Can anyone foster this poorest baby for 8 days while I’m in London?? She came to me so weak she couldn’t even stand a long time on her back legs. She has gotten much better but now I have discovered she is pregnant. I have no one to look after her and get her out of the heat while I’m gone. If you can help please let me know! Also I will be adopting out the kittens when they are ready. But for now I just need care indoors for one week until I get back! #animalrescue #socalcat #socalanimalrescue #calicocat #kittens #catrescuer #mustlovecats #cats_of_instagram

Help us keep helping them ,PayPal bffk9@aol.com .#catsneverleftbehind #catsneedhelp #catrescuer

SWIPE to see his big ol' kitten feet 😻

He's about 12 wks old. Thankfully @gulfshoreanimalleague
had space to bring him into their adoption program! He is located at Pet Supermarket 4315 26th St W, Bradenton, FL 34205

HIS STORY: I trapped him a couple weeks ago while trying to catch a naughty mama and her 6-wk old kittens. It was about 1am and I had only caught a juvenile female (not the mom I was trying for) so I was about to pack up when I saw a small bunny-like object hop away from my trap. I slowly backed away and watched his skinny, curious little body head towards the stinky mackerel goodness in my trap. Then snap! That trap door shutting always give me a lil thrill! Knowing that in that instance this animal's life is about to change for the better. Good luck little Mercury! #tnrworks #staceysavescats

When the only temp holding space you have for your TNR cats and kittens is your bathroom. #ibleachitallafterwards🙈
Our other bathroom is 2 of our cat's playroom and nighttime room because they deserve their own space...aaaand also they can be buttheads who don't get along with others 🤐
#staceysavescats #tnrworks

Siblings reunited! 🐈🐈🐈 It took 3 consecutive days to trap all 3 babies. They are scared but realizing how good they have it now. I pet and held everyone last night. Male silver tabby and two tuxedo females! They have multiple health issues going on-- including upper respiratory infections + conjunctivitis. To donate towards their ongoing veterinary care please use paypal.me/BonnRescue Thank You for your help! #rescued #wearerescued #catrescue #catrescuer #kitten #kittens #kittenpile #kittenseason #tuxedo #silvertabby #reuinted #littermates #toocute #catlover #love #purr #meow #fosterkittens #fosteringsaveslives #leadwithlove #communitycats #tnrworks

Chilled Saturday morning kicking back with my favorite childhood movie - The Neverending Story.

Have a fab weekend lovelies! ✌️

This is my precious Buddy Bear, back when he was an outside kitty. To read his story, check my two previous posts 😻 Swipe to see more of his sweet natured face. He wasn't as wild as his sis, Bella and adapted much quicker to indoor life than she did. #tnr #fosterfail
#tnrworks #tnvr #trapneuterreturn #spayandneuter #foster #adoptdontshop #staceysavescats #fosterfailure #communitycats #communitycat #blackcat #blackcatsrock #spayastray #fixaferal #catfoster #catrescue #catrescuer #hiptobetipped #eartip #manateecounty #floridacats #picoftheday #animalrescue #gsalinc #gulfshoreanimalleague #floridaphotographer

The first kitty that I ever TNR'd! Her name is Bella aaaand.. Long story short, she ended up being my foster a year after I had her spayed and returned to her outdoor home. Theeeen another long story short... I failed as a foster and now she and her bro (next post) are my spoiled little cats 😻 I love them so much.
#tnr #tnrworks #tnvr #trapneuterreturn #spayandneuter #foster #adoptdontshop #staceysavescats #fosterfailure #communitycats #communitycat #spayastray #fixaferal #catfoster #catrescue #catrescuer #hiptobetipped #eartip #manateecounty #floridacats #picoftheday #animalrescue #gsalinc #gulfshoreanimalleague #floridaphotographer #tigercat

Back in 2012, these two started it all. I noticed kittens at our apartment complex, where I had only seen these weird "big headed" adult cats. I had NO idea what to do. I had zero experience in trapping, nor did I even know that was a thing. All I knew was that I needed to do something. After some research I was referred to a local rescue, @gulfshoreanimalleague and they taught me about Trap Neuter Return (TNR). Y'all... I was hooked!
With GSAL's help I trapped these two, who I later named Buddy and Bella, along with their mom AND dad. I TNR'd the whole family! Buddy and Bella were about 4 months old at the time and pretty wild.
Fast forward to 2013, I was informed of a credible threat from new management that the cats were all going to be trapped and abandoned at a local nature preserve (where the coyotes live! 😡)
Long story short, I ended up foster-failing Buddy and Bella, now they're living the good life with me indoors 😊

😿🙀kucing yg malang.. Kasihan nasibmu.
#rescuecat #kitten#catlover #cats #catrescuer

🐱Kätzchen Alarm im Tunnel der S10🐱

Kurz nach 21:00 wurden wir von einer Dame kontaktiert, dass sich im Tunnel von Unterweitersdorf nach Freistadt eine kleine Katze verirrt hat.
Sofort ins Auto gehüpft und los gefahren in der Hoffnung das wir es rechtzeitig schaffen, bevor sie von einen Auto überfahren wird.
Im Tunnel drinnen mussten wir nicht lange suchen, sie saß verschreckt am Fahrbahnrand.
Also das Auto an der nächst möglichen Stelle abgestellt und zur Katze gerannt. Den kleinen gesichert und zurück ins Auto, wo wir leider feststellen mussten das der kleine Kater bereits unter die Räder gekommen war. Seinen Schwanz kann man leider nicht mehr retten und er hat auch ein verletztes Pfötchen und einige oberflächliche Wunden an Bauch und Beinen. Ansonsten geht es ihm den Umständen ensprechend gut.
Nun darf sich der Kleine erst einmal von seinem Schock erholen.
Danke für den Anruf, denn alleine hätter er wahrscheinlich nicht überlebt! 👍🏼#cat #S10 #catrescue #catrescuer #tierheimfreistadt

@kristinabalaam fighting for the little guys @bayanimalhosp We don’t know this old guy’s real name, so we just called him “Spruce” after our street where we found him. He was all matted-up and emaciated, but he was so so friendly. We just couldn’t leave him outside like that. I picked him up and put him in a crate. He weighs almost nothing: 2 lbs actually. The VEC emergency vet was kind enough to groom him pro bono and make sure he wasn’t in any immediate danger last night. Today, @bayanimalhosp is doing all the tests to see what we need to do to get him back in shape. Sprucey clearly hasn’t had any love or attention in a while. But, he meowed at the right lady last night. #catrescuer

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