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choreo by sara #cater2u #destinyschild ❤️☺️

let me pour out my love letter 💌 [032117] #cater2u #foryou 💾

#destinychild #cater2u #最高に楽しい

How To Serve Your Man on Valentine's Day 💙🍑 What Do You Want From A Queen for Vday? 👀

#VDay #ValentinesDay #Bae #Cater2U #BlowHisMind

Absolute Truth ❤️❤️❤️ #futurehusband #king&queen #cater2u #love&affection


Lagu menuju pagi. #Cater2U

One of my favorite songs ever!! Brunch/Easy Sunday Morning Vibes!! When I get married I will making my husband blueberry-banana pancakes, crepes, maybe a mimosa or two, & having this playing in the background. Yup! I'm that chick 👌🏾#blackboyjoy #blackgirlmagic #corinnebaileyrae #brunchvibes #onedaysomeday #wifeup #cater2u

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Fancy hot dog. 🌭👌 Beef frank in a crispy wheat bun topped with caramelized onion + jalapeno, crumbled bacon, spicy mustard and a doctored bbq sauce. Feat. my @sheshredsmag koozie! #noshameinpostingfoodpics

let me pour out my love letter 💌 [032117] #cater2u #foryou 💾

Good fuckin music!!! #destinyschild #cater2u

🎶 "Let Me Cater 2 U Cause Baby This Is Your Day, Do Anything 4 My Man Baby U Blow me Away"🎶 #destinyschild @destinyschild #cater2u

Baby I see you working hard , I want to let you know I'm proud.
Let you know that I admire what you do.
The more if I need to reassure you , my life would be purposeless without you.
If I want it , you got it.
When I ask you , you provide it.
You inspire me to be better.
You challenge me for the better.
Sit back and let me pour out my love letter 💌

Let me help you , take off your shoes.
Untie your shoestrings , take off your cufflinks.
What you wanna eat , Boo ?
Let me feed you.
Let me run your bathwater.
Whatever you desire , I aspire.

Sing you a song , turn the game on.
I'll brush your hair , help put your do rag on.
Want a foot rub ? Want a manicure ?
Baby , I'm yours I want to cater to you , boy.

Let me cater to you , cz baby this is your day.
Do anything for my man , baby you blow me away.
I got your slippers , your dinner , your dessert , and so much more.
Anything you want just let me cater to you ❤.
This solo is not perfect in terms of technique and feeling cz my injured leg hurt af. It is so hard to concentrate on dancing when your leg is practically screaming , wanting you to go home and rest 😢

But I like the song and the lyrics speak to me deeply.
And it is a funny coincidence how Haeni and Sorah Yang use the same song during Summer Jam Dance Camp 😂
🎧 : Destiny's Child - Cater 2 U

#BridgeDanceAcademy #BDABandung #LadiesStyle #HeelsClass #Choreography #DestinysChild #Beyonce #Cater2U

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