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Pair of mom and dad sparrows I did a little while back. @castirontattoos #castirontattoos #castirontattoo #traditionaltattoos #orlandotattoos

A really cool picture my buddy @rae_jaksun took of a set of machines that I made #castirontattoo #castirontattoos #dannyknight #dannyknightmachines

Got some time for appointments this week. Message me or come by the shop for dates and availability. #castirontattoo #castirontattoos #lancewhitetattoos

Repost from www.instagram.com/mlugosi. See the best tattoos in Orlando on www.besttattooshopsusa.com/orlando --- From yesterday. On Joe. Thanks dude!!! @castirontattoos #castirontattoos #castirontattoo #wolfinsheepsclothing @mlugosi

@mlugosi putting in work! The whole team is in today so come by and see some portfolios!! #tattoos #orlando #orlandotattoos #castirontattoos #florida

Got a super cool package in the mail today from my brother @dannyknight68 artist/owner of @castirontattoos Thank you my friend the pins look awesome. If you are in the Orlando/Central Florida area check them out. Danny and his crew put out quality work 7 days a week and they are good people. #tattoos #floridatattooers #castirontattoos

I have wanted to get a tattoo in remembrance of my Memaw for a while now. I was finally at a place where I could actually go through with it. The infinity symbol stand for my love for her, "a love without end", the "love you" is her handwriting from a card she gave me, and she loved hearing the birds sing in the morning just as I do. My sister and I went together and she decided on an angel wing for herself in remembrance of Memaw. Today was a great day!
#castirontattoos #lancewhite

Updated our ink today adding 2 of the kids names! Thanks @dannyknight68 for having the Reed crew today !! I'm already planning my next one 😉👏🏼 #castirontattoos #3littlereeds #inkaddictionisreal #kiahaskedwherewegoingtoputLuna? lol


New sheets in the mix, come turn them into tattoos

Got some time for appointments this week. Message me or come by the shop for dates and availability. #castirontattoo #castirontattoos #lancewhitetattoos

Done a few weeks back. Thanks for looking. @castirontattoos

Got some background done on this koi half sleeve I'm working on. Contact me through here for booking info ☝🏽

St Michael piece by @victorparedes__

Microphone piece from a while back would love to jump into more realistic tattoos. Contact me through here for booking info

Bowie~stronaut by @tat2j03

Globe on @tyler_sunworks from a little while back, got a little wrap around, but you get the picture... @castirontattoos #castirontattoos #castirontattoo #traditionaltattoo #globetattoo #orlandotattoos #mikelugosiforpresident

Little heart & dagger to end the night. Will be out of town for a few days will be back at the shop on Saturday. contact me through here for any inquiries on how to get tattooed

I never post cause I'm lazy #1. But here is a cool between/under the boobs (or whatever the fuck you call it) one I like on @tyler_sunworks lady. Thanks Ashley for always allowing me to do cool things on you also. @castirontattoos #castirontattoos #castirontattoo #orlandotattoos #traditionaltattoo #daggertattoo #mikesucksatpostingonIG

Cover up lotus from today. before pic to the right.

Wonder Woman tattoo by @lancewhite_cit @castirontattoos

@nofunnik will be tattooing here @castirontattoos Tomorow ! Saturday July 8th from 12pm to 10pm all the way from Gainesville flarida. Come get something cool ! ⚡️⚡️

Tiburon tattoo from a couple weeks back. booking tattoos for August. got some spots left in July as well feel free to get in contact with me for any of your tattoo ideas big or small preferably custom designs 🦈

Here's a quick one from today happy 4th of July

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