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Quando você é MUITO fã de alguém, a melhor coisa que pode acontecer é você conhecer essa pessoa e descobrir que ela é do jeitinho que você imaginou. Aconteceu comigo! Esse ruivinho aí da foto foi fofo, educado, atencioso, lindo, bem lindo, profissional, mas mesmo assim eu não consegui parar de tremer um segundo sequer! Por que é sempre tão involuntário?! Obrigada, @brumerang, por ser meu "fado padrinho" quando o assunto é Ed Sheeran. Você me levou ao primeiro show dele e agora me deu essa oportunidade única. Obrigada também, @gabizocchi, por ser sempre tão legal comigo! We keep this love in a photograph. We made these memories for ourselves... There is no one like you, @teddysphotos! Thanks for change the world with a guitar and a song. 😭😭❤❤ #DivideTour #EdSheeran #DreamsComeTrue #GingerBoy #catperson

Cat owners! KEEP YOUR CAT'S TOES AND CLAWS ON THEIR PAWS! (Photo is of amputated cat toes and claws which is how declawing is performed)😾😾😾 Please tag a friend or two on this post so that we get more people to help with this important cat cause and so they will see this important, game changing study that came out yesterday and shows how declawing harms cats for their lifetime.😿
The link to the study is on my instagram bio! Let me know what you think!
Here are some of the findings in the study, "declawing increases the risk of long-term or persistent pain, manifesting as unwanted behaviors such as inappropriate elimination (soiling/urinating outside of the litter box) and aggression/biting. This is not only detrimental to the cat (pain is a major welfare issue and these behaviors are common reasons for relinquishment of cats to shelters), but also has health implications for their human companions, as cat bites can be serious."
"A declawed cat was also almost 3 times more likely to be diagnosed with back pain than a non-declawed cat (potentially due to shortening of the declawed limb and altered gait, and/or chronic pain at the site of the surgery causing compensatory weight shift to the pelvic limbs)."
Stop this cruelty, abuse, and torture that's done to 5000 cats a day in America. 😾😾😾#Pawsneedclaws
Any vet that declaws a cat is unethical, inhumane, and is harming a cat for life. They are a complete shame to the vet profession!!! 😾 #greed #unethical #veterinary

Iced lattes and naps ❤️❤️
#kittiesncoffee 🐾☕️ Photo Credit: @brooklyn.archer.lugo

Canım oglusum yine beni gordugune nasıl mutlu oldu(!) öpücüklere bogdu sagolsun😅 (şu an hunharca kendini temizliyor😒) #ilovemycat #scottishfold #lokum #catperson

ben doğurmuşum gibi seviyorum💙 #catperson #catsofinstagram


How I chill with meowmie on a rainy day ☔️ #teegee #cat #babycat

Meanwhile @teegeemocha squeezed her booty behind mine because, well, she claimed the la-z-boy hers a long time ago .. 😸 #cat #babycat #teegee

Just poured myself a fresh cup of water ... 🙄 #shiny #cat #bratcat

Alguien terminó empapada ayer por estar de parranda >^..^< #cat #catperson #rainyday #bathtime #funnycat #funny xD

I think I just figured out why they call them CATerpillars 🐛 #fuzzylittleCATerpillar #adventurecats

Emilio en las nubes 😻 #gatoviajero #cat #catperson

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