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Don Hamilton, 75, looks out over the Gulf of Mexico near Marco Island while volunteering for the CCSO Marine Bureau on Monday, May 22, 2017. Hamilton, a Marine Corp veteran, has been volunteering with the Bureau once a week for the past 3 months. Read the story at naplesnews.com. 📷: @nraucheisen #SWFL #MarcoIsland #Florida #CCSO #GulfofMexico

Thank you Sheriff Ennis W. Wright: Cumberland County NC and Cumberland County Sheriff's Department for helping make Christmas brighter for @safayetteville's Angel Tree program! #SAFayetteville #DoingTheMostGood #AngelTree #CCSO #ChristmasInJuly

Thank you all for coming out today in support of our local Naples officers in BLUE! #CCSO #NPD #naples #swfl #kunjaninaples

Deputies responded to the residence of Mr. Nesbitt at 5231 Charlie Lane, Hollywood, SC in reference to a welfare check at the request of FEMA. They had been trying to get in touch with Mr. Nesbitt for several months. Deputy Brian Moniz (left in the picture) made contact with him and explained why he was there. Mr. Nesbitt told Deputy B. Moniz that he was recently released from the hospital, and during his time there his leg had to be amputated. He went on to say that he had a walker but was never given a wheelchair.
Deputy B. Moniz had a wheelchair at his house, so he and the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office units working that district went to Mr. Nesbitt's house yesterday morning and presented him the wheelchair.
This action by Deputy Brian Moniz exemplifies the type of service, dedication, and concern for those in our community that we, in the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, strive for every day as we serve the people of Charleston County. #ccso #weloveourcommunity

Every day, in every city and town across the country, police officers are performing vital services that help make their communities safer. #FPD #CCSO

With the Bosses. #ceo #ccso

Soaking up the Florida sun on #NationalSunglassesDay


Thank you Sheriff Ennis W. Wright: Cumberland County NC and Cumberland County Sheriff's Department for helping make Christmas brighter for @safayetteville's Angel Tree program! #SAFayetteville #DoingTheMostGood #AngelTree #CCSO #ChristmasInJuly

#yousolve Do you recognize this guy or his white F150 FX4, he tried to steal a car off Elk Rd July 7th, if you see him 📞#CCSO @ 910 323 1500

#MysteryMonday do you recognize him? He has broken into several cars in the 301 area of Hope Mills 📞 #CCSO 910 323 1500 or #Crimestoppers

CLOSE Facebook Live video of a benefit event that was held at the Naples Harley-Davidson on Saturday, July 22, 2017, for a Collier County Sheriff's Office detective who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. #Around #breast #cancer #CCSO #community #detective #diagnosed #enforcement #Naples #Rallies https://harleydavidsonbikepics.com/naples-law-enforcement-community-rallies-around-ccso-detective-diagnosed-with-breast-cancer/

watch out! There's a new Sheriff in town! 👋🏼 #ccso #futuredeputy 🚔

Tem que ter uma "boca livre" para encerrar o período da faculdade. E dessa vez teve participação da professora de Movimentos Sociais: maravilhosa!

#vemférias #UFMA #CCSO #serviçosocial #turmaincompleta #táacabando

Some reflective ink for our Calvert County Sheriff prints today! #reflective #onestroke #onestrokeinks #ccso

Had some messy fun at youth cell last night #waterbombs #flourbombs #waterfight #widegame #ccso #battleships

#CCSO reunites kidnapping victim with Mother shortly after hearing radio traffic that the child was taken #DutytoServeAnHonorToProtect

#CCSO out with a search warrant for animal cruelty at 4823 Old Field Dr @HumaneSociety #AnimalLivesMatters

Only 8 year old Carter is invited to sit with a table of ccso to tell them about the emergency alert system. And there is me in the background with red cheeks as he announces someone saw a tornado and said Holy cra*. 🙄 thanks to these officers for their patience and getting a good laugh. # #autismawareness #youdoyou #lightitupblue #ccso #naples #naplesnews

Paradas no corredor do shopping. Será que esse encontro teve assunto? #CCSO #FacSaoLuis #Estacio #JornalistasGatas

Scam Alert..Please share!! #CCSO #svpd #dps #firstresponse #Arizona #cochisecounty

New Phone Scam “Plenty of Fish”

The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office has received a call in reference to a possible telephone scam. The caller advised that someone called identifying themselves as “Chief Smith from the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office.” After relaying the information, the caller was advised that the call was a scam and the details are as follows:

1. 1. Victim is picked from a dating website and contacted by an interested female.

2.  2.  Female pretends to be interested and sends explicit photos of herself, soliciting similar photos from the guy, but only after convincing him to give her his phone number.

3.  3.  After the guy gives out his number and receives the photos, he gets a call from an intimidating male who identifies himself as a law enforcement officer from the same region or area as the victim.  The officer (or Chief in this case) tells the victim that he has been chatting with an underage girl, and is now in possession of inappropriate images of a minor. The officer then tells the victim to wait for a call back from the agency, and if he doesn’t answer when they call back, someone will come to his home to arrest him.

4.  4.  Shortly after the call from the fake cops, an alleged parent of the minor will call the victim and tell them they found his information in their child’s phone and act like a concerned parent.

5.  5.  After receiving the call from the “parent”, the victim will get another call from the fake cops, encouraging them to handle this situation “civilly” with the parent of the minor by way of monetary compensation in lieu of criminal charges. The victim is told that the police have the minor’s phone now, and are doing a forensic examination, and if they discover the victim has communicated with the minor criminal charges will follow.  Unless, of course, the victim handles the matter with the parents and the parents don’t press charges.

Thankfully the victim in the call we got became suspicious after #4 above and contacted CCSO.  A quick search of the internet for “plenty of fish scam deput

My friend R.Thomas from the DPS! Thanks brother for the job you do and keeping us safe!! Nice seeing you today

#supportlawenforcment #dps #CCSO #svpd #bp #svfd #gotyour6 #supportfirefighters #supportmilitary #Arizona #sierravistaaz

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