| C L O S D E T R E S C A N T O S | see it for yourself!..

| O J O S | “Here’s looking at you kid” Get transported in time and taste some great wines or even book a room @casafridavallegpe

| E C S T A S Y | that moment when you leave all your worries behind and say to yourself “THIS VALLE IS AN AMAZING PLACE”!.....info@cavatours.com

Glorious Saturday morning. Thanks Sarah, Karin and Janis... laughts, cava, and friends from Latvia 🇱🇻 and USA 🇺🇸. Never stop learning... #artcava #cava #wine #winetours #barcelona #latvia #usa #barcelona #penedeswinevalley #cavatours

Old friends, new friends, great wine, great music, new adventures. Doesn’t get much better. #cavatours #horsesbyjose #cuatrocuatros

| L A D I E S F I R S T | We feel we have done our job when our guests spawn amazing smiles!! Come smile with us in the Valle! info@cavatours.com

| P I C T U R E P E R F E C T | that place, that view, that wine, that hospitality, that class!! “Getting away is closer than you think”...

| S E R E N I T Y | the serenity of SOLAR FORTÚN winery, tucked away in the hills of the Valle De Guadalupe. A constant breeze and plenty of water helps create amazing wines! A must visit...info@cavatours.com

| G O O D T I M E S | the first five days after the weekend are always the hardest!! So join us ANYTIME....info@cavatours.com

| T A K E F I V E | Or ten.....or twenty.....or a lifetime, but just take!!! Visit our friends @clos_de_tres_cantos for some quality wine, architecture and time off! - info@cavatours.com

The weather was clear and crispy breeze from the South. Reflection of purity sums it all. #codorníu #cava #cavatours #españa #spain #winebloggers #wineblogging

| G I R L S | “give a girl the right shoes (or wine glass) and she can conquer the world”!! What are you up to?

| H A P P Y | “the only true wisdom consists of knowing that you know” And we know happiness when we see it! Thank you tons Santiago for the amazing personalized experience!

| A N N I V E R S A R Y | Happy 25th made even happier by the amazing hospitality of our host @miller.tru 🍷

| 3 6 0 | your table with a 360 degree view is reserved! Drop us a note for an unforgettable valle weekend experience at info@cavatours.com

| P A L O M A| A Valle favorite besides wine of course! Mix salt, chile, ice, mezcal (we like BORROSO) grapefruit juice, then soda. Garnish with grapefruit twist. CHEERS!

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