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What do you mean the weekend is over? 😾

"No buddy iz treatin' us nice, squashy little Nicht Schnitzel Gnomen.... Unca S'Morley didn't even say good jobz huntin'... he jus stuffed youz in the prison and poked you wif sticks and yelled at you 'bout Grandmother. And Klaus just texted da instaserf more groceries to pick up, he hasn't even noticed we iz gone. Letz get outta here Nicht Schnitzel, we go get hisscream an' drop you off at da garden centre. Just promise not to make reservations for da instaserf and we is awl good..." Oh dear... Looks like Quince has just created a #greatdevongnomealliance with​ Nicht Schnitzel - I wonder how Klaus will react?? This could really mess up Klaus' dinner plans...

My name is Cosmic Creepers, but my friends call me Cosmo 🐱

When you realize it's Monday🙀

🐱 working is really such exhausting business 🐱

There was a small flying insect intruder he was trying to catch...I think he got it eventually LOL #Loki #lokithebugkiller #catsofig #catsofinstagram #blackcatsofig #blackcatsofinstagram #instacats #housepanther #adoptdontshop🐾

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