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Imperfect projection of imagination: Casting out of Lucifer

Lucifer was cast out of the heavens for disobeying his father's order of bowing to Adam and Lucifer didn't bow as he found himself lower than only one, his father.

For the love of father, Lucifer with his arrogance, pride thrown out of heaven.
I had this imagination of drawing all the Angels including Michael bowing to newly created Adam and Lucifer disobeying God being thrown out. Will definitely try perfecting my imagination into paper someday. In meanwhile If you have link of any such sketch, Sent me the link in message 😊

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• One week ago and I still can't believe how lucky I was to get the chance to see @nathangraymusic performing his own solo stuff on stage in Cologne. And I can't stop thinking about the thing he said, that there doesn't need to be a god or anything similar but that it is about the feelings you get when something special happens or the way you're touched by some spiritual thing nobody can explain. And that evening really was something I will always refer to this saying. I can't explain the feeling of happiness and sadness and so much more I felt at the same time. So thank you. It was a pleasure watching you on stage, laughing (so damn much), crying and singing along with you.

• Aaaaand one last time. I'm always lost of words when I want to talk to you but I think thats okay, it would be just a flood of happiness. Thank you so much. I think the picture speaks for itself! ♡

Douglas Boyd, Texas Bassist of the band “Casting Out” with his very slick GAMMA Custom J517 in Retro Sonic Blue. Great photo. Great guy 👍. Thanks for the constant great feedback, Doug! Enjoy. #gammabass #gammabassguitars #gammabasses #dougboyd #castingout

Nathan Gray In-Store (Slideshow, 2018) My friend and collaborator @nathangraymusic (center) braved the snow and made his way to @aditlrecords (left) last night. We had a wonderfully casual and intimate night of fun. Many thanks to @sallyjanevintage and @cole_beans_ for taking care of us at dinner, to @thescarletwillow for hosting our host, to @becky.fontaine for the color photos posted here, to @mattallynchapman for asking me to sign his copy of "Feral Hymns," and to everyone who came from as far as Philadelphia and Baltimore in the driving snow to share the night with us. #nathangray #boysetsfire #castingout #hardcore #posthardcore #punk #singersongwriter #mayonnaise #mayonnaisehelmet #lancaster #pennsylvania #friends #laughter #snow #music #art #passion

Casting Out at the Edge Coffeehouse on 2-16-18
#CastingOut #TheEdgeCoffeehouse

Casting Out at The Edge coffeehouse on 2-16-18

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