“Are you done with the photos? We’re hungry for some treeeeaaats!” -🐶😼

Look!! I'm a Catasaurus Rex!!
In celebration of me reaching 1,000 followers this week, AND the Jurassic World movie coming out tomorrow, I've decided to host a Dinosaur Themed Party this weekend!  I have tagged a few of my friends on here, but EVERYONE is invited!! Tell your friends!  There will be plenty of T-rex Tacos, Meowgaritas and Meowmosas! If you're brave enough, you can try the Jurassic Juice!  It's going to get craazy!

Mom’s sorry about not posting frequently! She has a friend visiting from her hometown in PA & has been busy with vacation. I love having a new person to hang out with though!

Originally posted by @sweetcatclub I like this don’t you? @cutepetspixx|

Casual kitty #😎 -Sherlock

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