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That's right, say it to the camera, dog..."cats rule and dogs drool." 😂🙈😻 📷: @elliott_and_hugo

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I guess I'm stuck watching the local news for right now. 😴😴 **Coco is still available for adoption! Please DM if you are interested in applying for this sweet boy!**

So, there's no sugar coating it: these last two weeks have been awful for us. Last week a family members cat was attacked and we picked up the bill. Then we took our feral mama (who's now our cat) in for a check up and found out she has FIV! (Feline AIDS) That was not only devastating to us emotionally for her, but finanacially. Then we realized that her kittens could have contracted FIV as well. So we've tested two so far and they are clear for FIV, but still need to exam two more....which costs more money. Two of the kittens had diarrhea and we tested that. More money! Then one of the kittens, Dory, had an opening in her spay incision so we then took her in for a re stitch. Fast forward to yesterday and found out one of our personal cats had Giardia! So now we must take in six of our cats who have not been seen by a vet in years or ever all at once for exams and 16, yes 16 medications for all our cats at home to make sure none of them also get Giardia! Even more money! Hahahaha, this week had been so emotional and expensive that we have to just laugh as how ridiculous this all is. This also does not include our regular feral funds. Out of pocket in one week has been $1,350. Serrreenniittyyy nooooowwwww!! Anyhow, if you'd like to help us from drowning in this madness, we are most certainly accepting donations. Please call our vet at 1-209-823-1168 And ask to donate to Army Of Ferals and they'll take care of it. They're really friendly. If you can't call, we accept PayPal with our email armyofferals@gmail.com
For now, we need tequila!

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This little one found a unique spot to take a nap. 😂🤣 Where's the craziest place your kitty ever slept at? ⬇️Tag your friends in the comments below! ⬇️ CREDIT: @catzalogue
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