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Look at it... It's soooooo ugly. Here we have my 1991 Honda Accord EX Wagon. I acquired this almost a year ago, saving it from what would have been an inevitable junk yard death. With a dead cylinder and over 200k miles, it's not worth much.... in the wrong hands. I intend to revitalize this car for personal use such as weekly commuting and parts hauling. And it needs to be reliable. I love the CB Accord chassis, but I've never been a fan of the wagon variations. Well, it's time to make this into something I would drive. I've been accumulating parts over the last year for it. Wheels/tires, complete 5 Lug conversion, springs/struts and some engine goodies. You'll see... We will refer to it as, #WerdWagon. Stay Tuned! ✌🏾#WerdWerx #WerdWerxGarage #CB9 #AccordWagon

BENTEKE!!!!!! vs man u 15/16 season what an amazing goal will we see any goals like this today #CB9 @christianbenteke
Can everyone please tag him
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من عاشق این ابرم 👌☁️⚡💧☀️

Touch of class. The new #NikeTiempo Total Crimson. 🔴 Get yours from the @nikefootball app on Sunday. #CB9

#cb9 #taiwan #honda #accord

Summer need to hurry up 😥

Ta fais le signe jul ? Merceee #CB9


If my love for Real Madrid is a crime, then let the world know that I am the biggest criminal...Congratulations!!!
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Only if I could explain the love with the machines is far more than the love with humans. Miss you baby girl 🖤. #mahindra #xuv500 #photoshoot #forest #yercaud #cb9 #dawn #wild

All the logics we've heard during last few years from Experts of Catalonia. ❤ *UCL hot balls draw.
*Pure hat-trick.
*Secret injury.
*Impure/Not legit hat-trick *40 games unbeaten run is luck.
*Accidental assist.
*Argentina loses because of Higuain even if someone else misses the decisive penalty.
*Impure goal (tap-in)
*Ronaldo asks for offside against his own team.
*Ronaldo gets angry when teammates score.
*Messi has more pre-assists than Pele Maradona.
*Small teams.
*Every trophy Ronaldo wins is irrelevant.
*Franco won 11 UCL 32 Laliga and 4 Ballon d'or .
*Ramos is a shit defender .
*But we had possession.
*Messi is only 27.
*Photoshopped abs
*Deflected assist.
*Lucky teams.
*Acrobatic foul.
*Treble>Club of the century.
*Crossing isn't football.
*Ronaldo won ballon d'or because it was given by France football.
*Madrid is better without Ronaldo.
*Perez bought Laliga, UCL.
*Messi doesn't need trophies.
*Dribbles> Goals.
*CHELSEA VS BARCA was a fair match.
*PSG VS BARCA was a fair match.
*But in the last eight years...
*You can't say you won a trophy if you didn't score in final.
*Busquets> Zidane.
*Zidane wins with 0 tactics.
*Hat-trick with a penalty isn't a hattrick.
*Tap-ins are not goals. *Penalty is easy, penaldo.
*Aggregate in group stage.
*If Cristiano shoots and scores with the help of deflection, it's not a goal.
*Pre-assists counts if a pass is made by messi.
*If you score+win and don't dribble much, you're shit.
*Preserving stamina.
*Cristiano did nothing in euros, 3goals+3assists are bullshit.
Treble > 11UCL and 32Laliga.
*Referees helps Madrid only, Papa Perez.
*But Messi controls the tempo.
*Cristiano raped a girl but he was proven innocent, papa perez.
*Eder won the Euros, not Cristiano.
*Ballon d'or should be awarded to highest scorer.
*Ballon d'or should be awarded to player who won the most trophies.


#cb9 #taiwan #accord #honda

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