Ugh Monday’s!
Actually I don’t work so just kidding I’m just tired from my 25th nap today 😸

Was pretending I’m scuba diving into the carpet until mommy hit me for scratching the rug🙄

Pq essa caixa esta pequena.....🤔🤔 #loucaporgatos #euamogatos #catsofinstagram #catsofworld

Me and my meowmy will soon move to an Island far away. I think I will like it. A big house and no neighbors so I can just step outside and take my walk😻😻 Meowmy is very busy these days, but I will be back soon🌸

I'm the bravest cat. I caught a sunbeam and wasn't scared! but I'm afraid of pigeons

I'm handsome and I know it

O, I want that stuff!

- "Just having a little afternoon nap". 😄😄😄
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