Machine head....you were fucking awesome!!! Wasn't expecting it to be as pumped as it was, you guys rock!! #machinehead #nottingham #machinefuckinghead #rockcity #catharsis #robflynn #needtocomebacksoon # #yourock #lovedit

If this is what it means to be abandoned then let me be left. Abandon me. Melissa Febos 儭 #abandonme #catharsis #gratitude #watercolor #painting #exploration #create

Excerpt from "Universal Song" in Architect of the Divine: Restoring the Heartspace for Love by Maura A. Finn
It is snake season in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Yesterday I saw a 5 foot long black snake. I watched it, turned away, and five minutes later it was gone.
I knew it was a beautiful symbol of shedding my old skin. So I spent 4 hours painting, drawing and writing. I released (again!) Layers of old stories and beliefs and patterns.
I am still deep into this initiation of healing my fractured leg and turning 40. I am opening to a new way of showing up in the world and this new way just might make others uncomfortable. It is mostly because my answer to almost everything is: "I don't know." I keep questioning how I can be at peace with this unknowing; how I can be illuminated by the freedom that comes with releasing/shedding all of my identity. Does this make me brave? Does this allow me to be more true to myself? .
Becoming fearless is the only path that I want to take. A snake slithers right out of its skin without questioning what will be left behind. It is a natural process of life. So I continue to move forward, even if it feels like my belly is dragging along the Earth's surface. I would much rather be connected to my Source than hovering above and living in anxious anticipation of the "what ifs." .
May you find a way to connect with your own shedding process. Each moment embraces death and rebirth; it is the cycle of change.
Snake medicine is healing. Nobody ever said it would be easy, but it can be done with grace.
Image from Pinterest.
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"Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions be louder than your words" | # The White Stripes -Icky Thump


Witness this gripping battle between my personality parts:
- what I want to do: fight the cat
- what I should do: pet the cat
- what I did: rip some paper in front of the cat #displacement #freud #copingmechanisms #catharsis

Catarsis de un artista'
Catharsis of an artist
Jose Jaime. leo

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Sorry LA we just blasting through today. We gotta hustle to @casbahsandiego for some super serious action tonight with @quiband and @deatheyesband 毋毋毋毋均 #rockandroll #experimental #noise #power #catharsis #love #wildpowwers #constantlovers #qui #deatheyes

Exercise plays a fundamental role in my life

For me its less about appearance, and more about catharsis

As someone with a very active mind, it allows me to enter into a complete state of #nomind

Was listening to #robbailey and #thehustlestandard ('s) new album "Spectrum"

Its amazing! I recommend checking it out. My favorite album by them thus far.

The two biggest natural breakthroughs of science that lead to both destruction and also the safeguarding of millions of lives share a communal marvel. Nature expressed its ultimate talents only when it was confined in the dark, in seclusion or grimy shitholes. Had Becquerel not placed the photographic films in the dark desk drawer, would he have discovered radioactivity? Had Fleming cleaned up his laboratory and closed the windows, would he have discovered penicillin? Nature communicates with the world in the language of spectacles, only when we leave it in the darkest of settings, both literally and metaphorically. Nature outshines its own archetypes in the most unimaginable ways possible. Then why do you, my darling human being, deem it an inescapable reality that youre only bound for mediocrity and ordinariness, simply because your supposed ambiance and milieu do not apparently warrant a bright future? Why do you look so despondently at yourself, my darling, when your mere existence is the most charismatic natural phenomenon?
// there has always been a very small number of people that I've really been able to soothe with my words, as words do often fall short in saying what one really wants to say. But lately I've been feeling that a lot of people around me have been needing a slightly comforting pat on the back like this one, regardless of how mediocre the writing must be. I hope you read it, absorb it and start believing in yourself a little more today, irrespective of how bleak your current surroundings might be. 嫖歹

Catharsis through Hoop Dance 恫氯儭 LET IT FLOW @veniceglowflow Surrounded by inspiring and talented people

Trash Boat are my faves

I nurse my wounds with words, voices. #poetry #poetsofinstagram #writing #writerslife #catharsis #life

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