Stevie Nicks is enjoying a lazy Easter Monday on the bannister over the stairs.

Gus broods by the fire after a hard afternoon hiding from #Easter visitors.

Excited for an egg hunt?

Cat paws.

I’m the king of the sun ☀️ with my roawr I bring light wherever I go ☀️ 🦁 to order some sun call 1-800-Cheese, calls cost $899.99 a minute.

I couldn’t help but dig up the photos I take in my aunts farm every summer. We’re always met with a new litter of kittens from the VERY friendly momma cat. And I get the benefit of taking their cute photos.

Fighter is the youngest boy but not the youngest of the bunch. He is in many ways still the youngest like the youngest odd-eyed cat and youngest ginger. 😹 I think he is finally growing as an adult cat but he will always be my kitten. #cats #pusa #puspin #catstagram #catsofinstagram #catsofmanila #catsofig #catsofinsta #ccph #lovecats

Alltagsgegenstände, wie z.B. ein Handy, kennen unsere kleinen Bewohner in der Quarantäne noch nicht. Da kann man schon mal vorsichtig sein und das Fell aufstellen 😅
#tierschutz #catsofinsta #katzenkinder #bestmeow #tierheimalltag #tierheim #katzen #kitty #hallesaale

We're waiting for the #bluemoon to rise.
-Gus and Stevie
🐾 Get this on our NEW Gus and Stevie throw pillow! 🐾

Minik kiz o kadar guzel ki.. bissuru paylasmak istiyorum 💕😻💕

Stevie tends to be a bit more.... rambunctious than I am. -Gus

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