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Fineste engelen min! E helt knust! Hvil i fred ❤️😢
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@Regrann from @bunbunsmommy - #Repost @hazelandjuniper (@get_repost)
Sad story and he needs our help. #Repost @baileybiscuits
My name is Benjamin and I was rescued on Friday from a very bad abusive , neglectful situation. A mentally ill teenager was keeping me trapped in a hot dirty shed. No one knew about me until the neighbor heard me crying for help. I was getting weaker by the day from lack of food and the constant beating of my head and body at the hands of that teen. I heard humans talking outside my prison and tried to hide thinking I was going to be beating again. But because of being beaten in the head so much I can barely walk at this point. When the door was opened they find me lying on the ground barely able to move. I heard gasps of horror and one of the humans started to cry. I was scooped up quickly in a soft blanket and rush to a car. I was pretty delirious and covered in blood. The human driving the car was on the phone to someone saying she was from Safari Rescue and was bringing in an emergency case and to be ready for their arrival. The people at this place were very kind and helped my rescuer clean me up. I was in so much pain but I knew they were helping me. I heard them talking and saying my ears were so infected, I had tons of swelling all over my body, I'm almost blind and not able to stand or walk well because I was beaten in the head so badly. They gave me lots of medicine at this place and while we were waiting to leave my new mommy help me in the soft blanket and I actually fell asleep because I felt safe for the first time in a very long time. I'm safe and sound at what they call the ranch right now. My meowy wants to pet and scratch me more but she can't because my nerves are so overly sensitive right now that I could have a seizure from it. But I know she loves me very much and hold me and that soft blanket often and tells me how much she cares. I have a long recovery ahead of me and desperately need help with my vet bills. please help my meowy pay my that bill so others like myself could be saved. Her PayPal is mysaffarinc@Gmail.com. You can also call donations in to Flagler integrative vet 386-439-2200. #cat #catsofin

وقتی دارم کاری انجام میدم واون اینجوری دلبرانه میادکنارم میشینه...مامان برات میمیره ...♥♥ My sweet son...
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I am a-okay in airports #Matilda #himalayancat #catsofin #persiancat

Sybil ❤🐈 the burrito cat
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My first little fur baby - I still love her to pieces even though she has got me crotchety in her old age! #cat #catsofin #catsofig #catsagram #domesticshorthair #blackandwhitecat

Massaging the outta ears with rescue remedy creates a lymphatic flow, thus releasing natural endorphins and calming your pet. 🐱

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Loungin' around

"Act normal... act normal..." Lumos loves to cover himself in catnip.

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