Diggin' a bucket #jonesbros #cat6015

Cat 6015B loading 745C haul trucks at one of our past jobs sent in by @brianlighthill That bucket looks enormous over the bed of that truck!!

It’s incredible seeing these massive quantities of material being moved by the 6015b and these A60H haul trucks. These make an incredible pair, more pics to follow!

Nanti kn tiba masanya .
Dimasa kamu meninggalkan dan memilih jalanmu sendiri.
Dimasa mrasa jenuh dengan ku.
Yg marasa hidup mu kurang nymn dngku.
Maka pergilah..doaku mnyertaimu

Ccm Cat 6015 loading a 777 #ccmmodels #cat6015 #cat777

Cat 6015B warming up on a chilly morning. It’s incredible how a machine can be so photogenic👌🏻

Okay, I thought I would post something a little different today. I’ve seen this done before and it was quite amusing, so let’s see what you guys have got. Wrong answers only! @daily_construction @earthmoving_daily

@bigjon636 said “Question for you good sir. This may seem silly but I’m curious about something. What does one need to do or have accomplished in order to be able to operate heavy machinery? I’ve operated large farm equipment and harvesters as well as played a little in an excavator but nothing formal. I’d drop what I’m doing currently in a heartbeat to operate heavy machinery but don’t know where to begin. Any suggestions?!” •
I decide to respond to this question with a post because I’m certain that there are more people out there with this same question. The biggest factor is desire. It helps if you have any experience in large equipment (i.e. farm equipment, large trucks, some heavy equipment) so that you don’t have the intimidation factor these large pieces of equipment can bring. It also helps build spatial awareness skills needed when operating something so large. Getting started, you will most likely start out in a haul truck. While this isn’t what most have in mind when they see this page, this position allows you to fully observe the full operation. There is so much to be learned by watching. Subtle maneuvers such as which side of the cut is taken first, how and when the bucket is curled, and just the overall natural movement of the machine can be observed. •
Same goes for a dozer. Watching someone with 20+ years of experience in a dozer will blow you away with just how much can be done. Whether it’s a D6T pushing piles to build compacted fills, a D8T cleaning the cut and haul roads to the hoe, or a D11 carry dozer filling up his blade and pushing, watch and learn. •
Eventually you will get to the point where you feel like you have picked up enough to try it out. Any time a small opportunity comes up where the foreman needs someone on a dozer or on a hoe, take your chance and try it out! Show that you are willing and have the desire to do more. •
It’s all about desire and taking your opportunities. If you want to get started, don’t wait. We look for people who have a desire to be in this industry and the drive to put in the time to be successful in it- the experience can be gathered along the way.

Cat 6015B loading Bell B60E haul trucks. These trucks are wild. Our new Volvo A60H trucks are true 6x6 ADTs, but the Bell 60 ton trucks are a hybrid. They resemble a rigid frame truck in the rear, but maintain most of the maneuverability of an articulated truck. We are currently demoing this B60E to see how well it can keep up with the other haul trucks while only being 4 wheel drive (hopefully I can share our findings soon). I'd like to hear if any of you have experience with these massive trucks...

Just another angle of the 6015 loading the 773Fs. 👌🏻

The other day I posted a picture of the 6015 and said it would no longer be loading 740s and 745s. I also said that if anyone could guess what it would now be paired up with, they would get a shoutout. @zachhabron and @ggrimsrud guessed right! The 6015 is loading 773Fs at this job. Utilizing 4 of these rigid frame trucks allows us to achieve our desired production rate. I'll give @unclemike_000 an honorable mention for guessing the 773 part right. What do you guys think?

After the old 245 this is one of my favorite excavators, the impressive #cat6015 makes the awesome #cat385 and #cat390 look small.

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