This #beforeandafter is from a house we flipped 3 yrs ago! This was a cute little bungalow in Seminole Heights but it had absolutely no character. Which is why we decide to cover the kitchen walls in subway tile, add a custom range hood and island, built by my hubby and added this pretty cool light fixture over the island! Also, it was one of the first times we started doing concrete countertops! Swipe ⬅️ for the before......#transformationtuesday #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #buyingandsellingproperties #liveworkplaytampabay

Happy Monday! Hope you feel rested after the weekend. I may be one of the few people in the world that love Mondays. I love the feeling of a fresh start and beginning of a new week! I like to take a moment to focus and visualize on my goals. This step-down living space is exactly what I want to create for our future home which we are building within a few years! I also LOVE the floor to ceiling fireplace which I would cover in a white washed brick. Take a moment to focus on your dreams and goals and I guarantee your week will start off better. Photo: unknown #buyingandsellingproperties #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #motivationmonday #liveworkplaytampabay

Today’s #fireplacefriday is the home we flipped a year ago in #southtampa I LOVED the way this fireplace turned out! We were able to tear down the walls on both sides of it and also save the brick. It became a gorgeous focal point between the living room and dining room! Swipe to see the before.... #buyingandsellingproperties #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #liveworkplaytampabay #fireplace

One of my favorite things about restoring historic homes is when we get to keep the original doors! Love this whole entryway, setting the tone for this home. #buyingandsellingproperties #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #liveworkplaytampabay #frontporch

A little #beforeandafter of the house we just closed on for this #transformationtuesday An alley kitchen is not very popular for today’s buyers since most like to have an open floor plan and an island. So we had to come up with a way on how to make that happen for this house. Swipe ⬅️ to see before and middle pics.. and sign up for our monthly email list if you want details on upcoming projects 👇🏼castillotampahomes@lombardoteam.com. #buyingandsellingproperties #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #liveworkplaytampabay

Closing day has finally arrived on this beautiful bungalow! Not every transaction is always smooth and easy but once we get to the end, it is so rewarding! This house was one of the most fun to design since we were able to really step outside the box. What is your favorite feature? #buyingandsellingproperties #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #closingday #liveworkplaytampabay

Happy Friday friends! One of my favorite features in a home is the fireplace! Whether it gets used much here in FL or not. It still is a great focal point. Unfortunately this home we flipped a few months back did not have one so we had to create one from scratch! We had to take out the window in front of the chandelier in order to do so. (Swipe left to see the before pics.) But I’m so happy we did, because it added so much character and beauty to the home. This was one of the homes that never made it on the MLS since the buyers put in a contract during the demo phase. You could be next... 😉 send me an email at castillotampahomes@lombardoteam.com. #buyingandsellingproperties #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #fireplacefriday #liveworkplaytampabay

Talk about a grand entrance! Here is a sneak peek of just one of the MANY things I love about this home we are currently working on! Which is already under contract!! It is definitely an advantage to get in during our early stages of the remodel, in order to have an input through the design process. I’m SO excited to see this home coming together! Sign up for our future email list which will resume by the end of the month with details of our upcoming projects! 🏠 castillotampahomes@lombardoteam.com. #buyingandsellingproperties #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #liveworkplaytampabay

Happy Labor Day! Hope you were able to take some time to really relax today. No matter what you do and how much you enjoy it, balance is so necessary in our lives. So thankful for the reminders to slow down and take a break. #laborday #buyingandsellingproperties #castillotampahomes #castilloconstructionservices #liveworkplaytampabay

Happy Friday! Who’s excited for the long Labor Day weekend?! Here is a fun #beforeandafter of one of our properties from last year. I will be using a very similar master bath tile from this house in our current project, which I’m SO excited about! Does anyone remember what it looked like? I will post a pic very soon! Stay tuned...This will be our best house yet! #buyingandsellingproperties #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #houseflip #liveworkplaytampabay

One of my favorite features of these old bungalows is the front porch! Usually I wait till closer to the end to show you the front porch but this home has such a gorgeous porch already, I had to show you! And this is only a portion of it. It’s a wrap around porch! We will be staining the wood a deep dark brown which will make the rest of the house pop! Wait until you see it completely finished! We will be sharing more details in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.... #buyingandsellingproperties #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #houseflip #liveworkplaytampabay

Some of my favorite interior pics from the last home I posted, which we renovated two years ago. It has already received multiple offers within days on the market. And in just two years the value has already grown over 60,000. If you are ready to buy or sell your home, now is the time! Send me an email at castillotampahomes@lombardoteam.com and we will guide you every step of the way. 📷@sibbittwernert #buyingandsellingproperties #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #houseflip #liveworkplaytampabay

This rustic, ranch-style home we flipped two years ago is back on the market! This home was so much fun to design. It was one of the very first homes where we took some bold moves in the design style. And it ended up being one of the most popular homes we’ve done. Swipe for the before. And contact me for more info. ➡️castillotampahomes@lombardoteam.com. #buyingandsellingproperties #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #houseflip #beforeandafter #liveworkplaytampabay

It was a little sad painting over the previous owner’s artwork. I’ve never seen anything like it. But our goal is to make every house fresh and clean no matter what design style we choose. Swipe ⬅️ to see the before... #buyingandsellingproperties #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #liveworkplaytampabay #beforeandafter

Happy Saturday! I am finally ready to unpack from our trip today! I can’t believe how exhausted and jet lagged this vacation left us....In the meantime, I’ve been working on putting together the rest of the design for our current project. And I’m loving this color and paneling for one of the bathrooms! What do you guys think? This home will have a very classic, historic design. Check my stories over the next week to see more sneak peeks on this house! #buyingandsellingproperties #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #bathroomdesign #liveworkplaytampabay

What a difference a restored stairway makes! There was a wall covering the stairs. (I never understood why people do that.) Its still not finished and the wall behind it is not painted yet. But I just had to share how much better it is looking already! #buyingandsellingproperties #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #houseflip

I am finally starting to work on the interior design of our current project, and have been going through all my pics from the inspirational, street of dreams event in Portland. This Master bedroom really stuck out, as I have seen nothing like it before. With the lit up tray ceiling, the textured accent wall, beautiful light fixtures and amazing view. 😍 I am working on creating the BEST master bedroom we’ve ever done! Wait until you see it. It will be a nice surprise! I’m getting so excited as the creativity is starting to flow. Stay tuned... 😉 #buyingandsellingproperties #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #masterbedroom #liveworkplaytampabay

One of the only downfalls of traveling is the jet lag. We left Hawaii Tue evening and now it’s 1am Thursday morning and we’re wide awake! Since I’m trying to get back to reality and out of vacation mode, I thought I would share a #beforeandafter of our last property we finished and will be closing on next week! Swipe ⬅️ to see the before pics... and if you are ready for your own dream home email me at castillotampahomes@lombardoteam.com Our team is eager to help! #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #buyingandsellingproperties #liveworkplaytampabay #bathroom. 📷@tacksharpmedia

Still on vacation but can’t get away from #designinspo As soon as we return I will be working full speed on the design of our current project! I’m loving these black sink bowls by @sinkology for the guest bathroom! What do you guys think? This property will probably be our best one yet! Stay tuned for more details... #buyingandsellingproperties #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #liveworkplaytampabay #houseflip

Here is a little #transformationtuesday of our project we just finished and put under contract. We always try to find something special about each home to create, as a focal point when you first walk in. Some homes need a little extra creativity to make them stand out. And some homes come with natural character. This home needed a little extra help. So instead of a normal fireplace, we decided to create the whole wall as a built-in, shiplap-covered fireplace. to go along with the exposed beam coffered ceiling! Which now creates a focal point when you first walk in, as well as character and warmth. Swipe left ⬅️ to see the before... and email castillotampahomes@lombardoteam.com to be on our upcoming email list. #buyingandsellingproperties #castilloconstructionservices #castillotampahomes #liveworkplaytampabay #beforeandafter

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