired #lovethesekids #recessforadults

These kids are killing it with improv. Threw an urban contemporary combo together and they slayed it. Music: Show me love: (Skrillex Remix) by Hundred waters. Come play with us in class on Thursday nights 8-9pm #dance #dancerlife #danceforever #contemporary #improv #inspired #cdcdance #cdcstrong #lovethesekids

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