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Maxwell playing hide and seek this morning before we left for work.

Hello 🌎


Everything's great 'till they stick a big needle in your neck πŸ’‰πŸ™€πŸ’‰

So THIS is what summer feels like! πŸ”₯🌞πŸ”₯ I have spent the last two days in the sink and have no plans of leaving this spot for at least another two πŸ’¦#britishsummertime #heatwave #85andnoAC #londonheatwave

Started from the bottom now we here πŸ‘Š

So much going on today--British election, Comey, MORE rain--wake me when it's over 😴#Comey #dumptrump #ukelection

Trophy cat πŸ†#immorethanjustaprettyface

Bon weekend, my friends! 😘

I consider myself a rather handsome teen-kitten, but I was an extraordinary baby kitten. See for yourself: here's my personal ad that got my humans to travel all the way to Barking to adopt me 😻#tbt

I am very British, in "my" Barbour coat. 😻

What a week! This is what I'm doing all day until @eurovision is on.

They went to Jordan and all I got was this ridiculous headdress #notimpressed #atleasttheyreback ❣️🎢#imthesheikofaraby #theirlovebelongstome 🎢❣️ #blatantculturalappropriation

"He wanted me to draw him like a French girl." Caption + πŸ“· by my savior, @karenplusone #neverletgojack

"What a fuckin idiot." Caption & πŸ“· from my fave/current guardian @karenplusone #thankyoufordatenight #ihadwatershehadwine #sharingiscaring

#theyleftmetheyleftmetheyleftme (but don't worry, I'm being looked after-- this is one of my #proofoflife photos) πŸ“·: @mark_s_2

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