‼️ If you Praise Him , he’ll make it JUST disappear ‼️ I remember getting the call of what looked to be lung cancer 2 weeks before my live recording ... went thru #CBLive2017 & prepared for the day of Gramms Biopsy ... it was time for her to go in & she was a bucket of nerves ... I grabbed her hands and began to pray ... I didn’t spend time praying for healing , because I KNOW GOD TO BE “RAPHA” . But I used the authority I have in Christ Jesus , to speak AGAINST THE RESIDENCE OF CANCE IN HER . Called it Done and watched her go in and come out of surgery ... JANUARY 5th ... Doctor comes in for her results ... legit looks at his pc & looks back at us with ease and says ... “ITS NOT CANCER” | what you see above is me LOOSING IT . I looked thru the sanctuary & see my old lady giving God praise for her Miracle ! We placed a Demand on the Presence of the Lord tonight believing that we’ll have even GREATER TESTIMONIES TO COME AT #VOL2 of #TheGathering #EXPANSION 😭‼️🙌🏾

Maybe a year ago now I was FaceTiming my big sister , she was washing dishes & I was somewhere looking crazy when she said “boo ... I got a song for you” 😂 . I told her to send and from there it was A MAN DOWN SITUATION ! I was able to record this joint during #CBLive2017 & I cannot wait for y’all to hear it ! @theedeniserenee_ , Sis thank you for your pen , your heart & your uniqueness ! The world is super DOPE cause you are in it ❤️🙏🏽 HERES just a sneak peak for you ! Enjoy ! #CBLive2017 #Hallelujah #MoreOfYou 🙌🏾

#GET your copy of Chris Bender Debut single “More of You” It’s available on ALL Digital outlets NOW!! #MoreOfYou | DOWNLOAD TODAY!

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#GET your copy of Chris Bender Debut single “More of You” It’s available on ALL Digital outlets NOW!! #MoreOfYou | DOWNLOAD TODAY!

Download NOW at https://play.google.com/…/prev…/T6xclnj3zvpfbm4ppkuqlcsm2nm…
#CBLIVE2017 #MoreOfYou #KaiJaiNetwork #gospelgrind #stream #digital #more #you #itunes #googleplay #gospel #dc #indie #tweet #instagram #available

#GET you copy of Chris Bender Debut single “More of You” It’s available on ALL Digital outlets NOW!! #MoreOfYou | DOWNLOAD TODAY!

Download NOW at https://play.google.com/…/prev…/T6xclnj3zvpfbm4ppkuqlcsm2nm…
#CBLIVE2017 #MoreOfYou #KaiJaiNetwork #gospelgrind #stream #digital #more #you #itunes #googleplay #gospel #dc #indie #tweet #instagram #available

Finally to these amazing artist that blessed us at #CBLive2017 . Yo my bro @kentrellr man THANK YOU ! I appreciate you for everything yo ! Praying nothing but overwhelming types of blessing your way man ! The industry is better with you in it ! To @kierrasheard , one of the trend setters in Gospel music , I love you & thank you for being amazing , praying that as you journey thru the remainder of this year & the years to come that the Lord give you supernatural strength for your tremendous assignment. You are paving the way ! Thank you ! ✊🏽

Thank God for these Good Guys ! My bros @preachprayproduce , @thenotoriousdvd , @vincent_bohanan , @onekennedycorey & @imryanjackson ! Support there already released music available EVERYWHERE & follow them for updates on any new releases ! Love y'all to life yo ! Thank you for being there ! #CBLive2017

Auntie Bett (SC) , Gramms ❤️ and Auntie Nina #CBLive2017 #Fambam !

MY MOMMYYYY ! OOOUUUU when I tell y'all I thank God for this lady ! Tough ... I mean she is TOUGH . She has shown me how to not tolerate foolishness all of my life (and it has paid off) & I'm working my tail off so that she can see an early retirement one of these days ! Ma , I love you and I appreciate you for every tough moment , for every laugh during this process , every day you decided to let me focus on this recording lol .. I love you stinka foot ... thank you ❤️ #JusMeNHer #CBLive2017 now we have done good all week ... hold all fussiness til next week 😂😂😂

To my sis @sharrayne7 ! I love this girl like she Blood ! One of the realist people I know ! #FunFact , Bri styled me for this shoot y'all have been seeing in the photos for all these months lol ! Thanks for rocking with me sis I appreciate you !! @synthsei the whole family working with me I need to find something for my Lynnnz & the Pup 😂 ! Love y'all forreal yo ! #CBLive2017

Once you boss always your boss right ? I've worked for enterprise for almost 3 years now ... met a lot of cool people , met some not so cool people , been promoted , been written up (because I have a calling 😂😂) but I can say this will forever be my branch manager @jgonsalves1002 , I love you tooooo the moooon ! Thank you for always being there for me ! You are a jewel & I firmly believe us connecting as we have is a God thing ! You ain't getting rid of me NEVER ! Lol ❤️✊🏽#CBLive2017 #EnterpriseRentaCarWoes

When you're just surrounded by amazing people , you are driven to be great & strive for greater ! To my big bro and big sis Overseer @preachbland & @ladybland29 I love y'all to life & y'all know there's absolutely nothing that can change that ! Thank you for coming and being apart of #CBLive2017

Y'all know I love organization , especially my @mchca Family (#calvarynation) . It was such a surprise to have my 1st vice Bishop @bishoptcb & @ladybobette with us for #CBLive2017 . They are some of the Kingdoms greatest & just some really down to earth leaders ! I love y'all to Life ! Thank you for coming and being a continual influence and support ! ✊🏽‼️#strongchurch

To my guy @pastorwillg ! Big Brethren I appreciate you being with us for #CBLive2017 man ! #calvarynation

Somewhere in August I was sitting in my car & I heard God ask clearly ... "are you not going to do what I've given provision to accomplish before this year is out " ? I immediately grabbed my notebook and started planning ... not too many days after because I had to remind my flesh that he's to remain silent & that the Lord has made for this to be so ... I called my Bishop & told him what I felt the impression to do ... he without hesitation said yes to me hosting it at our church ... but a few days later he proposed us doing as apart of our Churches 17th year anniversary ... LIKE WHO DOES THAT ? 😂. ☝🏽. From before and after that moment this guy ensured that in every way shape & form that he was a blessing to the effectiveness and success of #CBLive2017 .
Bishop you don't understand how much I appreciate you . Man you have been nothing but a blessing to me as a young man , my ministry as a young leader & our church as a whole ! I cannot say thank you enough for EVERYTHING YOU DID & CONTINUE TO DO ! I know Clergy appreciation month is about 2 days past gone now , but I've extended it ... BECAUSE YOU ARE THE MAN ! I love you @bishopbobbyperry , thank you again and forever ✊🏽 #KingdomStrong

THANK YOU ... #CBLive2017 because you decided to come & Worship or send you love & prayers ! I love all y'all for ever ✊🏽 Huge shout out to @joshwae_ for making this amazing shirt !! Dude I love you to life & you already know you are absolutely amazing !
To my brother @brandonseron for styling the squad and I , bro I love you to life and you know that & to celebrity makeup artist @legrandproexperience for beating the ladies DOWN . Sis Lol you are the best and you know that !

🚨⛪️ To the in house support from my church thank you ! At @kingdombuilders_ we gets the job done ... and I thank you ladies for getting the Job done ! From the bottom of my heart ... THANK YOU !! To every individual that was on staff that I didn't recognize by name , you know I love you and appreciate you!
AND TO DEACON CHAD ! MAN YOU ARE MY UNCLE FORREAL , you lectured like my uncle , you fussed like my uncle , you laughed and joked like my uncle , you scared the staff like my uncle & most of all every time , you came thru like my uncle and I love you for that man ! #KingdomStrong #CBLive2017

To my GUYYS ‼️ I want to give a special shout out to my #Brosicians , for a job WELL DONE ! These guys carry an incredible anointing individually & collectively and are some of the funniest people . Thank your for working through this process with me . I would've have traded it or gal for the world ! Ronny big bro @synthsei who produced these joints man , who would thought we'd done this from good ole Fellowship conference days as a kid ! Man , thank you , with your schedule from Satan 😂😂 . Bro your gift speaks for itself and I couldn't have done it without you ! @mj_holman my Co-MD man thank you for your consistency bro , you already know blood couldn't make us closer , you're phenomenal & the world will hear just that not too far from now ! @flash_revell bro since whenever I met you 😂 you have been consistent and one of the most incredible drummers I know ! Im praying for that #narcoleptic spirit on you tho lol #StayWoke ! 😂 @emmett_trill_ lol bro you are one of the baddest man & I'm so glad to have a creative as yourself on the team man ! Im grateful you for gift ! To my guy @embi_music dude you are dope and I'm so glad you were able to be apart of this memorable night !! #CBLive2017 🚨✊🏽

To the #CBLive2017 #VOCALIST ! To the incredibly talented @shacaratiya @carrietiffany24 @songbird623 @lennasiaunique_ @est_bernard @iam_virtue @yoocorey @mrvancooten ! Yoo thank y'all sooo much ! The journey to seeing this out with y'all was something I wouldn't trade or redo for the WORLDDD ! I love y'all forreal & cannot say with words how much I appreciate y'all ! Thank you for being you & being authentic ✊🏽❤️‼️#PostProductionTime lol 👀😆

Okay ... I have the energy to do my official thank you's for #CBLive2017 ! I have been exhausted since I don't know when 😂 But I'm almost back lol. I can't say THANK YOU ENOUGH TO EVERYONE THAT SHOWED UP TO BE APART OF THE WORSHIP EXPERIENCE ! You're presence , prayers , love & PRAISE was definitely felt ! God was so gracious through all the chaos that comes along with preparing for a live recording & I am truly humbled by that ! To all those that were turned away , I am soooo sorry & I love y'all for making the attempt to come out and be apart . We are planning for something real soon and I wanna make sure you know , so you can be in ! To all those of my friends and family members that were streaming across the country , I LOVE YOU TOO & I know if you could've been here you would've ! #ToGodBeTheGlory! Now excuse my next couple of posts cause I'm about to blow Social Media Up about my people ! ✊🏽🚨🙌🏾

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