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"Had the best birthday!!! Thank you all 💛" - Diddy Kong #twoyearsold

Are not they cute? 😻😻😻 From: @bkh_boys

#cats_of_world and follow us to be featured 🐾

When your homegirl text u that she's hanging at home with her new boyfriend and u low key sad because men ain't shit and want all the pretty women in they life to be single at all times but then she send u a pic and issa tiny lil hairy mutt happy as a clam to be in his comfy new crib and the caption say "met him at the shelter 🤗" and then u get a tear in your eye because u know this pup's life just went from living in a cage to eating organic dog food and watching a naked woman emerge from the shower daily with wet hair and bounteous, glistening bare boobies and it's such a magnificently triumphant glo-up that u can't help but get choked up #BasedOnATrueStory #BeAHero #AdoptDontShop ❤️😍😂 (📸: Reddit u/kinicotan.
Pic text: Reddit u/dickfromaccounting.
Caption text: @drsmashlove)

Chloe & Numpkin are back with @iamthegreatwent & @kittenxlady but I still have lots of video! The fun never ends!! #kitten #bath #time


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That moment when you realize it's a Rest Day and you just don't know what to do with your life anymore.
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Check the link in my profile and choose your Cat 👕 , Hoodie, Mug or Poster! International shipping!
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