Ghost's DNA test! @basepaws she's a mutt of 27 cat breeds! The highest percentage being Japanese Bobtail, Ragdoll, and Siamese!

2 more dayssss!

Super excited to announce that Maddie's first @basepaws DNA report has arrived! Right now the report focuses on breeds and wild cats that could be in your cats ancestry based on similar DNA. The top 3 breeds Maddie matched with are the Somali, the Tennessee Rex and the Maine Coon! Interesting, I always knew he must have a bit of Maine Coon in him, because he is so massive! And the top 3 wild cats that he matched with are the Rusty-spotted cat, the lion, and the leopard cat. It reports that he is 99% MORE matched with these wild cats then the average cat is. It is so cool to learn about his potential ancestors and recognize the traits that he shares with them. I can't wait for more results! I'm most looking forward to their health interpretation. Fun fact: I have had multiple people tell me that he Looks just like a British shorthair cat but he is absolutely NOT matched with a British short hair at all. @basepaws please correct me if I'm wrong with any of these interpretations! Thanks so much to @cola_thecat for hosting the giveaway that brought me to basepaws!
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22 feb 2018 // mama sent meme fur and saliva for DNA testing last August and nownow we haz FIRST results back out of manyss.

it showz 21 breeds and this top 3 meme looks like. but overall meme shld be domestic heehee becos it markers iz more to middle. .
wat u tinkz? meme like a mainecoon??? egyptian mau?? somali?? 😹 . .

mama sayz me breed iz CUTE domestic medium hair, runt. yea dat me breed 😋 .
how to interpret the results? primary read is, the closer the marker is to the right, the closer the cat is related to the breed. meaning it shld not start from Domestic. secondary read is the wider the marker, the more unsure they are. that's why im closest to Domestic since my markers are all so close to it.

So excited! @basepaws sent some early DNA results for Oliver today! As more DNA is sent in, and more cats are added to the database, the results will become clearer and more detailed - but for now it looks like he is most likely a Maine Coon/Persian mix! Whatever he is and wherever he’s from - we love him so very much ❤️ Next it’s Beaclaw’s turn! Just ordered a kit for him today 😸. Any bets on what breed our prom king is? Comment below and vote in our IG story 🙂 #oliver #basepaws #catdna #mainecoonpersian #lovemycat #catlady #meow #bearclawandco #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #catstocker #cat #rescuecat #rescue #adoptdontshop #tabbycat #maincoonsofinstagram #maincoonstagram @excellent_cats @topcatphoto @bearclawandco @catstocker @catsofinstagram @cats_of_instagram @basepaws

At meowmy‘s work when you validate an instrument you get to name it. And guess what?! She named it after me and Dexter! 😹😻👍🏼 #ilovemycats #cats #catsofinstagram #petsofinstagram #rescuecats #dnalab #validation #inamedthemaftermybabies #catdna #qiagen @qiagen

Handsome...I mean Hansel just found out from an-cat-stry DNA he might be part Bengal 🙀🐯

My mom was white?! 🙀I’m calling Ancestry.com...Who wants my spit? 👅💦 #catdna #ancestrydotcom #itsinthegenes #muttkitty #streetcat #instagramcats #tuxedocatofinstagram #tuxedocatclub #tuxedolife #fancycats

Today we got our Basepaws DNA testing kit in the mail! 📦 When I got Mia I thought she was a Siamese and then her hair got long and it had me questioning what breed she actually is 🤔. I’m so excited to find out what breed she is with the help of @basepaws along with get information on her health! 🔬🐱 #basepawscats #basepaws #catdnatest #catdna

By now you all know Marcellus Wallace. I came upon this wildcat while I was volunteering at @perrys_place_la and he immediately demanded my attention.
2 years on he’s officially in his #fureverhome just as demanding as ever! 😻 Marcellus was about 5 years old when we met, and it has left me with some burning questions about his origins.

I know that before Marcellus came to live with me, he was previously adopted and returned to the shelter shortly after 😿 I know that he has some past traumas, that bring out his wild side when he has to go in a carrier. I also know that he is gentle, loving, snuggly, mischievous, big boned, big footed, energetic, clever (he can open doors, flush the toilet, plays fetch, and drinks with his paw), he chirps like a bird and has the hiss of a snake.
Which made me wonder... what does this all mean? Could my abnormally giant kitty be part Lion? Stay tuned.... #basepawscats #catdna #dnatest #catsofinstagram

We recently joined a feline asthma research program, and encourage everyone to do the same! Matilda was happy(ish) to donate a bit of her fluff to help find the root of this disease. Think of it like 23 & Me for cats 🔬
If your cat has asthma that exceeds moderate, allergies, diabetes or IBD, please send an email to cure@basepaws.com for your own FREE @basepaws CatKit. Veterinarian documentation is required. .
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Collected & mailed off Alta & Toquima’s DNA kits today courtesy of @basepaws !! 😺😺We are very excited to be apart of their feline asthma DNA research and we can’t wait to learn about their genetics! If you are interested check out: https://www.basepaws.com 😺⚗️🌡🐯 #catsofinstagram #cats #basepaws #DNA #cutecat #catDNA #petDNA #felineasthma

I just did the adhesive collection of fur for the @basepaws study. I was not expecting that much fur! He didn't seem to mind it. He didn't want to sit still for 2 minutes but a few treats got him through it. #felinediabetes #catdna #baswpaws #catsofinstagram

Look what came in the mail today!! Excited to be able to participate!! #felinediabetes #highdose #lantus #catsofinstagram #catdna @basepaws

Hey everypawdy! Maddie here, sorry we haven't been very active lately. Meowmy hasn't been feeling very well but she's hanging in there. As for me...I'm just wondering what my DNA test will reveal. We received an email from @basepaws that they have received our kit and will begin testing, so we are super excited!!! Meowmy has been told by quite a few people that I resemble a British shorthair or American shorthair breed. (Thick stocky body, puffy face). As far as we know I am just a dsh, but we will see what the test picks up. What do you guys think??
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