The Statue of Liberty, an icon of hope and freedom welcoming immigrants to the United States of America for many years, sits on Liberty Island in Upper New York Bay. We’ve been poking around Manhattan since Wednesday and there is plenty to see.

I'm sayin' shake appeal/
Is so hot and low/
Shake appeal/
Is so hot and low 🔪🔪🔪
Apparently yesterday was national nude day. I was traveling all day, so I missed it. So, yea. Here is a rare pastie shot/almost a nude. 📷 taken by Jules Forde at @veronica.voss's Hey! Ho! Lets Strip! #flashback #bluelight #creepcity #weirdo #iggypop #wearetheweirdosmister #latheatre #performanceart #mess #gold #CBGB #liveshot #stayweird #keepburlesqueweird #attackmode

Altercation free and an awesome time in Camden last night with friends at The Devonshire Arms! Thank you Mick and @jessylotti Always an honor to meet the people who support me and my creations. Thank you! When you’re in London, you beat watch your Chips!

Happy Birthday Johnny Thunders, my favourite punk hero 🎂
One of the most handsome and talented musician. I remember watching Ali Boulala’s part in Flip "Really Sorry" skateboard video back in 2003. I was 10 years old back then and that was the first time I ever listened to the track "Pirate Love". JT has been my favourite ever since ☠️
This was shot at a gig at Gibus, Paris 📷

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